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I have only recently discovered your site and was delighted to see that you had fixed on the "tribalism" aspect of Jewish culture as was so concisely outlined by Kevin MacDonald in his works. Given the inevitable criticisms you face for being so brave as to focus on Jewish tribalism, would it be helpful if you were to expand the site with some subsidiary examinations of other brands of tribalism? This may go a long way towards addressing the concerns of people who, by now, have been conditioned to reflexively assume that you must be engaging in some imaginary crime called 'anti-semitism.' For example, a brief commentary explaining that Jewish tribalism and the Hindu caste system share many of the same characteristics might be helpful. Another example that springs to mind is the Japanese contempt for and legalized suppression of the Ainu minority. Nascent Black tribalism in American, which is a kind of weak imitation of Jewish tribalism, may be a good example for this purpose. By pointing out that it is the hateful and dangerous consequences of tribalism that suppress dreams of individual liberty all over the world, and that Jewish tribalism just happens to be the brand that is causing the most harm to the American melting-pot and to what is left of post-Enlightenment Europe, you may accomplish two more things on your already wonderful work-in-progress: 1) demonstrate even more conclusively your own bona fides as people of goodwill and thereby enhance the persuasiveness of your analyses of Jewish tribalism; 2) filter out erswhile supporters who themselves have tribalist aspirations and for whom anti-Jewishness is just part of their own group-agenda. Finally, it may be hopefulness on my part more than fact, but my impression is that you all share my desire to revitalize the public allegiance which was once given to the ideal of the American melting-pot, and for that I thank you. In my view the American-melting pot is THE social experiment which will determine the success or failure of all that so many people have fought for since "The Rights of Man" first gained traction. Jewish tribalism will not be disarmed in the USA absent a more generalized attack on tribalism itself in America. Other brands of tribalism, in other places, will never be diminished, or even contained, until American society rights itself and becomes a clear voice insisting on Strict Fairness instead of tribal favoritism. Your work is important. God bless you and good luck. Let me know how one may make a monetary contribution to your efforts if that would be helpful. (JD)

I am a journalist. The 30 chapters of "When Victims Rule" is an extraordinary collection and effort. Whoever put it together knows his/her subject matter. However, clearly it value is not to be read on-line, but to be downloaded for off-line reading. It is here I would offer some criticism as the html file on-line is not good. Lines are truncated, etc.. When I downloaded the chapters and converted them to ASCII there were strings of accented characters and wierd formatting. This is a monumental work. Could it not also be available as a zipped ascii file? It's important that folks be able to download this stuff and have it readable in just a DOS editor. Perhaps, you could make an ASCII CD of your entire site and sell it?? This info needs to be distributed widely before the `hate police' shut you down..... (B)

Thanks for your comments. The task is to penetrate the extraordinary socialization process which declares that it is immoral to even begin to look at troubling evidence about the Jewish community. How does one penetrate this wall? It's a very, very difficult task; too many well-meaning people tend to reject an investigation like ours without even reading it. And when the evidence aligned is colossal in scope, it's even harder to get people to take the time to investigate such material. (We live in a "talking head" world where the audience wants everything in 15 seconds, no? How can you prove that we have a problem in the West with Jewish/Zionist hegemony in a brief sound bite, when popular convention dictates this community is immune from criticism?) It takes some kind of personal spark to get the openness process going. This happened to me, in that I saw Jewish racism, on large scale, first hand and then began to realize the profound double standards that are popularly applied: one standard for Jews and, then, one for everyone else. That's where the web site came from, pushing a rock up the resistant mountain, bringing to people the information they don't want to hear. But NEED to. (This, of course, applies to Jews THEMSELVES). Per your technical suggestions: the Jewish Tribal Review doesn't have much in the way in resources, and that means technical ones too. Its only resource is the truth. It's a moral enterprise, not a profit-seeking one, nor a "hating" one. A cyberspace volunteer from France has offered to put When Victims Rule in pdf form -- we'll see if it happens. The idea is that at some point grass roots linkages among concerned people (like you) will aid in bringing the issues at hand to a broader audience. Once you understand the issues at stake here, your moral duty, as a journalist (or anything else), is to spread the word -- however you can. If you don't do it, who will? If I don't do it, who will? Justice and true "free speech" isn't something that arrives of its own accord. We all must struggle for these things. There are no personal benefits for the establishment and maintenance of the Jewish Tribal Review, whatsoever. But someone MUST do it.

Your research is incredible-and, yes indeed ..'this book is much,and crucially merited'. For reasons that will be clear(on tape) I have been researching anti-judaism going on 5 years. It is curious that I only hit upon your site 2 weeks ago.I have downloaded THE BOOK on hard drive and on paper..just in case.Your work, combined with 'jew watch' and MacDonald''s seminal 'trilogy' together with Henry Ford's 'international jew' pretty well sais it all ... As of now-I have also down loaded his complete site...just in case. NB: I am very much against all major religions in general and the Billy Joe Bob-redneck- white supremists in particular-save for the fact they-and the buddhists-for example are not running my country, city and wallet.For now , I (THERE ARE A FEW MILLION OF A ME) will adhere to the old premis that 'the enemy of my enemy is my friend'. As x-semi pro athelete-hockey in particular, I am in the process of sending copies of the segment on 'jews control of sport' to every major sport journalist and TV personality in Toronto and Montreal-including the French-as well as to 'key' coaches, general managers-including WAYNE GRETZKY,as well as BOBBY HULL, JEAN BELIVEAU( who should be commissioner of the NHL) BOBBY ORR,PHIL ESPISITO, TED LINDSAY etc etc to name but a few of the who's who in the hockey world with political clout-ALL OF WHOM are royally pissed off with the american=jewish cancer inflicting our national sport/passion-but can't -as yet 'come out' .Until now--even I had no idea as to the EXTENT they control !! I do indeed have some insider information to share via my 'unique' past -both in Montreal, where I was born and bred-3rd generation for 37 years then relocated to Toronto 20 years ago. I 'married into' judaism and lived as a jew-for want of a better expression for 4 years....the longest 10 years of my life. I 'look' jewish-italian I can 'pass'. I will share what I have learned-experienced and KNOW on TAPE with emphasis on the almost complete control of Toronto=Ontario BY JEWS who now # close to 240,000 and counting as they continue to arrive by the plane load from russia via israel. NB: the russian=jewish mob is becoming a major player here-and I know some of the detail.Beyond media-the other factor I wish to convey- in detail, concerns realestate and BAY ST. How-where do I get this info to you folks? Beyond the above-I am also prepared to support this site=$ within my means.Simple as that. ps; a Canadian is an American with a medical plan and no gun. (P)

