THE Jews and their advocates use sundry arguments whereby they seem to have successfully camouflaged and almost obliterated in this country the trail of historic fact concerning the practice of Ritual Murder. When the author was proceeded against in 1936 for daring to mention Jewish Ritual Murder, the trial was reported in some newspapers under the heading "Amazing Story," as though he had invented it! Let us list the Jewish "arguments" and answer them:

1. That the confessions made by the accused Jews were extracted by torture.

This is true of many medieval cases; it is unlikely that the Jews would confess without such aids to memory, because of the certain dire consequences that would follow the confession.

But I have shown in Chapter 13 (which see) that many confessions of the practice of Ritual Murder by Jews have been made by those who have been converted to the Christian faith and made freely; many confessions have been made by accused Jews without torture, or by their relations without torture; whilst at Damascus, where the bastinado was used to aid the memory of the accused, it inspired them to reveal where the fragments of the bodies of the murdered men were to be found, and they were found in the indicated spots; I take it that Jews do not allege that the bastinado endowed the culprits with telepathic second sight?

There is thus nothing in the argument.

2. That the Jewish laws not only do not sanction the practice of Ritual Murder, but forbid the use of blood.

In other words, John Smith cannot be guilty of theft from William Brown because the Eighth Commandment says 'Thou shalt not steal.'

There is nothing in this argument, dealt with in Chapter III.

3. That the Blood Accusation is the result of mediaval and ignorant superstition.

In Chapter V, I show that there were, according to the Jews themselves, more Blood Accusations in the 19th century than in any previous one.

There is therefore nothing in this argument.

4. That the guilt of the Jews was not juridically established.

The emptiness of this statement is shown in Chapter XIV, where a number of cases are quoted in which, through the centuries, competent and full authority decided the guilt of the accused or approved the verdict.

There is nothing in this argument

5. That it couldn't happen now.

Chapter VI is devoted to meeting this objection.

It will be seen that there is nothing in the objection.

The objection appeals to the good-nature of the Aryan mind which cannot conceive anything so alien as a desire to commit Ritual Murder. It is the false teaching of Equality of Race, spread by Masonry, perverted religion and democracy, that is responsible for this attitude of mind.

6. That Papal Bulls refuse credence to the charge of Ritual Murder.

This matter is dealt with in Chapter XV.

There are Popes who obviously wished to register their disbelief in the practice of Ritual Murder by Jews, and did so.

There are other Popes who equally registered by their actions and Bulls that they did believe in the charge.

So there is nothing in the argument.

7. That Pope Gregory XIV's report of 1758 (made when he was Cardinal Ganganelli) is a final and incontrovertible refutation of the charge.

In Chapter XV, I have shown how actually this report by the Cardinal is proved utterly unreliable as he says in it that "he endeavoured to demonstrate the non-existence of the crime," which shows that he did not endeavour to demonstrate the truth, which is all that an investigator has any right to do; whilst he specifically admits that St. Simon of Trent and St. Andreas of Rinn were killed by Jews in hatred of the faith of Jesus Christ. Thus, Pope Gregory XIV is that most valuable witness in the support of the Blood Accusation--the unwilling witness.

8. The charges are unworthy of credence because they have been brought by anti-semites.

This is an argument used by the Jew, Israel Abrahams, in his article on Ritual Murder in the 11th edition of the Encyclopedia Britannica, in which he writes: "The literature on the other side is entirely anti-semitic and in no instance has it survived the ordeal of criticism."

How strangely the Jewish mind works! How could anyone fail to be "anti-semitic" if they believed that that Jews commit ritual murder of Gentile children?

If there is not a glut of literature on the subject in English, it is not any ordeal of criticism which has brought about the scarcity, but the Jewish Money Power which has been brought to bear on that literature, making it so scarce that no one can get hold of it. Instance, Sir Richard Burton's The Jew, the Gypsy and El Islam, by an author of unimpeachable integrity and illustrious fame, a book the fate of which has been described on page 28, which see.

So much for the Jews' methods of defence by argument. Now let us see what other methods of defence they adopt. These are:

1. The killing of authors or witnesses, or of others with knowledge of the subject.

On page 27 are recorded the circumstances surrounding the death of Gougenot des Mousseaux, author of Le Juif, le Judaisme et la Judaisation, etc.; on page 32 is registered the fact of the death of child witnesses in the Kiev case, 1911-13; on p. 33 is given the fate of the Judge, counsel and expert witnesses in the same case, all murdered by the Jewish Bolsheviks.

