What is Judaism? How is Judaism organized? These two questions have been asked by many sholars, none of whom have been able to answer either question satisfactorily, for the simple reason that the Hebrew people have surrounded all matters relating to their internal organization with great secrecy.

Jews practice a complete racial discrimination against the peoples that have sheltered them, preventing them from entering their private organizations.

As soon as they arrive in a nation, they feel they have the right to get involved in all institutions and organizations of the people that sheltered them; and if someone attempt this, they loudly protest against racial discrimination. But as foreigners who demand and recive hospitality, they discriminate the natives in their own lands, thinking they have the right to impede the entrance of their host into their own Jewish communities, private clubs and synagogues.

The worst thing is that the host States tolerate this shameful situation, a fact which reveals the level of domination the Jews have achieved in many nations of the world.

When protests are made against this policy, which seem to the Jews to be dangerously strong, they organize foot-ball games at an Israelite Sports Club and make these open to the public in general, or they will create some new Christian-Jewish mixed organization, or communities of Door Proselytes in order to exert more influence on Christians, but the entrance of any "goy", as they depreciatingly call those who are not members of their pretended race, into the inner organizations of Judaism is forbidden.

That is why when Jews speak about supposed racial discrimination, the organizations that defend their people against the Jews must answer with campaigns demanding that non-Jews be allowed to enter the private Israelite clubs and synagogues, communities and kehillas, and have the right to be part of their secret governments, as the Hebrews , demand to participate in the governments of the gentile peoples. We will see how the Jew will categorically reject such demands.

Such experiences would be usefull to show the public that it is the Jews who are discriminating against the people that sheltered them, and will make them understand that if Israelites are so interested in keeping their meetings secret, it is because they are engineering something bad there.

Despite the secrecy with which the Jews surround their internal organizations, one can have some idea, if only superficial, of what is Judaism and how it operates.

As they do not know what it is, non-Jewish people suffer painful mistakes. For example, they belive that the Jewish emigrant who enters to a country is like the emigrants of other nations, and they kindly open the door to him as to any other foreigner, without understanding that far from being just an emigrant, he is an active agent of a world imperialist organization that plans to conquer the country that receives him.

Benjamin Franklin, one of the founders of the United States, became fully aware of this problem and clearly foresaw that if things continued to be as they were, Israelites would end by taking over his country. The facts have confirmed Benjamin Franklin's predictions as the United States are so dominated by the Jews that they can be considered as a Jewish Colony. Yankee Imperialism has turned out to be an instrument of Jewish Imperialism.

Jews are, first of all, a nation, and a nation which is world-organized, because they are spread throughout the countries of the world. It is a nation that in its great part lives in foreign lands, whose members live as parasites in the territories of other peoples. For several centuries, Jews were deprived of a territory of their own, but at the end of World War II, they succeded in arranging that Britain, dominated by the Hebrews, enabled them to immigrate in large numbers into the State of Israel, following which they threw out from there, in a criminal way, the majority of the Moslem inhabitants.

Nevertheless, according to the 1961 census, only 2.170.280 Hebrews live in Israel, while many time this figure live in other countries spread throughout the world.

It is unknow exactly how many Jews there are in the world because they themselves carefully seek to hide this information. Some say there are fifteen million, naturally counting only those who publicly profess Jaudaism, but it is evident that the number of underground Jews that live under the mask of the Christian, Moslem or other religions, who never appear in census and statistics, is much higher.

During the Middle Age alone, there were more Jews who falsely converted to Christianity and Islam than those who remained practicing Judaism.

In their private books, Israelite authors confess that almost all those conversions to Christianity and Islam were false and unsincere, while Hebrews secretly kept their acient religion.

Since the Renaissance, the process of false conversions to Christianity continued, thus continually increasingt the amount of clandestine Jews, and diminishing the number of those who publicly professed Israel's religion. This process continues even in our days, especially in countries such as the United States where they need to strengthen their fift column inside Christianity. It is therefore, difficult to calculate the number of underground Jews who are in any case many times more than those who officially and publicly recognize that they are Israelites. But in addition to being a nation spread throughout the world, Jews are also linked as members of a common religion - not like other religions, but an aggressive and imperialist religion full of hatred and filled with the desire to enslave mankind.

This religion is private to the Jewish people, not apostolic as the others, that is why Jews are not interested in converting people to the real Judaism. The Jews believe that their religion is the result of Abraham's agreement with God, and that as such it is incumbent to the Lord's chosen people to dominate the world, because the rest of men are mere animals, lacking any human nature, who do not have the right to be seated at the table of the elected nor to be a part of the future aristocracy of mankind, who on the supposed command of God will anslave the peoples of the world.

When Jews sincerely seek to convert a Christian or Moslem to Judaism, it is because he is of the Jewish race, a descendant of Hebrew, whose parents or grandparents lost contact with Judaism for some reason. The conversion of such a Christian or Moslem is intended to recover the lost blood.

The Israelites plan - when the destroying machine of their atheistic communism annihilates all other religions - to make Israel's religion the sole religion of the world. But gentiles will never be admitted in the real organizations of the chosen people; they will only be enrolled in a special religion made for them which will have the outward appearance of Judaism, but which will only be the religion of the slaves, justifying their slavery and of the privileges which the Jews of blood will claim as masters in that future world. That religion will be only slightly different from the ancient organization of the "proselytes of the door" - spiritual Jews adapted to the new circumstances.

In times of the Inquisition, many underground Jews (Christians only in public) frightened by the inquisitorial repression and by the blaze waiting for them as if they were discovered, untied themselves completely from Judaism, and hence their children were lost from Judaism also.

Then it was the utmost duty, both of public and secret Jews, to recover the lost blood, bravely fighting to secretly initiate the renegades' children, without resting until getting it. In the Inquisition's records there are constant examples of this kind of proselitism done both by Judaizing heretics, that is to say Christians in secret who practiced Judaism, and public Jews who openly recognized they were Jews.

