Non-Criminal Fraud Department
1930s-era Jewish gangster

"In his seven years at the University of Wisconsin [leading up to a 1970 leftist bombing on the campus], 'radical historian' and 'oracle for the New Left' Harvey Goldberg] had created a virtual cult. Thousands of students who, as a result of the Cold War had reached college age knowing nothing of the socialist tradition,
had been introduced to that forbidden fruit
by Harvey Goldberg. His classes
had become like convenings of a revolutionary republic ... [BATES, T., 1992,
p. 52, 53] ... After a bout with liver cancer, Harvey Goldberg passed away n 1987. His executors discovered a stock portfolio that the secretive professor
had managed himself. He had died a millionaire."
Tom Bates,
Rads. The 1970 Bombing of the Army Math Research Center at the University of Wisconsin and Its Aftermath, HarperCollins, NY, 1992, p. 445

"[There was] a guru named Rudrananda, or, as he was known, Rudi. Rudi's real name was Albert Rudolph. He was a Jewish guy who grew up in Brooklyn ... [LEW, A., 1999, p. 51] [He had] a large store ... where all of Rudi's students lived. The store was lined with tonkas, Tibeta tapestries, and priceless Buddhas. Some of them were very large, over six feet tall, and all of them were  exquisite. Rudi had stood at the Indian border when the Tibetans were fleeing the Chinese, buying all their priceless Buddhas and art treasures. Now he was an art dealer, selling his treasures to museums and extremely wealthy people. I had to wait a long time while he obsequiously waited on museum representative and millionaires, periodically going to the back of the store where one or two of his students were meditating on him. He would put his hand on their heads and somehow transmit energy to them, and they would go into convulsions. Other students were coming to see him for consultations.
It was as if Rudi was giving off electricity. The more advanced the students were, the more electrified they would become until they were trembling, all in the midst of high-powered transactions over statuary. The millionaires who came to buy art objects seemed totally oblivious to everything that was going on and never got jolted. It was in the midst of all this that Rudi told me I should drop everything and come study with him, that he would make me rich, and that I would get laid all the time. 'You should have seen the knockers
on the woman I was just with in Boston,' he said."
Rabbi Alan Lew,
The Spiritual Path of a Zen Rabbi, Kodansha International,
1999, p. 54-55]

The Creation of Dr. B.: A Biography of Bruno Bettelheim., January 21, 1997
"Assuming [biographer Richard] Pollak has got it right — and there is more documentation here than most of us would need — Bettelheim joins the ranks of notorious dissemblers like the billionaire art collector, Kremlinologist and presidential shoulder-rubber Armand Hammer, who, we recently learned, fabricated a bogus account of his own life. But the most apt comparison is really with Jerzy Kosinski, the lionized author of the "Painted Bird," whose novelized wartime humiliations were treated as biographical fact until little holes in his story began to emerge. An assimilationist Jew who parlayed his suffering into a comfortable, polo-playing literary lifestyle, Kosinski ended up killing himself in a bathtub. Bettelheim, who lied about his own past, lived to a ripe old age before something — guilt? — finally prompted him to kill himself in 1990, not yet revealed as the charlatan he was." [Bettelheim, Hammer, and Kosinski were all Jewish]

Lying. A Life Story. Los Angeles Times [posted at a web site page devoted to Kosinski], May 12, 1996
"[Writer Jerzy] Kosinski [born Jerzy Lewintopf] came to the U.S. in 1957, from his native Poland. Here, as he had there, he gradually became known for a spectrum of sociopathic behavior ranging from mere megalomania to brutal sexual coercion, fraud and plagiarism. Yet he was so convincing that his powerful supporters (including Yale University and the New York Times) believed his side of these accounts for 25 years before evidence was finally published in the Village Voice showing the depth of his cons and dishonesty. According to [biographer Jame Park] Sloan, Kosinski couldn't help being a pathological liar and a control freak."

