Letter to Benedict XVI
This is a moment of pure contest of Evil against Good

The Dark is rising, the Final Battle is raging.

The holocaust lie was created to make the children of the devil (the leading Jews) the ruling force of the world. When Bishop Williamson was rehabilitated by the Pope, despite he dared to speak out against the BIG-LIE, the Hebrews felt that their new world religion was jeopardised. From the day Benedict lifted the excommunication ban on the Lord's true Bishop, the Hebrews and their armies referred to the holocaust blatantly as a religious dogma. It is no more about historical facts; it is about "denying". The holocaust narrative can't be verified by facts and historical evidence, so the Jews turned it into a religion we must believe in. They are the new divinity; the non-Jews are their worshippers and slaves. Wiesenthal paved the way for mortals not to testify before God anymore but before "The Six Million". He wrote: "When each of us comes before the six million, we will be asked what we did with our lives ... I will say I did not forget you." [Simon Wiesenthal Magazine RESPONSE, Vol. 20, No. 1] Elie Wiesel puts it this way: "The holocaust is a sacred mystery, whose secrets were confined to a priesthood of survivors." (Peter Novick, "The Holocaust in American Life", 1999, S. 211-212). And forces of the Vatican are ready to serve the devil Instead of worshipping the Christian Redeemer: "Those who deny the Shoa, know nothing about God's secret, neither do they know anything about the cross of Christ“ , said Federico Lombardi for the Vatican. (Welt, 02.02.2009, p. 3) Don't people see that we fall victim to the most heinous idolatry the world has ever seen? Don't people understand that they forcing us to worship a demonic cult? Will Satan be victorious because we cowardly remain silent?

Rise and support Bishop Williamson.

Send your email to Benedict XVI at: benedictxvi@vatican.va