Among the reasons that determined the expulsions of the Jews from France, England, Spain and other countries, there is that of Jews incited the convert and their descendants to go back to the "vomit of Judaism".

Judaism presently carries on intense proselitism in many countries among those who, either with a solid basis or not, are considered as descendants of those who were forced by the inquisitorial persecution to really separate themselves from Judaism. But because the antecessors of these persons, already sincere Christians, married Christians in the text generations, their present descendants have more blood of the "GENTILE BEAST" in their veins than Jewish blood. That is why the Jews cannot accept them into the true Israelite organizations, exclusively destined for Jews of blood. To control these hybrids, Hebrews have created special communities and synagogues, persuading them by skillful deceits into the naive belief they are introducing them to the real Judaism, when in fact they are initiating these people in one of the many satellite organizations that the real Jews has organized to dominate the rest of men and use them as blind instruments of its pitiless imperialism. Nevertheless, as those deceived by this trick believe they are really Jews, they serve as unconditional puppets of the real Hebrews. It is therefore dangerous to trust politically in Christian families that have a Jewish ancestor, although it may be true that the majority of their ancestors are GENTILES. It is advisable to distrust all such people.

This eagerness to recover the lost blood is evident also regarding mixed marriages. It is well known that Jews forbid their children to marry people of another race or people, a measure of racial discrimination against those nations that shelter them, for the simple fact that they regard other races as inferior and of an almost animal nature. A Jew became stained if he marries a

"Gentile Bitch" - as they call non-jewish people. Love is, nevertheless, something that cannot be controlled, and sometimes a Jewish boy falls in love with a Christian girl or vice versa, despite of the numerous precautions taken to avoid it. In this case the family tear their clothes and tenaciously opposes the wedding, threatening the boy with reprisals. In many instances they succed in making the Jewish lover give in to the pressures of his relatives and the whole Hebrew community.

But when love is stronger, and the boy or girl marry against the Jewish will, the Jews start to plan how to secure the blood of the children of that couple, trying to initiate them into Judaism at the appropriate time. In a minority of cases the Jewish boy so threatened by his relatives and his so-called brothers of race, turns against his own people, although he does not apostate for fear of reprisals, he allows his wife to educate his children into Christianity or into another Gentile religion, with the result that his descendants are lost to Jewry.

This still does not prevent the Hebrews from trying to recover the "lost blood", often with success.

Israel, besides being a people and nation spread throughout the world, with its own religion, is most of all sect, a secret society, because in all countries that the Israelites have colonies, and even in the State of Israel, they are organized as a sect, with secret ceremonies of initiation at the age of 13, hold political-religious meetings, with a rigorous ceremonial, rendering oaths of secrecy and absolute obedience to the leaders - as is done in all SECRET SOCIETIES - and participating in rigorous ceremonials and ritual banquets, of which the rituals and banquets of FREEMASONRY are merely an imitation.

It is precisely this complex society, comprising the nation, people, religion and sect of the Israelite nation, that has been called Judaism.




As the internal organization of Judaism is so secret, there is little that we as members of other other nations, can know about it, because no member of another people is admitted in the Jewish organizations. I will only mention in this book those facts I have been able to investigate and confirm in this regard.

The family is the basic unit of Judaism, and this is still patriarchal in some countries. The family father or patriarch is a kind of high priest in the family; he leads the family's religious cult, practiced by means of daily prayers and very secret ceremonies subject to a solemn ceremonial, whose purpose is to impress on Hebrews since childhood and adolescence, the idea that they are God's people, chosen by him to dominate the other nations and take over their riches, forging an imperialist ideology that converts them into fanatical instrument of Jewish imperialism in its struggle to conquer all nations of the world, and especially the nation in which the individual Israelite family happens to be living.

Among these secret family cerimonies can be mentioned the Jewish Passover, with its solemn ceremonial and secret banquets, and the Saturday family celebration, which starts on Friday at sunset, when the parents join those of their children who are older than 13 (who have already been initiated in the secrets of Judaism) in their paternal house and also their grandchildren (if these are over 13) and their children's wives, where those are already married.

the house is locked, and no stranger is allowed to enter the room where the ceremony is held. The secret ceremony, often followed by a ritual banquet, in which prayers and speeches are delivered sometimes lasts until midnight, unless the adults have to attend the public or clandestine synagogue, (in that case both, the sabbatical ceremony and the banquet are suspended). The family mother precides over the special ceremony involving the kindling and blessing of two candles.

Children younger than 13 are excluded from this and other ceremonies in clandestine Judaism sending them to a specially planned place. Where the family pretends to be Christian or Moslem, or any other Gentile religion, the young children do not know that their family is Jewish, and hides from them all its activities of secret Judaism. At the age of 13, and after great preparations, only those children who have proved themselves able to keep secrets are very secretly initiated into their family's clandestine Judaism. Those who have failed the test of discretion their parents put to them, will only be initiated in hidden Judaism when they eventually prove they can keep secrets. Those who cannot pass the proofs of secrecy, loyality and others, or are mentally incapable are left outside of this underground Judaism; but both the family and the clandestine Israelite community will do their best to win back the children of such Jews, where these are considered capable and worthy of membership of the secret Judaism.

When the Medieval Inquisition used torture to force Jews to reveal the identity of other clandestine Jews, and tried to discover and destroy the underground Judaism - ALREADY VERY INFILTRATED INTO CHRISTIAN ISTITUTIONS - the clandestine Jews were forced to change the day of the family sabbatical ceremony, because Christians who were suspected of being secret Jews were watched carefully, especially on Friday nights, to catch them "IN FLAGRANT" in their family celebration of the Sabbatical ceremony.

