Jews in the Bulgarian Government and at other high political positions at the moment: 1/ Simeon Sax-Koburgotta - Prime Minister 2/ Nikolai Vassilev - Vice Premier, Minister of Economy 3/ Milen Velchev - Minister of Finance (1/4 Jew, wife - a Jew) 4/ Solomon Passi - Minister of Foreign Affairs 5/ Dolores Arsenova - Minister of Environment and Waters 6/ Lidija Shuleva - Minister of Social "Cares" 7/ Vladimir Atanasov, Minister of Education. Leaders of two Parlaimentary Parties: 1/ Sergei Stanishev - leader of the Bulgarian "Socialist" Party 2/ Nadezda Mihailova - leader of UDF - Union of "Democratic" Forces; Minister of Foreign Affars during the 1999 Bombing of Yugoslavia; she handed the fabricated so-called "Serb" plan "Podkova" (pure Bulgarian word! The Serb word is "Podkoviza"!!!) to Sharping, Germany, to justify the aggression!... Others: Stefan Sofianski - Sofia Mayor for 8 years Media: 1/ Andrei Raichev - Director of the daily "Sega" 2/ Viza Nedjalkova, his wife - Head of Radio "Net" 3/ Emil Kalo - Economic Director of the daily "Trud", Head of the Bulgarian Branch of the Zionistic organization "Shalom" 4/ Tatjana Vaksberg - Radio "Svobodna Evropa", passionate anti-Bulgarian, creator of anti-Bulgarian film And many MANY -others... Latest News: A Zionistic delegation from Israel in Bulgaria at the moment is "blackmailing" the "Bulgarian" government with demands to be given the Centre of Sofia (central Sofia real estate) - otherwise They will not support Bulgaria's application for a NATO membership... Easy question: Will Israeli delegation receive what They want? (Look at trhe names and positions above...) (D)