Those prominent Jews who wrote letters to Clinton in support of criminal Rich's pardon, and who became part of the pardon scandal about Jewish/Zionist corruption and influence, include:

Rabbi Irving Greenberg: Head of the U. S. Holocaust Memorial Council
Abraham Foxman: Director of the Anti-Defamation League

Ehud Barak: Prime Minister of Israel
Shabtai Shavit: former head of Mossad
Shlomo Ben Ami: Speaker of the Israeli Knesset
Shimon Peres: Israeli government minister
Teddy Kollak: former mayor of Jerusalem
Yonaton Halevy: head of Shaarei-Tzedek Hospital

The director of Marc Rich's "Rich Foundation" is Avner Auzlai, a former Mossad agent. Michail Herzog, the wife of Israeli cabinet secretary Yitzhak Herzog was employed as an administrator at the fugitive's foundation.

[from "Expose: Using Pollard to get Rich" which appeared in the Israeli newspaper Yediot Achronot, February 23, 2001. It was translated from Hebrew by Gamla Shall Not Fall Again (online). The original article from which this list appeared was by Efran Tiffenbraum and Mody Kreitman.