Jewish families are an example of unity; the members of those families are taught to exercise the highest loyality to each other. That is why most Jewish fathers are exemplary parents, Jewish mothers are also exemplary, and their children are a model of filial piety, feeling a veneration and respect for their parents, worthy of imitation, impressed through well studied plans. It is clear that there are some exceptions to this: bad parents, denatured mothers and unworthy children, but these are few.

Unfortunately all these best virtues are always directed to the perverse goals of the political and religious order imposed by their imperialistic religion and the hatred to all other peoples, taught to Jewish children since their infancy in the very bosom of their families.

In the case of underground Jews who pretend to practice Christianity, Islamism, Buddhism or Brahmanism, these familiar virtues confuse the true believers up to the point that when a member of clandestine Judaism is dedicated for example - as an apparent Christian - to infiltrate the Catholic or

Protestant parties or into the clergy of the Christian Church, in order to sabotage the defense of Christianity and play the game of FREEMASONRY or COMMUNISM - led by Moscow or by New York Jews - the false Christians plays his role so well that when he is unmasked most people doubts his treason, considering that such an exemplary father and honest husband is incapable of having relations with the dark enemy forces within the nation, that pervert and destroy the non-Jewish families.

Such a situation seems incomprehensible to those who are unaware of the tragic dimensions of the problem, and do not know that the Jew who either publicly or secretly tries to destroy the unity of the gentile families - precisely to weaken the peoples they attempt to conquer - keeps his own families in a necessary state of unity and moral loyality in orther to mantain those basic cell of Israelite vigor. They know that a people with healthy and strong families - both materially and morally speaking - will be more able to dominate the peoples with families unhinged by immorality and disunity.

For this reason they deliberately spread ideas aimed at dissolving the gentile faith in marriage and the loyality of the children to each other.

In every place Jews compose a secret organization called a Community that integrates the Israelite families of the town or city, whose patriarchs or family head are represented in the KEHILLA or supreme Council of that Jewish Community.

Jews are also strongly organized in Brotherhoods, and other organizations, whose goal is to take over and control the different associations and intitutions, either political, syndicalist, economic, religious and of all kinds, of the peoples in whose territory the Jewish Communities operate, either openly or clandestinely. I use the term "CLANDESTINE" because it is much used in Jewish writings on this subject.

These Brotherhoods were previously called simply synagogues, because "synagogue" means assembly. It is necessary to distinguish between the assembly-synagogue or Brotherhood and the temple or place where that assembly operates, which is also called synagogue. Sometimes each Brotherhood, that is to say each assembly-synagogue, has its own building, its own temple-synagogue; but sometimes, several Brotherhoods or assembly-synagogues may operate within a single temple-synagogue.

The assembly-synagogues are meetings of a religious, political and social character. The synagogue has very solemn rites and ceremonies, of which the Masonic ceremonies are a pale reflection. Alternating with ritual prayers, all political, economic and social affairs related with the control of the city or town where the Brotherhoods is located are discussed, as well as those other matters that the united Jewish Brotherhoods of the whole gentile nation have as objective for the imperialistic conquest and domination of the unfortunate nation which years, or century earlier, made the mistake of allowing Jews to settle in her territory.

Apart from possessing a ritual and ceremonies more impressive than those of the Massonic Lodges, the assembly-synagogues operates in a manner similar to that of communist cells.

Brotherhoods are also represented in the Council, which, as was previously indicated, is the Municipal Supreme Command of the Community, acting together with the SECRET TRIBUNAL or BET-DIN.

Regarding underground Judaism, whose very secret communities are composed of Jews that practice Christianity or any other religion in public, the secret assemblies or synagogues operate in private houses or else in very well distinguised public places, so that non-Jewish members of the population remain unaware of its existence and its operation.

Thus in the time of the Inquisition, when control was not so strong, secret synagogues operated with a certain regularity, but when persecution was hard, they were even suppressed for fear that the Inquires might discover them. Then, clandestine Judaism cound find refuge only in the family organization, because a family meeting could not seem suspicious, and thanks to this trick, clandestine Judaism could survive through the times of great Inquisitorial vigilance. The same thing happened in Germany and other European countries during the times of the nazi persecution against the Jews.

The word synagogue is sometimes used to refer to Judaism as a whole, as the word Church is used to refer to an ecclesiastic institution as a whole.

Judaism - as Freemasonry - has different rites, which generally have common racial meaning. For example, the Sephardite rite embraces all dispersed Jews throughout the world who are descendants from those expelled from Spain in 1492, and from Portugal in the times of King Manuel, as well as the crypto-Jewish Christians that were expelled from Spain and Portugal in the times of Philip IV, in the 17th century.

The Ashkenazi rite gathers the Hebrew of German descent who are also spread throughout the world.

The Beni-Israel rite belongs to the Jews that about 18 centuries ago arrived in India and infiltrated all Indian castes, and have since emigrated to various countries in Africa, Asia and even in England. People believe them to be Hindus, but in fact many of them are clandestine Jews of the Beni-Israel rite, that presently control the Congress Party and the Indian goverment, which was subjected to the yoke of the Israelite imperialism with the help of the British Jews, who since the times of the Jewish Prime Minister of Britain, Benjamin Disraeli, in the last century, have made the British goverment an instrument of Jewish imperialism. In Africa and other places, these clandestine Jews who came from India with the protection and help of the London goverment, now control the commerce of many black nations and exploit their peoples sometimes in a merciless way.

