Bernard LAZARE

Antisemitism, Its History and Causes

This book overturns the ideological basis of both antisemitism and the Jewish apologetic literature.
Its starts from the facts and athorough study of the relationship of the Jewish communities with their

non-Jewish social environment. It is a REPLY to Drumont's confused antisemitism and to its mirror
image in the fantasies entertained by many

Jews on their own history. LAZARE died in 1903, before he could assess the development of Zionism,
of which he was both one of the builders and one of the first critcs.

Chapter 1 -- General causes of Antisemitism (51K)

Chapter 2 -- Anti-Judaism in Antiquity (43K)

Chapter 3 -- Anti-Judaism in Christian Antiquity from the Foundation of the Church of Constantine (43K)

Chapter 4 -- Antisemitism from Constantine to the Eighth Century (68K)

Chapter 5 -- Anti-Judaism from the Eighth Century to the Reformation (60K)

Chapter 6 -- Anti-Judaism from the Time of the Reformation to the French Revolution (51K)

Chapter 7 -- Anti-Judaic Literature and Prejudices (60K)

Chapter 8 -- Modern Legal Anti-Judaism (51K)

Chapter 9 -- Modern Antisemitism and its Literature (51K)

Chapter 10 -- The Race (51K)

Chapter 11 -- Nationalism and Antisemitism (51K)

Chapter 12 -- The Revolutionary Spirit of Judaism (43K)

Chapter 13 -- The Jews as a Factor in the Transformation of Society (60K)

Chapter 14 -- The Economic Causes of Antisemitism (51K)

Chapter 15 -- The Fate of Antisemitism / Bibliography (60K)

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