Below are two emails to us from author Joe Gelman about a citation of his (in the "Jewish Crime" chapter of When Victims Rule), and the Jewish Tribal Review's reply.

Dear Mr.Ladies/Gentlemen,

On August 31st I respectfully requested that you remove a quote attributed to me from your web page (the text of that e-mail can be found below). I requested that you remove the quote from me because it was taken out of context completely and thus is used to purposefully mislead and give credibility to a segment of your e-publication in a dishonest and deceitful manner. You have not removed my quote and you have failed to respond to my request to explain your reason. You are hereby notified that legal action will be taken against you should you fail to respond to this request within 30 days.

Respectfully, Joe Gelman

Text of previous communication: To Whom It May Concern, I have noticed in your e-book "When Victims Rule," in Chapter 9 "Jewish Crime," you have referenced a quote attributed to me. This is the quote: " As Joe Gelman noted in 1999, "A number of these sin-palace operators are Jewish and strong supporters of Israel." [GELMAN, p. 15B]. I am asking that you remove this quote attributed to me from your book because it is mistakenly or purposefully used out of context and is thus inaccurate, misleading and dishonest. The quote that you reference comes from an article that appeared in the Las Vegas Review Journal dated Friday, December 31, 1999. The article from which you quote me is clearly written from the perspective of how an Islamic radical bent on an act of terrorism might view Las Vegas as a tempting target. Your selective quote from my article makes it appear as if this is my perspective. My article reads: "In the eyes of many, especially in the devout Islamic world, Las Vegas represents a moral abomination. As the warped logic might go: If America is the "Great Satan" and Americans are cultural and capitalist "infidels," then Sin City USA by default represents something of an epicenter of all that is evil on this earth: A wretchedly decadent and wicked place where humanity is corrupted by temptations of flesh and spirit -- a place of illusions and false hope, where scantily clad cocktail waitresses push free intoxicating drinks on patrons lured by rigged games of chance, appealing to the twin vices of greed and lust. In short, a real Sodom and Gomorrah. That so many "infidels" are drawn to such a place serves to confirm how depraved and corrupting Western society and culture actually is. The fact that a number of these sin-palace operators are Jewish and strong supporters of Israel only makes it worse." Please note that I clearly stated that I view this perspective as "warped logic," and I reinforce my view later in the article which you can read in its entirety at Therefore I politely ask that you remove my quote from your book as it is clearly used in a context that is selective, inaccurate and misleading. I thank you for your prompt action in this matter.

Sincerely, Joe Gelman


Dear Mr. Gelman:

Thank you for your emails. Sorry for the delay in response, but the Jewish Tribal Review webmaster has been away for a while, and has just returned. (Nothing has peen posted at -- or deleted from -- JTR since late May til this current October week, as you might find after an examination of it). The aim of the web site is to be as accurate as possible and your response to our excerpt from your article is appreciated. After some discussion, however, we think your silly accusation that our intention is to "purposefully mislead" is somewhat libelous. Here's the way we see it, and here's what we're going to do:

First, this is what you wrote, and this is how we excerpted it from your context (about "Islamic radicals") into ours (Las Vegas and Jewish crime): "... a number of these sin-palace operators are Jewish and strong supporters of Israel ..." Your original sentence says this: "The fact that a number of these sin-palace operators are Jewish and strong supporters of Israel only makes it worse." Now, please note that you state clearly that it is a FACT (you, the author state this as your perspective, NOT that this information is really a falsehood proclaimed by an "Islamic radical"). Please read the paragraph source that you provide of the sentence in question, again. YOU (not an "Islamic radical") are stating that it is a FACT that "these sin-palace operators" "are Jewish" AND are "strong supporters of Israel." After some discussion at our end, it seems your complaint can only rest with the modifier you use: "sin-palace." In other words, the FACT you yourself state is that the Jews who "operate" many of the Las Vegas establishments are also supporters of Israel. You apparently (?) ascribe to "Islamic radicals" the notion that Las Vegas includes "sin palaces." Hence, the grounds for your complaint (and threat), we can only imagine, is that you don't like the word "sin-palace," despite the "fact" that 1) you use the word yourself, and 2) "Sin City" is a common term for Las Vegas (we think most Americans, when presented the term "Sin City," would be able to correctly identify which American metropolis this nomer best represents). Am I correct in understanding that your complaint to us is that you don't see Las Vegas and its reputation as a center for gambling, prostitution, the criminal underworld, etc., as in any way representing "sin?" Am I correct in assuming that this is an accurate expression of your value system? In other words, we are trying to determine what exactly in the sentence under discussion does not represent a "fact" to you, despite the fact that you blatantly introduce the information in the sentence as "fact" (which makes "it worse" because "Islamic radicals" will put these facts into their own context that you don't like, no?) "Facts" don't ever change, of course; but the perspective does -- which is the essence of critical inquiry, whether by "Islamic radicals" or not. Anyone has the right to use any facts you proclaim to buttress their OWN argument).