This beni-Israel rite of India works in a very secret way, and has great influence in the destiny of India. Many of them act apparently as Brahmans or members of other religions, and through centuries they have acquired Hindi racial characteristics to such an extent that it is difficult in many cases to distinguish them from a real Hindu. They facilitated the British conquest of India, helping later to maintain London domination, and for a century and a half worked against the real Hindus who fought for Indian independence until when the strength of the true patriots was destroyed, secret Beni-Israeles Jews and their leaders, the so-called Mahatma Gandhi and Jawaharlal Nehru, controlled the movement for independence, which was then granted by the Jews that controlled the British goverment leaving the Indian goverment in the hands of the secret Hindi Jews of the Ben-Israel rite, allied, as was natural, with their Jewish brethren that lead the Soviet Union and with the Jews of Washington and London. I will report later on these clandestine Jews of India.

Another rite is that of the secret Chinese Jews that arrived in China about seventeen centuries ago and mixed very much with the aboriginal population and with the Mongolian warrior tribes of the North, obtaining through centuries an almost perfect Chinese type.

Many of them falsely embraced Buddhism, keeping Judaism in secret according to their customs. These Chinese Jews are known in Judaism as "Tiao-Kiu-Kiaou", which means: the sect that removes the tendon, a reference to the operation prescribed for ritual killing in the Bible (Genesis 37-33).

These secret Chinese Jews live in all provinces of present Mainland China, hiding their Judaism and pretending to be loyal to Maoism, which they wish to oust because Mao is not Jewish but gentile, and Judaism wants to overthrow him to control his succession in order to place a Communist goverment composed by TIAO-KIU-KIAOU-JEWS, about whom I will continue talking later.

There are many rites which are original to the gentile state in which they have operated. But of all the rites existing in the different regions of the world, the most outstandingly important are those of the secret communities of clandestine Jews of all countries that appear to be members of any non-Jewish religion, whose hidden communities constitute the Jewish fifth columns. They funtion separately from the public Jewish communities, having, nevertheless, a very secret, close and efficient contact with them. The Jewish encyclopedias and books openly published do not mention them exept in unusual instances.

When in a town or city there is only one Jewish community of one rite, the Council is composed solely of the representatives of that congregation; but when there are two or three communities of different rites, the Kehilla is formed from representatives of each one of the existent communities on the basis of proportional representation, relevant to the amount of families of each Congregation. Nevertheless, there are occasions where the representation of each community in the Kahal or Kehilla is not determined by the number of families but by the amount each congregation gives to support the activities of the community; something similar to anonymous society, which as everybody knows are of Jewish origin. This gives an idea of the great importance Hebrews give to the economic collaboration of the brethen, toward the fulfilment of the common ideal, for they know very well that the political strength of any organization depends greatly on the idealism of its members expressed in different ways, but mainly in the sacrifice of part of their own patrimogny, which is collected not as a donation but as an obligatory tax, equivalent to the taxes charged by territorial states.

Besides the Kehilla, Kahal or Council, there is the Bet-Din or secret Jewish Court that judges and condemns the traitors and those who commit any crime against their brothers in race, judging quarels, attempting reconciliations or dictating penalties - decisions that all Jews of the community are forced to obey.

Different cultural and charity organizations also depend on the Kehilla or Council of each community; in some places the Israelite schools and in others the so-called Talmud-Thora schools that - as their names indicates - poison the Jewish children with the twisted teaching of Talmud and with false interpretation of the old testament of the Bible.

The brevity of this book prevents us from detailing the different kinds of cultural and charity organizations created by the different Kahals in the world, according to their importance. It is enough to say that culture and charity are granted only to Jews and not the people that accepted them in their territory.

Only when it is desirable for them to win the sympathy of the non-Jewish people, do they perform some altruistic work to the benefit of that gentile people and giving ample publicity to it in order to obtain the desired sympathy. In this, as in everything, Hebrew are very practical.

The secret Jewish occupational or professional Brotherhoods have as their duty the seizure and maintainance of control over the association or institutions of the gentile people related with that profession or occupation and over the respective commercial, industrial or professional activity. In this way, for example, the secret fraternity of shoemakers will be responsible for controlling the manufacturing and sale of shoes, eliminating, through ruinous and sometimes disloyal competition, the gentile shoemakers and traders of the nation which the Jews seek secretly to conquer. Brotherhoods of Jewish traders work to gain control of the respective commercial branches, eliminating their gentile competitors, and secret Brotherhoods of bankers, industrialists, international traders, etc. work in the same way.

Secret Brotherhoods of physicians try to dominate their gentile competitors in profession and to control leading positions in hospitals, medical schools and other medical institutions. Secret Brotherhoods of workers try to control the management of their labor unions, and peasant Brotherhoods do the same.

In orther to complete the scheme of organization of the fifth column of the Israelite nation, silently introduced in other nations of the world, I must mention very important control organisms which are similar to Communist cells, because the latter were partially copied from the Jewish cells or control committees consisting in the gathering together of all public and secret Jews who operate within any one gentile intitution, that is to say, non-Jewish institution, in order to control over it and conquer its government.

For example, if there is a group of Jews introduced into the local organization of a political party of the nation in which they live, they form a secret Jewish cell, destined to control the direction of that particular branch of the political party. This cell will secretly collaborate with similar cells in other branches, to take over the provincial organization of that political party and especially its national direction. On the other hand, if a group of public or underground Jews have positions in the local banks, a cell will be formed and its duty will be to indefatigably work to kontrol the key positions in those banks, especially in those whose money belongs to gentiles. The same conquest work should be performed by all public or underground Jews who have infiltrated the organizations of industry and commerce, sports clubs, etc., but especially in political parties of the opposing ideologies, ranging from the estreme right to the extreme left, until they gradually dominate everything.

Thus communities of underground Jews, covered with the mask of false Christianity, have to work to gain control over Christian organizations, and even to infiltrate the clergy of the Churches, to take over their direction, as they have been doing for a long time. The same thing is done by the communities of crypto-Jews infiltrated in Islam, Buddhism and other religions. Jewish Imperialism in the Soviet Union is also maintained through secret cells or Jewish committees of control who operate very secretly behind the Central Commitees of the Communist Party, of the Supreme Soviet and other organisms of the Soviet government, as well as to control the secret police and all its branches, the army, the labor unions and other istitutions. The same technique is used to control the other Communist States.

