Here is the key exerpt from the Oneida Daily Dispatch's editorial that cost two editors their jobs. (Although facts are sloppily rendered, the essentials of the piece [the importance of "terrorism" in the founding of Israel's "independence"] is -- as this web site documents elsewhere -- true):

September 19, 2001

... But there is a reason [for the terrorist attacks] in the minds and hearts of the terrorist. It may even be just, though it certainly could not justify such ghastly attacks on unarmed civilians.

A Pakistani who deplored the attacks on New York and Washington, yet swears allegiance to the Taliban, was asked who was responsible, then, for the attacks. He said: 'The Jews.'

The fact is that in many areas of the Middle East it is believed that history has taught them to carry out such acts.

Until 1948, there was no Israel. The United Nations took Palestinan land and gave it to a number of Jewish terrorists to rule -- Jewish terrorists who had bombed and killed Palestinians and others in an effort to force hands of power to see an Israel formed. Today's freedom fighter, in many cases, was yesterday's terrorist.

Old Testament writings in the Christian Bible speak of the Israelis of that day roaming the desert and often slaughtering the local populations wherever their travels took them, all on God's say-so, of course, but not endearing themselves in the hearts of the Arabs who inhabited that part of the world.

We can succumb to the cry for vengeance and run into war screaming the battle cry, but the harsh reality is that we will then watch on the evening news s the youth of our nation, our sons and daughters, our grandchildren, our high school friends, again come home in body bags."