If we are correct here in our assessment about the specifics of your complaint, is the following excerpt the one that would make you happy? : "a number of these ... operators are Jewish and strong supporters of Israel ..." Of course, there may well then be for some a negative connotation associated with the word "operator," but if you insist upon controlling to your specifications all uses of your commentary, you invite quite a surreal scenario, no? Are you implicitly trying to control not only context, Mr. Gelman (people must apparently agree with you to excerpt your commentary), but MEANING itself? Must we agree to your assessment of "Islamic radicals" to quote you about anything, including Las Vegas, Jews, and Israel? Actually, Sir, it's not really the "sin-palace" modifier that we were interested in, by quoting you. Your ACCURATE and FACTUAL commentary about Jewish supporters of Israel at the helm of many Las Vegas establishments was/is merely a nice capstone for all the information accumulated in our chapter that included various citations about Jews and Las Vegas and the very FACTS you mention. We think people can decide for themselves whether Las Vegas represents "sin" or not, and they can also decide for themselves what exactly your aim is in defaming our efforts at the Jewish Tribal Review.

So what are we going to do? In the interests of truth, "facts," and accuracy, and further explication of this issue, the Jewish Tribal Review will soon post this exchange with you (and any future dialogue) as a link at the excerpt of yours we quote in the "Jewish Crime" section, and we'll also post all this at our "Letters to the Editor" section. We think the public can decide what exactly your complaint to us represents.

In fact, our basic position is that nothing on the Internet is etched in stone. That's it's beauty. If we've got information wrong, we want to set it right. Your complaint to us will be incorporated into the web site, viewers can examine it, and this kind of exchange with Jewish complainers is really quite welcome as an important part of the web site itself. Further commentary and explication about anything you'd like is of course welcome. We'll post it -- and reply -- in the name of the sharpest of accuracies. And, oh, by the way. Have you written any critical commentary about "Jewish radicals" lately? We'd like to see it.


Thank you for your response. Although I prefer that this quote be omitted from your e-publication, "Jewish Crime" because I believe you use my quote out of context and in a misleading manner, I never-the-less accept your reasonable solution of placing a link that notes my protest and the reason for it. Indeed, with such a link, your readers can make up their own mind.
Joe Gelman

It seems most reporters don't think anything is wrong will this bias in the media.I thought you might find this quote interesting. Here is the most open comment I have found on this topic ( I transcribed it myself from a Nightline show): "Hitchens wanted to choose his words carefully because talk of a Jewish lobby is another one of those dangerous topics, it's dangerous for Jews because it feeds the imaginations of real anti-Semites who believe in a world wide Jewish conspiracy. It's dangerous for those who would discuss Jewish political influence because they risk the charge of anti-Semitism. It's not like when you talk about lobbying organizations for say immigrants or the disabled or the Saudi Government for that matter. History, sensitivity and politics make talk of Israel and its supporters different and alot more complicated. I'm John Donvan for Nightline in Washington." -broadcast 4/17/02 ABC's Nightline I think this quote highlights what you are saying, but notice that the reporter doesn't say this shouldn't be this way! I am working on getting the truth out and creating a truly Representative Press. (Representative Press) Please visit my web site which is a work in progress. Please e-mail me if you have any questions. (MR)

Great site...and thanks for the in-depth analysis of Hollywood. I was extremely interested in the expose' on the Jewish psychoanalysis of Marilyn Monroe...I'd call it a definite "smoking gun" considering how she died... Question: Are you guys located in California? I'm trying to get a current representation of Jewish media control other than what I see rolling by on the credits after shows LOL Do you have a list of the membership of the Screenwriters' Guild, or similar lists? I have a program obtained from that will analyze the names and determine who is Jewish LOL (M)

Greetings from Flanders / Belgium. Just a short note to say thank you. A balanced site on the jewish question like yours was needed. There is an almost complete media ban here on the jewish power. I will pass your URL around. As far as the jews go, well, their numbers are droping all over - except Israel-, and looking at history, I would not be so arrogant if I we're them. The holocaust thing is coming to an end, they are now at the top of their power and that will not last. They will probably push out the Palestinians to Jordan but public opinion starts to turn against them. Not that that alone will do it but it sure isn't positive for them. If you look at history, in the end, it always turned out the wrong way for them, it is just a matter of time. Best wishes, N

GREAT JOB! Incredible! The amount of information you have collected is staggering and I am reading a little bit ever day. I consider it a matter of personal survival to educate myself on this vital subject which has such a powerful effect on every aspect of my life. I have been hurt by Jewish arrogance and disguised hatred in the past and was naive and confused not believing my feelings. After reading your site I realize that my body was telling me something real and I am starting to understand the historical context where these people are coming from. If you are adding more material, a topic I am especially interesting in is the Jewish domination of the therapy industry and how this is being used to destroy minds and corrupt our culture. (RS)

Fantastic web site! Keep up the good work. (D)

Jews in the Bulgarian Government and at other high political positions at the moment: 1/ Simeon Sax-Koburgotta - Prime Minister 2/ Nikolai Vassilev - Vice Premier, Minister of Economy 3/ Milen Velchev - Minister of Finance (1/4 Jew, wife - a Jew) 4/ Solomon Passi - Minister of Foreign Affairs 5/ Dolores Arsenova - Minister of Environment and Waters 6/ Lidija Shuleva - Minister of Social "Cares" 7/ Vladimir Atanasov, Minister of Education. Leaders of two Parlaimentary Parties: 1/ Sergei Stanishev - leader of the Bulgarian "Socialist" Party 2/ Nadezda Mihailova - leader of UDF - Union of "Democratic" Forces; Minister of Foreign Affars during the 1999 Bombing of Yugoslavia; she handed the fabricated so-called "Serb" plan "Podkova" (pure Bulgarian word! The Serb word is "Podkoviza"!!!) to Sharping, Germany, to justify the aggression!... Others: Stefan Sofianski - Sofia Mayor for 8 years Media: 1/ Andrei Raichev - Director of the daily "Sega" 2/ Viza Nedjalkova, his wife - Head of Radio "Net" 3/ Emil Kalo - Economic Director of the daily "Trud", Head of the Bulgarian Branch of the Zionistic organization "Shalom" 4/ Tatjana Vaksberg - Radio "Svobodna Evropa", passionate anti-Bulgarian, creator of anti-Bulgarian film And many MANY -others... Latest News: A Zionistic delegation from Israel in Bulgaria at the moment is "blackmailing" the "Bulgarian" government with demands to be given the Centre of Sofia (central Sofia real estate) - otherwise They will not support Bulgaria's application for a NATO membership... Easy question: Will Israeli delegation receive what They want? (Look at trhe names and positions above...) (D)

