"Holocaust Revisionism" / "Holocaust Denial" Sites

The following web sites are among the most controversial per the subject of Jewry. "Holocaust Revisionism" web sites typically aim, as self-described, to investigate -- and deflate -- popular convention about the numbers of Jews who died in concentration camps, and the manner in which they perished. They contest existing conventions about Holocaust history -- scholarly or otherwise.

Critics of such attitudes, usually -- but not only -- Jewish (and they are often vehement), typically assail such sites as "Holocaust Denial." Some such critics go so far as to declare that there are no grounds for debate about virtually anything concerning conventional understanding of the Holocaust, codified facts that are held to be beyond questioning.
Hence, these kinds of web sites are heavily stigmatized, which serves as a barrier to the fact that they often have large quantities of information about subjects other than their perspectives on the Holocaust.

Our view on this matter is that we do not endorse, or agree with, everything at these web sites (nor, for that matter, ALL the material at ANY other link at our web pages) but we do support free speech and varied opinion in the democratic milieu. And this realm (the challenge to Holocaust conventions) is certainly increasingly part of modern Jewish history.

In the interests of full perspective (although certainly the counter-view to these "revisionist" sites are to be found everywhere in popular culture), we include here also the NIZKOR site, which is antithetical to the others listed here. All these sites have further links to others reflecting their own convictions and arguments, and anyone interested in the details of this debate should be able to find them.

As always, we encourage people to read opposing ideas about any subject and make up their own minds about the merits of the arguments.

Institute for Historical Review (IHR)


David Irving / Focal Point Publications

Campaign for Radical Truth in History


NIZKOR (Holocaust Education Resource)