But regarding the secret domination exerted by Judaism in the capitalist or communist world, the members of these Jewish cells or control committes may exert great power, for they are at the same time members of the councils or directive bodies of the organizations they are entrusted to control. And as most Israelites in charge of that task are clandestine, and as the other members of the gentile organizations they control do not know their Jewish indentity, gentiles are unable to perceive that their political party, their masonic rite, their labor union or other respective organization is dominated by Jews, and they think they are led by their own countrymen, because they do not know these apparent and false compatriots are Jews in secret.

Regarding Freemasonry, it is necessary to remember that some of its highest gentile leaders, such as the Duke of Orleans (Felipe Igualdad) and the Duke of Brunswick, already felt and denounced the existence of a hidden power behind the highest Masonic Councils, but they could never know the nature of this mysterious hidden power. It is very difficult to fight against a hidden power such as clandestine Judaism.

Israelite Imperialism has been able by this system to conquer many nations without their become aware that they are being turned into colonies of the secret imperialism of the Israelite nation. The heads of these cells or control blocks blindly obey the orders given by their hierarchic leaders in Judaism.

It is necessary to make it clear that Jewish Imperialism, introduced in a nation by means of their fifth conumns - the public or underground Israelite communities - sometimes creates in that nation political parties and all kinds of financial, comercial, religious and cultural organizations deliberately in order to dominate the country, maintaining control over all of them through the secret Jewish cells mentioned before, also controlling their money in the case of economic enterprises. All of this is done while the Israelites try to take over the political parties and other organizations and institutions created by the gentile members of that nation, doing this through the infiltration of the Jews organized in secret control cells that little by little take over the leadership of each gentile organization or institution, using the most efficient and often disreputable methods to achieve their goals.

As centuries passed, any time a people and its goverment knew that the Jews - who had been allowed by treir ancestors to settle in their territory - were taking over the country, they naturally reacted and took deffensive steps that varied according the different instances. Some goverments created laws forbidding the Jews from public positions, from command in the army, from buying land or urban buildings and from all political rights in the country. In other cases, because of the persistent Israelite attempts to conquer the country through infiltration or violence, some civil and religious leaders deemed as necessary to eliminate this fifth column of the foreign Jewish nation by expelling the Jews. As a result, Israelites loudly complain that most peoples have persecuted them in different ways. They complain about racial or religious discrimination and about supposed attrocities and injustices. They spend large sums of money on books, movie pictures, press and television propaganda, etc., toward this goal. They attempt to deceive the nations, appearing as victims of wickedness of other peoples and of gentile political and religious organizations; thus hiding the truth of what has really happened through the centuries, that is to say, that those peoples and their leaders were forced to expell the Jews from their countries or to take various steps of repression against them, to prevent the public or underground Jews from conquering from the inside the nation that had so naively allowed them to settle in its territory.

Due to the great secrecy which surrounds their hidden organizations and their underground activities, it is very difficult for those who research the Jewish problem to make a complete survey of all that has happened.

Most of them have only discovered a small part of the problem, others have added new information but those of us that have been able to penetrate thus far into the secrets of Judaism are aware that there is still much to know and clarify, and that more investigation is necessary to discover those secrets that no gentile has yet been able to learn. The Israelites are right when they say that Judaism is a net embracing more secret societies than have ever existed in the history of mankind.

The Inquisitions of the Church and of certain Catholic kings were obliged to use torture to disclose the secrets of Judaism that the Church and goverment could not know otherwise, to force indentified clandestine Jews to denounce the name of other underground Jews and their hidden leaders. When - through torture and other efficient resources - a Jew revealed the names of other underground Jews, these were also arrested, forcing them to denounce the names of all the clandestine Jews they knew.

The new ones were also tortured to force them to denounce others , and so on, until the entire underground Jewish organization was disclosed. As was natural, women were the ones who disclosed everything the most quickly. The Inquisition also obtained through torture the secrets of the hidden organizations of Judaism and their clandestine subversive activities. That is how the Inquisition learned, better than anyone else, the deepest secrets of Judaism.

As has been recognized by some Jewish writers, the Inqisition could have destroyed the underground Judaism with this system, but when the jails of the Inquisition were full of clandestine Jews, the leaders of World Judaism sought and obtained decrees of general forgiveness, moving the Popes or Kings to pity or bribing them with large amounts of money. Those decrees allowed the imprisoned Jews, and even those who had been condemned to death, to go free, thus destroying in a short time the Inquisitors' hard work of many years.

Due to this fact, and to a series of wise defensive steps, Judaism was saved from destruction, to win control over many goverments and even over the Church and the Inquisition itself. Finally until Judaism succeded in destroying the Church in many countries through the Protestant Reform promoted by them, and further weakened the European nations by the individualistic, liberal and burgeois revolutions of the 18th and the 20th centuries, led always by clandestine Jews aided by their satellite, World Freemasonry, on behalf of so-called religious freedom and tolerance and "human progress".

The power the Israelites presently have in the world has allowed them to paralyze the defenses of the host nations, and that is why we lack efficient means to uncover the secret nets of clandestine Judaism and the deepest secrets of the Israelite people and their secret organizations which work for conquest by both peaceful and revolutionary means.

Jews act hypocritically when they condemn the tortures used by the Inquisition and some other governments, because Hebrew themselves use torture in the Soviet Union and her satellite states, in a more cruel and pitiless way than the Inquisition or any other Gentile government.

To conceal the fact of Jewish terror and domination in the Soviet Union and the satellite states, which would cause antisemitic reactions throughout the world, thereby endangering the Israelite conquest of other nations, Jews have expended huge resources and energies to create propaganda about supposed persecutions of Jews in Russia and other communist states of Eastern Europe.