Hello! On your page you say "if a host web site uses a design structure called "frames," a direct link from here to the article isn't possible." That's not so. If you use the Opera browser you can right-click on the frame and get the address of the material appearing there. I'm sure there are other methods. You also say "Even if an article has been taken off the Internet since it was posted here, it can often be found by doing a search, using a phrase from the article, finding the correct result, and then clicking the "cached" selection." As webmaster you can enter the dead URL into, find links to the article itself in the Internet Archive, and link to the most recent. Users can of course do the same thing. (JK)


Subject: correction: misattributed author.
Hi, I was just browsing your site and was pleased to find you quoted my words, but unfortunately with someone else's name. The title is wrong too. the correct author, title should read:
Rhonda Lieberman, 'Jewish Barbie', in 'Too Jewish?; Rutgers University Press, l996, p. 108.
Please correct this on your site. I'll check back to see if you did it. Thank you! Rhonda Lieberman
[Ms. Lieberman then cites her quotation in question, and JTR's attribution:] "In the century of Calvin Klein, Ralph Lauren, and Dinah Shore, need we ask who but a Jew is best a packaging unwhining blonde fantasy figures? I don't know about you, darlings, but ever since I found out that Kathie Lee Gifford was nee-Epstein, I don't assume anything. Why be surprised then, that Barbie, the ultimate shiksa goddess, was invented by a nice Jewish lady, Ruth Handler (with her husband Eliot, co-founder of Mattel?) Indeed, the famous snub-nosed plastic ideal with the slim hips of a drag queen is in fact named after a real Jewish princess from L.A., Handler's daughter, Barbara (who must have been hell to know in high school!) Her brother's name was Ken."
Karen Brodkin, How Jews Became White Folks, Rutgers University Press, 1998, p. 143

Thank you Ms. Lieberman.
I suspect you speak with sarcasm, but, who knows? Perhaps you are someone with an open mind.
Per the error. Sorry. We're human. The citation is changed. We haven't got teams of editors around and we make mistakes. I don't have Brodkin's book immediately handy, but she must have quoted you. I have no doubt that, at our enormous web site, there are inevitably more such oversights and typos. And as they are discovered, we will correct them. If at any point you'd like to discuss, or challenge, information or ideas at the web site (we're of course critical of the Jewish community), I'd welcome it. Part of JTR's intent is to elicit dialogue (or, say, reasoned debate) with members of the Jewish community. JTR has been up a few months, and few have been game so far. Aside from the knee-jerk smear of "prejudice/anti-Semitism," there hasn't been much from the Jewish community. (The important exception is a young gentlemen whose father is Jewish who has stated his willingness to write an article for us about some of the contradictions in Jewish identity, especially per the Palestinian question). We would ask, however, that, if you should ever consider it, such exchange be public information, for you, for us, and for anyone.
Of course, we need to hear if citations, etc. are in error, but what we're really looking for are discussions about social and political issues regarding the Jewish community. My sense is that it's time for these discussions to begin. As Israel and the U.S. square off with the Islamic world, in a world of "terrorism" the issues JTR raises are going to be surfacing in American culture more and more often. And not just at our web site. Guaranteed. Perhaps you understand this? Thanks again.
Oh, by the way. We've got an avalanche of further material at our web site that supports your quote (Jewish influence in the creation of the illusory ideals of American culture).
Also, while we're at it, perhaps to whet your appetite for discussion: I'm familiar with the etymology of the term "shiksa" and its implications. I'm wondering if you have any thoughts about that in your use of this pejorative Yiddish term. If someone used the term "kike goddess" or "nigger goddess," or the like, even in a context similar to your own, what would your response be? Would you yourself use those terms? If you use "shiksa goddess," why would you not use these others? You see, this is one of the reasons for our web site: to point these discrepancies out -- a dual moral standard which is endemic to modern society. I do not mean to be hostile, sincerely. But I DO mean to be direct. If I am mistaken in my assertions here, please correct me.


Thanks for the compliment. Or, I guess, the eulogy. But we're still here.