2. Violent abuse of lawyers, witnesses for the prosecution or accusers.

This is a modern development since the Jews obtained control over the Gentile press. It was marked in cases of the 19th and 20th centuries.

The Jewish Press in this country has succeeded in so reviling the name of Herr Julius Streicher, editor of Der Sturmer, that many decent citizens take it for granted that Herr Streicher is a kind of crazy and sadistic devil instead of (as we know him to be) a gallant and faithful German officer.

3. Disappearance of books containing evidence of Ritual Murders.

Under the description of the 1840 Damascus case, I give particulars of the fate of the Official Dossier, and of Gougenot des Mousseaux's and Sir Richard Burton's books.

The suppression of reports of trials has been noted in pre-Hitler Jew-controlled Germany in the 20th century.

4. The silencing of reference to Ritual Murder

The penal laws are stretched in the Jew-run countries to secure the imprisonment of anyone daring to break the Jew-imposed silence on the subject of Ritual Murder. Herr Julius Streicher was imprisoned in 1928 for this "offence," and the author of the present work was sentenced by a 31st degree Scottish Rite Masonic Judge in 1936 to six months imprisonment among criminals on a trumped-up charge of the same nature.

Nevertheless there is no law in England forbidding reference to Ritual Murder.

5. Deliberate misrepresentation of the statements of athoritative people.

A good example of this is described on p.p. 43-44, where the late Baron Rothschild endeavoured to use Cardinal Merry del Val's confirmation of the authenticity of a certain Papal letter as a confirmation of a false interpretation of the contents of that letter made by Baron Rothschild himself. Another example is in the case of the Jewish Encyclopedia, Hyamson's History of the Jews in England and Lucien Wolf's Essays in Jewish History, all of which assert that the Khedive of Egypt declared the condemned Jews in the Damascus murder to be innocent; he simply released them contemptuously for spot cash, without any such declaration.

6. Bribery of the witnesses for the prosecution, the officials of the courts, or the Potentates who could overrule those courts.

Examples of this are the cases of Rhodes and of Damascus in 1840, Tisza Eszlar in 1882, Konitz in 1900, and Kiev, 1911-13.

7. False accusations of innocent people.

As in the cases of Kiev and of Gladbeck.

8. The production of a corpse supposed to be that of the missing victim, but actually that of someone who died from a cause other than Ritual Murder; this was done in the Tisza Eszlar case.

9. Refusal or threatened refusal of loans to governments.

From Jewish sources, I give on p. 27 an instance where Rothschild influence in the matter of loans clearly governed the attitude of the Austrian consul at Damascus through the Chancellor Metternich, in the 1840 case.

On p. 30 is shown how the same Rothschild family were able to threaten the Government of Hungary so as to induce it to cause the acquittal of the accused Jews in the 1882 case at Tisza Eszlar.

In all methods of propaganda, the Jew Money Power ends ready allies among the gullible Gentiles, particularly among Archbishops, politicians, and even with Royalty. These rely chiefly on the idea that the Blood Accusation is a relic of the dark and wicked ages of the past, an idea which I have shown to have no foundation in fact.

How is it that influential Gentiles so readily lend themselves in support of the Jews against the Blood Accusation? The answer to this question deserves a short chapter to itself. (See Chapter XX.)

There have been a number of books published from time to time refuting the Blood Accusation; some of these are written by Jews, others by Gentiles. Among such, the best known are those of Strack and Cecil Roth. The works of Drs. Loeb and Lea are proved worthless; these concerned the Toledo case of 1490.

The Jew and Human Sacrifice, by H. L. Strack, Regius Professor of Theology at Berlin, went through eight editions before it was published in English in 1909. Strack was a Gentile, but his French edition was prefaced by the Jew Theodore Reinach, who was both son-in-law and nephew to Baron Jacques Reinach, who was found dead in bed after a warrant for his arrest had been issued in connection with the Panama Canal scandal.

The English edition is a book of 289 pages, of which only pp. 160 to 274 are relevant to the issue. The book is damned because

  1. there is no mention of the case of St. Hugh of Lincoln;
  2. no mention of Benedict XIV's Bull in which that Pope beatifies St. Simon of Trent, a victim of ritual murder, whilst the Bulls of other Popes are freely quoted as an argument against the Blood Accusation;
  3. in describing the Damascus case, no mention is made that the flogging of the accused Jews caused them actually to reveal where the remains of the two murdered men were to be found; and
  4. the authorities quoted by Strack with regard to the La Guardia, Toledo, ritual murder have been proved by Walsh utterly unreliable.

The Ritual Murder Libel and the Jew, 1935, by the Jew, Cecil Roth, is adequately dealt with on page 45, which see.