But we who have lived under Jewish dictatorship and terror in those states, wherein Hebrew perversely use socialist dictatorship to exploit and enslave the non-Jews, know that this is a noisy farce, projected at a world level, for the aforesaid purposes.

It is necessary, nevertheless, to distinguish between the farce of Jewish protests about supposed persecutions and the real quarrels between the Jews who lead the Soviet Union and the satellite states and those Jews who, due either to ambition or to internal quarrels, oppose the former. Sometimes these quarrels have ended, as in Stalin's times, in the slaughter of opposing Jews, but I shall talk later about such conflict among Israelites.

In every capital of a province, or in most important urban center, a Great Kahal or Supreme Council of the Federation of local Kahals of that province is established. This coordinates the activities of the local Kahals.

The words Kahal, Kehilla and Great Kahal, are classic, dating from the times of the Crusades, to refer to a Jewish organization or municipal or provincial government, but in different countries Jews have given different names to these organizations. In France, for example, they call them Consistories, and in other places they simply call them municipal or regional council, a very proper denomination, because the internal organization of Judaism has for several centuries been structured on the basic of Councils of different hierarchy.

The Soviet organization is nothing but a copy, although of inferior quality, of the organization which Jews have used for many centuries. It is also necessary to remember that the word "Soviet" means, exactly, "Council".

The great Provincial Kahals are confederated in a Secret National Council called with different names in different countries. In some places it is called the Central Israelite Committee; in others, the Jewish Congress of such and such country, as in the United States, where it is called "American Jewish Committee".

This highest Council cordinates the activities of the Great Regional Kahals, but respects their autonomy within their own territories, where each is responsible for the efforts to conquer the nation in whose territory it operates.

The Jewish organizations established within a gentile nation and coordinated by a Central Committee are times, it is also called the Jewish Community of France, together called a Council or National Congress. Some - the Jewish Community of Argentina or the Chinese Jewish Community, according to the case. All these organizations operate in a secret way unknow for all profanes in all countries that proscribed Judaism in sometime and forbade its functioning. And the communities of clandestine Jews still operate throughout the world in a highly secret manner, pretending to practice the religion of the country in which they live.

The great Kahals or Regional Council and National Supreme Councils, in addition to having under their responsibility the government of the Jewish organizations of a province or region of the entire country, also have the duty of conquering the country in which territory they operate, controlling their political parties, their press, their banks, their unions of trade, industrialists and professionals, their universities, their religious organizations and their churches through the fifth column, but most of all they have the obligation of conquer the goverment, including the executive, legislative and judicial powers. To accomplish the the conquest of the people that naively and generously gave them shelter, each Jew works tirelessly for the development of plans of conquest which range from infiltration and various maneuvers to monopolize the leading positions to the revolutions and coup d'etats when such are necessary. They also use masonic and communist organizations, political parties, labor unions and other associations which they secretly control. The most serious aspect of all this is that Hebrew bevieve they are sincerely fulfilling God's commands to his chosen people, and also fulfilling the more sacred principles of the Talmud, which they believe is the interpretation of God's will: "Whenever Hebrews settle, it is necessary they must become the masters; and as long as they do not have absolute domain, they should consider themselves as exiled and prisoners. Although they may dominate many nations, until they do not dominate all of them, they should not cease to proclaim: What a torment! What an indignity"!

Following the introduction of Jews in the bosom of certain nations many century ago, they have provoked in those nations a chronic state of civil war, either in regard to intrigues in the royal courts, popular mutinies, religious schisms, heressies, religious wars, conspiracies, revolts and revolutions of the most varied kinds.

Since the nations of the world allowed this cancer to grow in their bosom, they have not known a moment of internal peace, nor will they know such peace until they decide to uproot the terrible evil. We are completely sure that internal peace will not return to the peoples on earth in a lasting way until they succed in eliminating those foreign parasites that attempt to dominate and enslave them from their territory. Every nation has a natural right of legitimate defence against such aggression, and a right to live in peace, free from such foreign intrigues and threats.

Regarding the World Jewish Goverment, which has always existed, in ancient times it functioned as an hereditary monarchy, with the Great Sanhedrim as the government of the Hebrew people. When Romans, in times of Vespaciano and Tito - in the year 70 of the Christian Era - destroyed the Jewish State, the Hebrews from all the world were ruled by the YABNE Sanhedrim. This later changed to other cities, presided by the Patriarch and in Babilon by the "Exilarca" or Prince of Exile who controlled all Jews throughout the world, except for a few lost tribes, such as those of China and India, who after losing contact with these centers ruled themselves.

When the patriarchate disappeared, during the tenth century of the Christian Era, and the Prince of Exile disappeared in the eleventh century, the Regional Jewish Communities and their Councils coordinated Jewish activities through a continental or Universal Rabbinical Synodus, such as the one that met in Toledo, Spain, in the time of king Peter the Cruel, organized and led by the Jew Samuel Ha-Levi, Great Rabbi of Castile and Prime Minister of the King of Castile.

Interesting records about this Universal Jewish Synodus, held in the fourteenth century of the Christian Era, are still preserved in one of the older synagogues of Toledo. Many investigators of Jewish Imperialism nevertheless suspect that the Sanhedrim continued to operate secretly, because in 1808 when the French Emperor Napoleon Bonaparte approached the Jews for the purpose of having direct negotiations with their world government, the Sanhedrim. This organism came out from clandestinity to please Napoleon so as to win benefits for the Jews living in Napoleon's Empire.

At the present time, in addition to those Universal Synodus or congresses, which meet somewhat frequently with representatives of the Jewish communities in all parts of the world, there is a permanent body which appears to head international Judaism. This is called "the World Jewish Congress", and is headquartered in New York. But as the World Jewish Congress contains representatives from only one segment of the Israelite communities of the world, and openly excludes others, it is evident that this world organism is only a visible piece of the world government of the Israelite people, who have kept the other pieces secret.