I thought I would commend on your site, particularly your effort to highlight the double-standards that exist within the west surrouding issues to do with Jewish influence and Israel. My background is (primarily) of Jewish origin (that is, my Dad's Jewish; my mother's grandmother was Jewish). Therefore, I know first hand how Jewish identity is shaped by an extreme identification with Judaism, about the ensuing victimization complex and how this complex has acted to rationalize the continued oppression and exploitation of Palestinian people as well as the existence of an almost (criminal like) Jewish influence over all spheres of Western society (e.g.,the media, academia, and popular culture) . And, of course, these two issues should by no means be separated. Without this Jewish influence, there would be no Israel. And without Israel, there would be no displaced Palestinians, no Jewish settlement expansion, no billions of dollars in U.S. subsidies to Israel, etc. To openly discuss these issue is to cross the parimetres of permittable discourse, namely, is to be labeled an "anti-Semite". The spectre of antisemitism (or "self-hatred") is so powerful that it haunts relations within my own family. For example, I'm unable to discuss the middle-east with my father for fear of him lashing out at me. Israel, according to him, is primarily (albeit, not always) the victim of 'Arab intransigence'.This is coming from the mouth of someone who purports to be a "social democrat", that is, positioned on the side of the political spectrum that has traditionally opposed imperialism, chauvinism, racism, or exploitation of any sort. Not so when it comes to Israel, however. According to his beleifs (which, of course, are derived from the larger Jewish collective) Israel is a "democracy" -- pure and simple. Indeed, Israel is one of the 'most democratic, western democracies' [sic!] on the face of the planet. Irrespective of the treatment accorded to Palestinians by the IDF or the Mossad, for instance, the collective punishment of Palestinian civilians (e.g., 24-hour curfews, bulldozing of homes), the expulsion of Palestinian civilians, or the extra-judicial slaying of Palestinian 'militants' (or "terrorists", as they're apt to be labeled in the Zionist backed/bought[!] media), Israel can do no harm. Perhaps, extreme is its polices, perhaps, at times, 'a tad' paranoid (albeit, "justified" in this paranoia), yet, never guilty of crimes against humanity. Indeed, according Jewish (or Western) diktat, it is impossible for Jews to be the aggressors. Only the reactors. That is, Jewish people are incapable of aggressive behaviour unless first "provoked" into action (namely, into "defending" themselves). These "facts" are considered 'indisputable' with mainstream society, as is the impression that Jews were the only victims of the holocaust. Nor are Jews capable of what might be aptly referred to as "racism", or even "genocide". No, no, no . Jews are untouched by the 'genocidal urge'. On the other hand, everyone else, it would seem, (in some degree or another) is genetically predisposed towards genocide, to exert racism, or (what is the ultimate symbol of Jewish identity) to express "anti-Semitism". (CB)

great sight thank you thank you thank you i have learn so much you done an excellent job. thank you (MS)

Hello, My ulcer grows daily at the overt actions ,    I want to help.
P.S. I know nsa has read this (D)

First of all, I'd like to congratulate you on your work. I think that there are many issues from which one can understand the status of jews and judaism.
I have few questions that I would like to ask concerning the "wealth of jews in the US" with respect to the "wealth of WASPs."
1--What is the jewish share of the US GDP?
2--What is the WASP share of the US GDP?
3--How many leading American Banks are in the hands and how many are under the influence of WASPs?
4--Why weren't the jews capable of reaching the US Presidency?
5--Why are the overwhelming number of US Presidents of British descent?
6--How many Jewish CEO's are found in the HOOVER 500 or Fortune 500 Companies and how many WASPs?
7--What is the accumilated wealth of the WASP establishment in the US?
8--What is the the extent of Jewish representation in the following economic sectors(in comparison to WASPs):Oil,Steel,Automobiles,Defense Industries,Space Industries,Ships, and Computers. (RS)

Thanks for the commentary. Of course your questions are a criticism/challenge to The Jewish Tribal Review, and that's good. In response, first, this is the JEWISH Tribal Review, not the WASP Power Clearinghouse. If you'd like to start a web site about WASPs, you should do it. We don't have everything under the sun here. However, we do have some information (that you've neglected to cite from our site) that has relevancy to your commentary. 1/2) Jewish/WASP GDP? Who knows. But as early as 1955 a researcher found that Jewry at-large accounted for 10% of America's total personal income [WEYL, 1968, p. 173], over-represented by about 400%. And things have gotten better for Jews since then, not worse, no? So the Jewish chunk of the GDP would be an interesting study, but I'm sure the Jewish community wouldn't want anyone to know the results. 3) Don't know (Richard Rosenberg became the CEO of Bankamerica in 1990, though.). A useful parallel question though is: How many Jews are financiers and are involved in INVESTMENT banking and hostile takeovers (Milken, Steinberg, Perlman, etc.)? See our chapter 21. 4) Per Jews being "capable of reaching the US Presidency": Joseph Lieberman, an Orthodox Jew (an anti-universalist, anti-intermarriage, etc.) is possibly poised to become the next US president. And why do Jews need the Presidency when they have profound influence throughout government anyway (see our Government chapters. "He that pays the piper calls the tune.") 6) Please see our lists of Jews on the Forbes "richest" list. It will knock your socks off. (In 1999, Jews -- as 2.5% of the American population, constituted 45% of the richest 40 Americans). 7) Don't know. Look it up. But the point is there have been investigations of WASP wealth, but nothing comparable about the Jewish community, which doesn't want attention called to this subject. 8) Jews are well-represented in the fields you mention. The Crown family is Jewish, and owns controlling shares in General Dynamics, one of this country's largest weapons manufacturing corporations. The Jewish founders of the Hirshhorn Museum and Guggenheim Museum grew rich with mining interests. Zionist Ira Rennert owns giant Renco, which includes the Magnesium Corporation of America. Computers? Steve Ballmer (mother Jewish) is the CEO of Microsoft, hailed by Jewish groups as the richest Jew in America. Arnold Grove (Holocaust survivor) founded and headed Intel til he recently retired. Michael Dell owns the Dell computer company. Lawrence Ellison heads Oracle. Sandy Lerner heads Cisco Systems. Stanley Kalms heads England largest Internet provider, Freeserve. Lawrence Pearlman heads Seagate. Benjamin Rosen headed Compaq Computer. Beny Alagem headed Packard Bell NEC. Mitchell Kapor heads Lotus. Mark Cuban sold for millions. Terry Semel in the CEO of Yahoo! Etc. Just for corporate sampling (and these are current or recent chiefs): Jerry Greenberg heads McDonalds, Joseph Cullman heads Phillip Morris, Charles Hurwitz heads Maxxam, Gerald Greenwalt heads United Airlines, Reuben Marks heads Colgate Palmolive, Steve Goldstone heads RJR Nabisoco, etc. Oil? Marathon Oil was Max Fisher's baby. Total Fina is Israeli. Marcus Bearsted founded the company that became Shell Oil. Jacob Blaustein founded Amoco. Etc. Etc. Etc.There's much, much more. Please see chapter 21 for many more such people, and perhaps your own research can help us add more to the list.

