Although there are about 10 million people in the Paris metropolitan area, Paris city -- "intra-muros" -- has only 2 million inhabitants of wich 300 000 are jews: it's the reason why former Paris' mayor, Jean Tiberi (not a jew), looking for their important vote, did what is told here. This PDF pages explain, with fac similes of original documents, how Paris' former mayor, Jean Tiberi, "helped" the Loubavitch community to acquire a very good and expansive land in a nice Paris area (17th arrondissement) to build a very large building (named Beth Haya Mouchka after the wife of rabbi Loubavitch), the largest in Europe, according to the jewish magazine "Tribune Juive" (see picture of the project on page 7). Schools for 2000 students in hebraic language will be found inside, a synagog, a nursery, etc. This gift (one among others) will cost an estimate 9 millions US$ to parisian tax-payers.

In laic France, public help is supposed to be given for "public" schools, i.e. opened to everybody. But as Emmanuel Rattier, the author, notes : "in a former issue of my letter (#34) I exposed the rules found in a parisian loubavitch school: one must have an hebraic first name, laws are not the republic's laws but the "Choul'han Aroukh", legal holidays are not respected, and so on..." On page 8, there is a picture of mayor Tiberi during the inauguration of the "Beth Haya Mouchka" center, picture from "Actualite juive", another jewish magazine. You may see, on other pages (for example on page 9 of this PDF file), a few familiar names: Marc Rich, Al Schwimmer, Nahum Kurman, Ari Fleischer, rabbi Levi Shemtov, Norman Finkelstein, etc., proving that Mr Rattier knows the subject very well. His newletter is well documented and he told me that he mentionned a public man's jewishness ONLY when this person HAS STATED PUBLICLY he was a jew, either in a jewish magazine, or on TV, Radio or other.


Main jewish ministers in the french government -

Finances : Laurent Fabius (the former was Strauss-Kahn)
Education : Jack Lang -
Health : Bernard Kouchner (more on this later).

------------------------ --

The third (and last) fact is about candidates for next french presidential elections due to take place within a month or so; here are informations about the main candidates (non-jewish unless noted) or, rather, their wives. They are listed in the estimated order given by the polls:

Candidate name------------                                                  Wife
• Jacques Chirac (president)                                                 | gentile
• Lionel Jospin (prime minister)                                               jewish
• Jean-Pierre Chevenement (socialist)                                    | jewish
• Robert Hue (communist)                                                      jewish
• Jen-Marie Le Pen (nationalist)                                            | half jewish
• Bruno Megret (nationalist)                                                  | half jewish

• Lipietz, initial "green" candidate (replaced now by a gentile):jewish
• Daniel Gluckstein (leftist): jewish
• Corinne Lepage (center): nee "Levy"

Jews are 1% of the french population...

` Mrs Chevenement, nee Nisa Grunberg, was born in Egypt from jewish parents. J.P. Chevenement has been minister several times: research, defense, education; their two sons attended bar miztvah, although Chevenement is a gentile.

Mrs Jospin (Sylviane Agacinsky), wife of Prime Minister Jospin, is born from religious jewish poles who came in France after WWII; her father didn't want her to marry a gentile. Looking for the exact spelling of "Agacinsky", I made a request on Google search engine; one link brought me to the internet site of "la 5", a french public TV channel. I found a page about a sunday "kosher" political program I saw once; look at the names:

- Presenter: Daniel Schneidermann: jew ;
- Guests : Gérard Miller, former maoist and psychanalyst: jew ;
- Eric Aeschimann, jewish journalist from "Liberation" (leftist newspaper founded and headed by Serge July, a jew);
-Judith Waintraub, journalist: typical french name, isn't it?
(look at

I may add that, on this PUBLIC channel, the three proeminent information journalists are: Serge Moati, Paul Amar, Ruth Elkrief (all jews). "Historical" magazines to be seen on this channel (mainly about villain nationalists and guess wich victims?) are directed by Adler, a jew...


-- Something about the leading figure of the 18th century Enlightments, Voltaire : as it happens that he is my preferred writer, I’ve read many things from him. One famous book you mention is the "Dictionnaire philosophique". When I read it again, a few years ago, I noticed that the text was mentionned to be from a 19th century edition. Two years ago, as I browsed the full text on an internet site, I discovered that the largest article in this "dictionnary" (about 40 pages in the original edition) was the article "Jews"... but this article is NO MORE included in the editions one may buy in France’s book-stores. This article has just been censored as early as 1890. I bought the expensive 1785 "Kehl edition", the last edition of all his texts checked by Voltaire himself, and there it was.

-- Something different : a traduction of an article I found in L'Express, one (of the six) french political magazine. It’s about a man named Benny Levy who was an important activist during the 1968 student "revolution" in France ; he founded an extremist leftist party "la Gauche Proletarienne" aimed at a "revolution" against "bourgeoisie", and has long been the secretary of J. P. Sartre. (3 of the 4 student’s leaders were jews and still are activists : Alain Geismar - successor of Levy at the "Gauche Proletarienne"-, Alain Krivine - leader of the "Ligue Communiste Revolutionnaire" (useless to translate) -, and Daniel Cohn-Bendit - a now euro-"green" depute of german origin who once said "we are all german jews").

----------------- Exerpts from L'Express 2643, 28 feb 2002:

"From Mao to Moses.
Benny Levy (alias Pierre Victor) creator of the revolutionnary "la Gauche Proletarienne", has decided to retire from political combat to devote himself to the study of the Torah. An amused Jerusalem press correspondent, tells : ’His ennemies represent him as a fondamentalist rabbi, a man in black running after people in the streets to persuade them to abandon the laic way of life’. [...] In 1978, Benny Levy discovered Levinas and began to learn hebraic: 'I didn’t understand anything but I was very exalted. [...] I can say that truth hits first and knowledge comes later.’"