Some investigators on the Jewish problem have stated that the Sanhedrim operates in clandestiny headed by its Patriarch, and even an American Jew, Bernard Baruch, was indentified as such. Baruch was the power behind the trone and the gray eminence of the United States President Woodrow Wilson,

F.D.Roosevelt, Truman, Eisenhower and Kennedy, but we do not have the proofs of this claim. What is evident, on the other hand, is that Bernard Baruch was the foremost leader of International Judaism, even if he did not have the title of Patriarch. The great honors given to him by Jews throughout the world, including the Soviet Jews, seem to confirm it. The Jew, Nikita Solomon Kruschev, then dictator of Soviet Russia, declared to the world press that Mr. Bernard Baruch was the American citizen most appreciated in the Soviet Union.

All that structure of town or city communities, Municipal Councils or Kehillas, Regional Federations of Jewish Communities of different rites, with their Great Kahals orRegional Councils, the federations or confederations of Great Kahals led by the Supreme Concils of Judaism in each country and the World Jewish Congress and the Universal Secret Synodus that coordinate and lead all organisms mentioned before, compose a national organization of the Jewish people on earth, based in the "JUS SANGUINIS" and not in the "JUS SOLIS", because with the sole exception of the very small State of israel and another state the Soviet Union assigned them, the Birobidjan Republic, the Jewish nation lives without a territory, living in the territory of other peoples.

The Jewish organization is equivalent to that of the gentile people, composed by municipal governments, autonomous provinces or states, each with their own provincial government, and the national state with its supreme government.

But above this infrastructure, there is a secret superstructure based on initiation degrees, into which only those who are permitted to know the great secrets of Judaism are invited. This superstructure is composed of secret societies inside Judaism, such as the B'nai B'rith and others, that secretly control all the machinery of the afore-mentioned infrastructure. It is such hidden sects as these that really govern modern Judaism.

This system of Jewish organization has existed since the time of Christ, when - above the national organization of the Hebrew people - there were secret societies of Pharisees, Sadduceans and Essenes, diputing for the control of Israel. Israel, the sect-people, is something much complex than those who have not studied it deeply suppose; that is why it is so dangerous when the civil or ecclesiastical rulers, forced by pressures exerted by Hebrews and deceived by their agents in the Christian institutions, give dispositions in favor of the Jews without making a careful study on the problem. Before arriving at any resolution, it would be wise to study the Jewish problem carefully, in order to avoid the risk of making agreements that may cause harmful and tragic result for the Church and the whole mankind.

To end the descriptive picture of the Jewish organization, we must mention that aside from the national organization itself, there are differences of a religious kind that in other times provoked internal fights among the Jewish people, such as those between the Karaites against the Talmudists, and between the Orthodox and the Reformers and others.

To prevent such religious differences and conflicts from weakening Judaism, a Universal Synodus or Congres was called in Berlin in 1889, where through ardous negotiations between the antagonistic parties, an agreement was reached to establish a regime of religious freedom in World Judaism permitting different ways of conceiving Israel's religion, while at the same time permitting all Hebrew factions in the jewish municipal, regional, national or international governments.

In this way World judaism - in spite of its different antagonistic factions - retain its unity through these form of government, whose Kahals have become real parliaments in which all religious or political factions are represented.

The Hebrew adjust their quarels and controversies there, and present a united front against what they call the gentile enemies, that is to say, all the other people on earth upon whom Judaism declared war many centuries ago, and against whom it is permanently in a state war - a hidden war of conquest, where the victims of the aggression in most cases do not even see the secret enemy who has declared war against them, and who is mercilessly exploiting to conquer and enslave them, as ordered in the Talmud and the Jewish Interpretations of the Bible.

Israelites of different religious shades: Orthodox, Conservatives, Reformers or Liberals, Karaites or of sects of minor importance, coincide, nevertheless, in their fanatical imperialist nationalism and their interpretation of the Bible, to the damage of the other nations.

Even Jews who lost all belief in God, and fell into Atheism and Materialism, were kept as members of the Jewish nationality; the others respecting their views as long as they absolutely submit to the political and economic resolutions of the respective Municipal and Regional Councils and the highest authorities of Judaism.

It is wothwhile to note that materialistic and atheistic Jews, differ from the unbelievers of other religions in that they do not try to look for proselytes for their ideas among the great majority of religious Israelites, because that small minority of unbelievers continues to support the imperialistic ideals of their people, and sees that Israel's religion reinforces those imperialistic ideals in a fanatical way. So, in the interest of their national goals, they refrain from inducing others to incredulity. This minority of unbelieving and often atheistic jews participates in the communities and different councils, and nobody bothers them because of their scepticism in religious matters.

Nevertheless, it is an undisputable fact that the more religious Jews are the most fanatical ones in the imperialistic activities of their people, because their acts are excited by their religious faith, which provides them with a more powerful motive than the simple nationalism with which they are also strongly saturated.

In brief, the Jews are a people, a nation spread and infiltraded among the territories of the other peoples of the world. In the Jewish nation, as in many other modern nations, there is freedom of worship and cults, but a freedom limited to the different modalities and sects of the Hebrew religion itself. That is to say, the Israelite cannot be a sincere Christian, Moslem, or Buddhist nor a true believer of any other religion except the Jewish. But he can practice Judaism in the Karaite style, that considers the Bible - to - be - the only - source of - devine revelation, or in the style of the orthodox, Reformist or other sects that presently exist, and which where rivals in the political field, sometimes fiercely, until at the end of last century when the Universal Synodus or Congress of Berlin achieved unity among diversity, establishing that freedom of belief and Religion within the limits we have mentioned.

