Hollywood / Mass Media Department
1930s-era Jewish gangster

When Jewish "labor lawyer Sidney Korshak ... arrived in Hollywood [in the 1940s] a new, more ambitious and sophisticated era of the Mafia's penetration of the film industry had begun."
Dan Moldea,
Dark Victory, Ronald Reagan, MCA, and the Mob
, Viking, 1986, p. 86

"To scores of federal, state, and local law enforcement officials, Korshak is the most important link between organized crime and legitimate business." Seymour Hersh, quoted in MOLDEA, p. 278

In 1978 a California Attorney General report listed Korshak as one of the "Mob figures" in the state. Dennis McDougal, The Last Mogul, Crown Publishers, NY, p. 420

Hollywood's Trade Paper. New Times, December 10, 1998
"Lew Wasserman--co-founder, with the late Jules Stein [both Jewish], of MCA (now known as Universal Studios)--will forever be extolled in the pages of his lifelong mouthpiece, the [Los Angeles] Times, as the brilliant businessman who practically created Hollywood, who erected the financial bridge that tightly binds Hollywood to the Democratic Party, and who graciously gave to charity once his work was done. But in an earth-scorching new epic on Hollywood, The Last Mogul: Lew Wasserman, MCA, and the Hidden History of Hollywood, longtime rumors and dark whisperings finally come to the fore in a devastating portrayal of Wasserman and Stein as two men so in bed with the Mob and so willing to ruin others in their quest for gold that they must be regarded with fascinated contempt ... As for [Lew's wife] Edie Wasserman, long portrayed in the L.A. media as a big-hearted philanthropist and hostess extraordinaire, [investigative journalist Dennis] McDougal claims instead that she was a manipulator who introduced Lew to mobsters via her dad, Henry Beckerman, connected to the [Jewish] Moe Dalitz Mayfield Road gang of Cleveland ... McDougal cites numerous examples of Stein and Wasserman's dealings with the Mob, including an incident in the 1960s when Meyer Lansky, the feared [Jewish] New York mobster, waltzed into Jules Stein's Hollywood office to drink liqueur and meet with well-known [Jewish] mob lawyer Sidney Korshak, the labor fixer who also just happened to be Lew Wasserman's best friend and legal confidante."

Arrest by Interpol Called 'Persecution.' [Jewish] Forward, December 15, 2000
"Lawyers for Russian Jewish philanthropist and press baron Vladimir Gusinsky say that his arrest in Spain this week is political persecution and that he should not be extradited to Russia on fraud charges. Mr. Gusinsky, who fled Russia in July, was arrested on Monday in the Spanish coastal resort of Soto-grande by police acting on a warrant issued by Interpol at Moscow's behest ... Russian prosecutors launched their investigation into Mr. Gusinsky's financial dealings in May, accusing the media mogul of fraud. His supporters, including most Jewish leaders and major opposition politicians, think that the police scrutiny is aimed more at silencing one of the Kremlin's loudest critics ... Mr. Gusinsky, who has business interests in Israel as well as Russia, holds Russian and Israeli citizenship and is a legal resident in Spain." [See also Crime: 'Russian Mafia']