I am wondering...are the webmasters of the site "Jewish Tribal Review" jews themselves? Seems like it...but I could be wrong. (SS)

you fucking muslims. your undercover attempt is   all too obvious. you, the fucked up muslims of the world stand no chance. the Jews, a successful minority has flourished anywhere in the world, unlike you trite muslim bastards. what about the main question: how the hell did the jews get so much power? try to answer that without giving nazi explanation. the frustration you express, being a part of the vast, ignorant, retard religion, is quite clear. unfortunately for you, you will never have the means to hurt us.
FYI, every ethnic minority holds the same characteristics--korean, chinese...etc...but only the jews made it that big. you claim you are not anti-senite but still come up with understated "research" conclusions about the jewish nature. anyway, we are here, we fucked you before, and we will always fuck you!! (yohayl)

Will you be able to eventually place your online book "When Victims Rule ..." on compact disc? This would be an excellent resource to study offline.Do you know when the photo gallery and the list of links will be made available? Thanks for all your efforts. [WC]

[FROM FRANCE] I have found some weeks before your bokk, and your site. Great. I am a french journalist and director of a small paper about politics and lobbies, especially jews. [ER]

Thank you for putting all the time and effort needed to compile all this information about that compelling subject. (qs)

[FROM IRELAND] In the government section of the book, you mention ireland and the briscoe family. There are currently two jewish members of the parliament_ ben briscoe and alan shatter, in the fianna fail and fine gael parties. There was mervin taylor in the labour party for many years. there was until recently a high court judge -- henry barron. I don't think these numbers are disproportionate to the jewish population percentage. I'd reckon it's a couple thousand, out of a population of only 3,something million. The book is a fascinating read. (DM)

[FROM FRANCE] I spent the last 4 days in a "theme" park where I went with my two children my wife and... about 400 pages that I printed from your online book. I read everything and ended with the main subject : media influence. In the cottage I rented, one magazine was left that I hadn't read for a long time, an "intellectual" one, created some fifteen years ago by a well-known french gentile, Bernard Pivot. on the first page, the editorial (?) was from a mr Assouline (jew), editor in chief; the last page was written by a mr Grumberg (jew) and was about "Amen", a movie against the alleged silence of pope Pius XII during last war (of course mr Grumberg found this movie excellent). The main pages started with 4 pages devoted to Stefan Zweig (jew), international pages were made by a mr Levy, and so on: more than 23 pages were either written by jews or about jews. I felt quite depressed about what I discovered ... I'll send you a few corrections on different matters about french and jews. One I can already tell you is that you are wrong (at least in France) when you write (first page of chapter 21, "Money, class and power"): "When jews make the news for being in trouble with the law, they are more often freely identified as jews in european press than in the USA..." In this country, there's only one case where medias use the word "jewish", in the group "peuple juif" (jewish people), meaning Israelians. As an example, we have had, in the previous months, two very important affairs where almost all persons " being in trouble with the law " were jewish : one in the "Sentier", the oldest and main jewish place in Paris, where 80 people were involved in stealing money from the french government using a very complicated trick involving israeli banks and false receipts; the second was about weapons sales to african countries and a part of the money being given to political parties. In these two affairs the main acting people fled to israel to avoid being caught by police: although israeli banks and the fact that people fled to Israael were mentioned, I NEVER read in the newspapers as I didn't hear on radio or on TV that one of these person was a "JEW". Neutral words were always used, not "Jew" This word is almost forbidden (maybe it has a copyright) and it seems that only jews are allowed to use it. (DN)

[FROM FRANCE] As I'm not american, it's not easy for me to fond the right words to tell you how much I enjoy your web site ! It's great, objective, and not extremist : just plain truth. Bravo! Go ahead! (DN)

I can't overemphasize the importance of your work. I salute you from the bottom of my heart and heartily commend your work and courage. We, the persecuted goyim of the World, are yearning for voices to speak out in our behalf and expose the long repressed truth. As gentile Muslims, we haven't only experienced the persecution, deception, hypocrisy, legalized robbery, institutionalized looting, predatory usury, and lies of the Jews, but like our brothers and sisters in Russia, Ukraine, Poland, Germany, and many other parts of the the world, we have experienced Jewish terrorism, murdering, assassination, death, destruction, butchering, massacres, genocides, dispossession, house demolishing, medicine deprivation, siege, apartheid, land scorching, baby bone crushing, children flesh mincing, toddler head blowing, women and elderly limb chopping, eye gouging, skin roasting, and here in the US, a constant and sustained campaign of harassment, defamation, and hate instigation. Please keep up the excellent work! (A Grateful Gentile)

I am happy to learn about the existence of your site, especially since it contains information sympathetic to the interests of Catholics & Slavs. Keep up the good work!

You have a very informative and balanced Web site. Congratulations! Considering the current situation here (in the US) regarding our freedoms and also the rapid manner in which certain Web sites seem to be "disappearing" or in danger of, I was wondering whether you keep a list of those interested in your Web site. If so, please add me to it because I would hate to lose contact. Thank you.

Congratulations on your excellent site! You even have the story on Larry Tisch from Auletta's 'Three Blind Mice.'

(The following comment was not sent here, but rather to a discussion forum - writing.screenplays -- December 31, 2001 -- at a thread called Sal. It was elicited after postings by JTR at that discussion forum):

I went and looked at your website. I must say it's very interesting. Historically its some great stuff. Reminds me of the documentaries I've seen about the mob. Very informative. And I must say that I'm a bit confused on why you are anti-jew. You seem very well versed in judaism, it's scholars, it's history, culture, and religion. YOu dont seem to pay any disrespect to individuals, in fact you do use jewish scholars as your primary source. And in terms of israel's policy toward palestine i tend to agree with you. Don't get me wrong, I don't like my jewish friends any less now, maybe more, considering all the cool history you've dug up. You seem to me, considering the breadth of your research, to be a disenfranchised Jew yourself, rather than some external obsessive. I don't agree with you on your "jewish domination" theory, but there is some good reading on that site, cool historical stuff, which is, surprisingly, objective.

