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The Racist Jewish-Masonic Mafia assault on the Internet
is waging against the Internet.
The Israel lobby wants the Jewish opinion to be
the only permitted opinion in the world.

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The Internet has, for the first time, provided individuals and small
organizations the means to effectively compete with the controlled media
monopoly. The major television networks and the big publishing
conglomerates no longer control what news the world will hear.
The backlash from those who have vested interests in suppressing the
truth has been predictable. A United Nations committee has proposed a
multinational agreement to outlaw "racist" ideas on the Net. Some
countries have already thrown website owners in jail for not conforming to
the Establishment Orthodoxy. One German website operator was arrested
for merely including a link to a 'non political correct site' on his page.
In the United States, efforts to censor the Net have been
impeded by a strong First Amendment tradition guaranteeing freedom of
speech. Not yet ready to take on the Constitution, pressure racist jewish groups
have launched hate campaigns againstinternet service providers who don't censor
political content, attempting to blackmail them into yanking the plug on any customer
whose views theracist Rabbis find "offensive."
More recently, the Jewish Masonic MAFIA announced agreements with both America Online
and The Learning Company to develop filtering software. Sites not approved by
the Jewish Mafia, and many others are blocked on any machine using this software,
and the customer is instead be taken to an Racist Jewish "re-education" page on
"bigotry." Other filtering software such as Surfwatch and Cybersitter,
usually purchased to block pornography, is also being used to censor
political content, usually without the customer even knowing about it.
In a few cases, politically controlled police agencies simply trump up
other charges against those whose real "crime" is exercising their First
Amendment rights. "Hate crimes" statutes, which have been enacted at the
behest of the Jewish-Masonic Mafia in many states, are also used to further distort
justice by making one's political views "evidence" of criminal intent.

In light of this mounting threat to freedom, the HOLY WAR Legal
Defense Fund has been established to pay legal expenses for selected First
Amendment-related cases. The unfortunate reality in America and Europe today
is that we can only maintain our Constitutional "rights"
if we have the money to fight for them in the courts.
Won't you please help us stop the International Racist Jewish Mafia,
by helping fund this RESISTANCE? By now, you've probably heard about
the massive effort launched by the Racist Jewish Mafia and their evil lackeys
to destroy the HOLY WAR web site.

If you understand the need for an effective legal resource for Christian patriots,
please contribute as generously as your means permit. Unlike the ADL,
Wiesenthal Center, and other left wing groups, we have no big corporate
backers. We depend on small donations from people like you.

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Please help us to keep up our work for the HOLY WAR.
Your contribution towards our FIGHT for CHRIST against the
You can make out your donation to the Lawyer who is now defending Mr. Alfred Olsen
the Editor of the in Italy:

Avvocato Edoardo Longo,
Viale Liberta' 27,
33170 Pordenone, ITALY.
IBAN: IT67RO533612501000030152778
( MARK IT: For the defence of Alfred Olsen)
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Our Constitutional Right to Distribute Literature

Print and carry this article with you!

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