The 'Casanova of Causes.' The Nation. April 10, 2000
"If we are to believe David Cesarani's weird book, [Simone de] Beauvoir was luckier than many of [Jewish writer Arthur Koestler's] bedmates. What might just as easily have happened is Koestler's inviting himself into her flat, bullying her into batching up an omelet, helping her to towel the plates, grabbing her by her hair or throat, pulling her down to the linoleum, banging her head a couple of times and then raping her, after which explaining: 'I thought you had a bit of a yen for me.' This is what he did to Jill Craigie, the filmmaker wife of Labor MP Michael Foot. (Craigie died late last year, but not before the details of her interview with Cesarani made headlines in the British tabloids.) And probably what he did to a fair number of other young women in his long career of sexual conquest ... More than a user, Koestler was an abuser--of women, alcohol, automobiles and ideas. This abusiveness--and the evidence is overwhelming that he was an 'intemperate, obsessive, egomaniacal, bullying, petty, selfish, arrogant, lecherous, duplicitous and self-deluding' 'serial rapist' addicted late in life to 'happy pills' (Dexedrine)--is one of two main accusations in a relentless bill of indictment. The other is 'the negativity of his Jewishness,' by which [Jewish biographer David] Cesarani, a professor of modern Jewish history at Southampton University, means more than ambivalence but a denial verging on self-hatred."

Arlington Waiver Questioned. The Record [New Jersey], December 5, 1997
"Republican investigators are questioning the account of the late Ambassador M. Larry Lawrence that he was a merchant mariner wounded during World War II, a record that helped win a waiver for him to be buried in Arlington National Cemetery. The disclosure yesterday that investigators have turned up no records placing Lawrence on the torpedoed SS Horace Bushnell -- or even in the merchant marine -- rekindled a controversy over whether waivers were handed out by the Clinton administration as political favors to Democratic donors ... Lawrence, who was appointed ambassador to Switzerland in 1993 and died in 1996, contended he was tossed overboard and received a severe head injury during the bombing of a U.S. vessel in 1945. He was never in the military, but the White House and the Pentagon said he deserved burial in Arlington because of his merchant marine service and his work as ambassador. Lawrence was one of the largest contributors to the Democrats among President Clinton’s 1993 appointees ... [Lawrence claimed that he] 'was thrown overboard into frigid Arctic waters and suffered serious head injuries, which required many months of convalescence.' That information apparently came from Lawrence himself ... At the time, 'there was no reason to believe that it wasn’t true.'” [Lawrence was Jewish]

JNF Appoints Investigator in Tree-Planting Scandal
. Jerusalem Post, July 5, 2000
"Jewish National Fund officials announced yesterday that retired Tel Aviv District Court Judge Arye Segelson will head the organization's investigation into allegations of misconduct in JNF's 'Plant a Tree With Your Own Hands' program for tourists. The announcement is the latest in a series of JNF efforts to address an article last week in Ma'ariv claiming that saplings planted by tourists at a JNF site near Hadassah-University Hospital, Ein Kerem, had been uprooted to allow other tourists to plant in the same spot the next day."

Life Is Not Rehearsal, by John S. Spong, Bishop of Newark
Diocese of Newark
[this article is "cached" at]
"His name is David Brudnoy. In our part of the United States that name is not readily identified. If you live in Boston or New England, however, David Brudnoy is a household word. He is a regional radio and television personality. His late night radio talk show on Boston's 50,000 watt WBZ is said to reach into thirty-eight states. In his world David Brudnoy is known as 'an intellectual Rush Limbaugh.' He is an ultra conservative right-wing political critic. He refers to the President of the United States as 'Bubba.' He is a close friend of the outspoken and iconoclastic John Silber, the conservative president of Boston University. Brudnoy got his start as a political commentator for William Buckley's National Review. The Conservative Party of Massachusetts sought him as its nominee for the Senate ... David Brudnoy is a unique human being. He is Jewish, but without religious convictions ... What did surprise me was a story I read in The New York Times in January of 1995, which announced that conservative, right-wing talk show host David Brudnoy was a homosexual and was dying with AIDS. Suddenly all of the stereotypes built up over the years in my mind began to collapse. I had never before met a right-wing homosexual ... In David Brudnoy I had been confronting a disciple of the same William Buckley who, on his program, 'Firing Line,' consistently refers to gay people as 'Sodomites.' Now it was publicly revealed that one of Buckley's closest asscociates was himself a gay man. More than that, Brudnoy was clearly an active gay."

Title: Romanoff,
Done Deal
. [The Archives], [Announcements of movie projects], August 1999
"The true story of a Jewish immigrant who gained notoriety in the 1930s when he posed as Michael Romanoff, the nephew of the late Russian czar. He became the toast of New York City, but when his ruse was exposed, he moved to Hollywood where no one cared about his fabricated past. In the late '30s, he opened the famed restaurant Romanoff's in Beverly Hills and led a life hobnobbing with the rich and famous."