(The following comment was not sent here, but rather to a discussion forum [ - Group: rec.arts.movies.production - December 27, 2001 - at a thread called More Judeo-centrism]. It was elicited after a posting by JTR, and the resultant debate)

Nobody else has stepped in to claim a piece of the media pie because nobody else is allowed in. The doors only open to jews or whoever is independently successful. In 1989 I encountered a group of young foreign tourist antisemites in the Hollywood McDonalds, who were trying to convince a group of young midwestern American tourists that: "Your film industry is COMPLETELY JEWISH!!!". This inspired a telling experiment that I did in late 1989. I sent 200 copies of a letter seeking any entry level opportunity, but used two different pseudonyms - one blatantly gentile on 100 copies and one blatantly jewish on the other 100 copies of the letter. Without revealing the actual names used, let's say they were "Christian Liam O'Grady" and "Brent Irving Friedman". Well, many offers of entry level opportunities started coming in under the jewish name, and ONLY under the jewish name. There were more than 20 positive responses. One major production company sent two scripts to see how I would cover them, to see if they could use me as a reader. A schlock company was ready to hire me as an assistent. Was I interested in pursuing television animation writing at Disney Television Animation? Two major name persons didn't offer opportunities but did sent notes of encouragement. And one of these persons, a female, surely must rank among Hollywood's fifty biggest names! I was stunned at the positive response! But the other 100 letters, identical except the gentile signature, generated not a single positive response! I've been holding onto my response letters, and initially I investigated the possibility of self-publishing a small book or pamphlet chronicling the experiment, and once researched self publishing in the downtown L.A. library in the early Nineties. But then along came the web, which is cheaper and has a larger potential audience. I will eventually be scanning and posting every response in a tell-all website, which Hollywood isn't likely to appreciate, given the dozens of names that will then be exposed. One of the reasons I have not done it yet is because I was considering repeating the experiment on a grander scale and utilizing more precise scientific accounting of the experiment and results. The first time was a bit sloppy - I didn't even keep track of which letter went where. Anyhow, personally I went from being indifferent to jews to being angry at what has irrefutably proved to me that ethnic nepotism is massively prevalent. This cheats America out of having an American culture factory. One has to imagine a parallel: India-Indians, (who have the worlds biggest industry, something like 800 annual movies) imigrate into Israel, and set up India-town neighborhoods. They then proceed to make all of Israels movies and television shows for the Israelis, hiring a few token Israelis to work in subservient positions. What would the Israelis think of an Indian created national culture? One more note: An inside source informed me that because jews have come under fire for creating tasteless programming from conservative sectors, a secret directive suggesting that Hollywood keep an eye out for talented tasteless gentile filmakers, like the Farrely brothers, as a way of deflecting such criticism.

Should not our policy in the Middle East further the interests of the U.S.? If our policy were based on Israeli interests, we would effectively be a colony of Israel. By virtue of 9-11, we already have been drawn into that conflict. It is now a war being paid for by us. Our sons and daughters must risk life and limb to fight against those who detest our policy in that area enough to kill and die. When bin Laden is gone, others are likely to replace him. I would like to suggest to [local newspaper editor Lee] Fisher and others who want to enlist us as agents to explain why we need to kill for Israel and die in the interest of Israelis. But if Palestinians were God's "Chosen People" should we not be grateful?

I just want to tell you how impressed I am with your Website and the wealth of material on it. I looked at your site when it first appeared and I liked it then, but when I just returned to it, I saw a site that had matured to one of the best resources in the world on Jewish Supremacism.

I have been looking over your site and you have given the Jewish community every opportunity to express itself and your views are not unreasonable as far as I'm concerned. Also I'm impressed that you reference your work in an academic manner and you don't just buy into stuff like the "Protocols" and such other trash that has been put out over the years out of hate and true anti-Semitism.

You're not alone.

GREAT SIGHT!!!!!!!!!

Thank you so much for your e-mail and links to It is an excellent site that I plan to make much use of in future articles. I am pleased to see that people like you are trying to do something to educate the U.S. about the true history of Palestine and Zionism.

Thank you very much for recommending your excellent web site. We will add it as a link shortly to our site. Thank you and please keep up the good work.

“When Victims” Rule is an amazing achievement. All you need now is a good proof-reader to eliminate its many typos. On one small point, chapter 23 regards the British drug smuggler Howard Marks as Jewish. But if Marks is telling the truth in his autobiography, “Mr Nice” (London, 1996), your allegation is highly improbable. He’s from Wales, both his grandfathers were miners, and he says that for the first five years of his life he spoke only Welsh. Or perhaps he’s lying. (His daughter may be in Israel -- on a kibbutz? -- but her name, Myfanwy, is bona fide Welsh.) And in chapter 20, part 1, Stanley Clinton Davis (definitely Jewish) is a former member of the British -- not Belgian -- Parliament. Your bibliography lists one book by Gilles Perrault -- “The Red Orchestra”. See if you can also locate his fascinating book, “A Man Apart: The Life of Henri Curiel” (New Jersey, 1987), about a very rich Jew who led communist movements in Egypt and Sudan. Henri Curiel had rivals in two other Egyptian communist parties -- both of them led by Jews!
Best wishes, JD

Hello- Great web site. We have mentioned you on our e-list, more than once. Here is some info below, a patch-work about gun control/Jews, that we will be putting on our web site, when it debuts very soon. We may not use all of it. Go ahead and use what you want, if you want to, on your web site. JPFO (Jews for the Preservation of Firearms Ownership), from their web site, computer printout dated 7/25/99, titled "Ask The Rabbi"; a "Rabbi Mermelstein" is shown commenting on Jews/gun ownership, saying that the "concept" of privately owning guns is (quote) "so extraordinary in the history of the Jews that many refuse to come to terms with it, let alone embrace it. We are supposed to be victims." (endquote). It should be noted that some gun-owners feel that JPFO is a prime example of K. MacDonald "group evolutionary strategy" theory regarding Jews, i.e., Jews joining the gun-rights movement to prevent any "anti-Semitism" within that movement, by being there in the first place. JPFO's amazing suggestion (that can be seen in one of their small "Granpa Jack" series of pamphlets [specifically #4 in the series], titled "Gun Control Is Racist,"1998, by JPFO/Aaron Zelman and Richard Stevens; the cover shows a smiling Klansman burning a pile of guns) that the KKK is behind gun control efforts, strongly reenforces this belief about "group evolutionary strategy."------------ Many Jews run "semi-conservative" pro-gun organizations. These are not hard-core outfits. They are politically-correct entities, attempts by Jews to enter into the "White-guy gun culture" in order to prevent any anti-Semitism that might crop up. They appear legit in every way, but they also push a " bring more minorities into the pro-gun movement and exclude any White nationalists at the same time" mentality, which is again part of Prof. Kevin MacDonald's theory about Jews entering previously-White domains, such as the gun-rights movement, to prevent any possible anti-Semitism from spreading in such redneck culture. Gun groups such as The Second Amendment Foundation (SAF), Citizen's Committee for the Right to Keep and Bear Arms (CCRKBA) and Jews for the Preservation of Firearms Ownership (JPFO) are all Jewish-controlled. Also interesting is that Jewish millionaire Alan Gottlieb, head of CCRKBA, is apparently a convicted felon (apparently he has served time for tax evasion), and so cannot legally own a gun. Jewish gun dealer Aaron Zelman of Wisconsin, who runs JPFO, also runs another similar outfit, called CCOPS (Concerned Citizens Opposing Police States), a seemingly "patriotic," but really Jewish, outfit that no doubt seeks to head off anti-Semitism in the Patriot Movement (militias, etc.). Having seen and heard some of their anti-nationalist, anti-White comments, we do indeed believe that they are wolves-in-sheeps-clothing, whether they themselves even realize it or not (MacDonald explains that some "Jewish group evolutionary strategy" may be subconscious). ---------------------- Gun Control In America: For years, many patriotic persons have been hearing that Jewish persons are disproportionately involved in gun control (not surprising, as they are disproportionately involved in other leftist causes, too.) Here are two recent examples: In the August 2000 issue of the NRA magazine "American Rifleman", p. 74, is a list of who sponsored the anti-gun march titled "The Million Mom March", held in 2000. Under both "Individuals/Families" and under "Religious Groups", Jews are disproportionately represented. For example, there are 8 Religious Groups listed, and of the 8, 4 are Jewish. Since Jews make up only 2.4 percent of the U.S. population (Prof. Kevin MacDonald, book "The Culture of Critique," 1998), this is GROSSLY disproportionate. ("True" proportion would be far less than 1 religious group). Ditto the Individuals/Families category- about 1/3 have noticeably Semitic names- it could be even higher, as one cannot always tell by name alone. Again, they make up only 2.4 percent of the U.S. population. (Note that there is indeed such a thing as a Semitic surname: Goldberg, Tannenbaum, Silverstein, Adler, Grossman, etc.). This category is also grossly disproportionate, being approx. 33% of the total, and possibly more. Another (even better) example is the July 17, 2000 issue of "The New American" magazine. On page 16 of that issue, a Jewish man named Hillel Goldstein, in an article entitled "I Am Alive, No Thanks To Gun Control", candidly admits that gun ownership is (quote) "extremely unpopular" (endquote) in the Jewish community. (Note that he said "extremely"). Ask any patriotic person who keeps his ear to the ground- he will verify this. In fact, Jewish ownership of guns is so rare that there is an organization named"Jews For The Preservation Of Firearms Ownership" (emphasis on "Jews"). Not "Citizens"...... Not "Americans"...... but "Jews". (They are leftist, by the way- just read some of their hopelessly P.C. booklets that claim the Klan is behind gun control (Booklet #4, "Gun Control Is Racist"). The cover shows a Klansman burning a pile of guns. Incredible. (Your average redneck Klansman owns more guns than most people). This bit of propaganda, by itself, is rather suspicious. If this does not convince anyone, let it be noted that, according to the Jewish author J. J. Goldberg, in his book "Jewish Power," 1996, all of the big anti-gun troublemakers in Congress have been Jewish, from the old guard (the infamous Howard Metzenbaum and Co.) to the new breed (Schumer, Feinstein, Boxer, Lautenberg). Look at who is the most anti-gun in the halls of Congress, and you will see that a vastly disproportionate number are Jewish by ethnicity (not just religion).

Note: the greeting ["a woman's name"] is the e-mail account of another family member---I'm a white man. I enjoy your site very much, however, it isn't true that all gay men want to be part of the "Multicultural Coalition" that includes minorities with false grievances. It makes me frustrated that in this country, America, which was founded by white men for the unlimited (non-violent) personal freedom for white men...that I should have to wait in line behind a lot of wretched minority leeches to get my basic civil rights. The gay rights movement has been largely taken over by lesbians, and is pushing feminism instead of gay rights. As a gay man, I am concerned to see that a movement which was started by gay men, is now being run by a bunch of man-hating lesbians and bisexual women. Lesbians are as dominating as Jewish people are. That bit about getting rid of Father's and Mother's Day in a Jewish school was sad. The kids should have just made cards for whichever parent they had.

I love the name "Jewish Tribal Review." It's has a clever academic ring to it which at the same time mocks their tribalism. I am having trouble reading your wonderful book , "When Victums Rule." This is like reading a book which explains everthing you've ever wanted to know about Judiasm but were afraid to ask (because you'd be slandered ,smeared and ruined). About the trouble reading. First, it's difficult to read such a large type. My browser will only let me reduce the type so much. Also, much of the formatting has troublesome to the point where it difficult to read. Thanks.

Great Book, excellent site. Thank you for making all the information available.