Despite this, nevertheless, rivalries still often appear among the different religious sects or rites of the Israelite nation spread throughout the world, which to a greater or lesser degree have political roots. Most of these struggles are kept secret by the Jewish organizations and their secret parliamentary governments, especially when a friendly solution is obtained by means of compromises or transactions. But sometimes the struggle becomes so fierce that it breaks the hermetic secrecy of Israel and reaches the outside world, where non-Jews see, without understanding, the spectacle of Jew attacking Jew. This lasts until the wise institution established by Judaism to settle such quarrels may after months and sometimes years of diplomatic arrangements - reach an agreement, as happened with the schism that tore Judaism in Stalin's times, which was solved by the Hebrew Solomon Pearl Mutter, who changed his name to the Russian one of Nikita Kruschev, the dictator of the Soviet Union, with the help of other negotiators.

Nikita Kruschev re-established the secret axis that linked the Jewish imperialism of the United States with the Social Imperialism of the Soviet Union, secretly joined for the exploitation and domain of all mankind. In order to achieve this, Kruschev naturally had to release all Jews who were in prison by Stalin's orders, including the Israelite physicians who had tried to poison him, he even turned against his former patron and teacher Stalin, removing from him the honor of being one of the four forgers of Communism

(Marx, Engels, Lenin and Stalin), and proceeded to destalinize the Soviet Union and her satellite states, only to please the world Jewish leaders of New York and to achieve the reunification of World Judaism, temporarily broken by the revolt of Stalin and his followers, in the secret world of Judaism.





Before the comming of Christ, Jews had already fixed the rules for admission of the Door Proselytes. In this matter of proselitism, racist Jews facing a serious problem: on the one hand, their false and racist interpretation of the Sacred Writtings inclined them irresistibly to refrain from converting gentiles to the Jewish religion, bacause according to them, the so-called Abraham's covenant was an agreement exclusively celebrated by God with the Patriarch and his blood descendants, who because of this agreement were considered to be God's chosen people. Under these conditions, entrance into Judaism, or as Jews say, the admission into Abraham's covenant, could only be feasible for his blood descendants because God had ordered that. Admission of gentiles to this blood agreement was impossible. The true Hebrew religion was exclusively for God's chosen people.

On the other hand, several passages of the Bible talk about converting gentiles to the religion of Israel's God, and Hebrews looked for the convenience of controlling in this way the peoples they attempted to dominate. For imperialist racists Jews the problem had, in any case, serious difficulties of theological order that they intended to solve with the establishment of the Door Proselytes, recognizing that Abraham's covenant was only valid for his blood descendants and that only the members and descendants of the chosen people could be admitted to the real Judaism. In this way, a special organization of gentiles converted to the Jewish religion, - who accepted monoteism and the basic point of Mosaism, and who were strongly controlled by the true Jews (those of Jewish blood) ignored the secrets that surrounded the real Jewish organizations - was created.

The true Jews also discriminated against the unfortunate proselytes in such a rude form, that they did not allow them to enter the temple, and they had to stay outside the door, because only the blood descendants of Abraham were allowed to enter inside the temple. This was the reason why they were called Door Proselytes, because they could only attend the divine cult from the entrance door, but never inside the temple. It is understandable that only a few people tolerated and resisted such humiliation. After the Jewish Temple and State had been destroyed by the Romans, the Israelite people dispersed throughout the world - what the Hebrew call Diaspora - did not have a uniform or constant policy. There have been times and places when it abandoned the work of recruiting proselytes of this kind. On the other hand, there have been occasion when circumstances have shown the necessity of reviving of such institutions. So, when the gigantic progress of Christianity (whose strenght was created by proselitism) put in serious danger the Judaic dreams of world domination, Hebrews though they could counter Christianity by reviving the Door Proselitism with a more subtle discrimination, because the Jews understood that humiliation of remaning outside the synagogues would discourage the recruitment of more proselytes to help Judaism in his fight against Christianity.

Thus they found a subtle way to keep the proselytes at the door of Judaism, without allowing them to enter inside and learn the real secrets, and they used a trick: they formed a peripheric organization, with synagogues and communities specially designed for the Door Proselytes, but these had nothing of the real Judaism except the name and certain rituals, festivities, ceremonies and appearances. In that way, Abraham's covenant in its exclusively racist sence - was kept as a privilege for the chosen people; at the same times gentiles were controlled, making them believe they were real Jews, so that in their fanaticism and convictions they could be used as blind instruments of the Synagogue.

Catholic civil and ecclesiastic legislation since Constantine frequently tries to prevent proselitism and same thing happened with the action of the Holy Office later. It is necessary to point out, nevertheless, that Door Proselitism, as we said, has not been a permanent nor a generalized phenomenon after the destruction of the Temple, bacause most of the converts to Judaism that the Church had to fight were Christian descendants of Israelites who practiced Judaism hiddenly, and who were baptized and educated in Christianity in their childhood (because children cannot keep secrets), but who later on, when they reached an adequate age, were secretly initiated in Abraham's covenant by their parents and received Moses' ligh. Masonic light is only a Judaic idea translated by Israelites to their badly-made thing: Masonry.

Sometimes the problem of the Door Proselytes has become complicated by the appearance of a gentile tribe or people who, sympathizing with the external appearance of Hebrew monotheism, spontaneously converted to the Mosaic religion without anyone asking them to do so. A typical example was the kingdom of the Khazars, originally pagans, whose king converted the entire nation to a SUI GENERIS Judaism, and who ruled by themselves in their own special way, with the knowledge they obtained from the religion of the chosen people.

Israelite writers say that the influenlial Jew, Abu-Joseph Aben Hasdai, in the Court Court of the Cordoba Caliph Abd-er-Rahman III, won the Caliph's confidence due to his ability as a physitian, and aquired a very high position in the government. When he knew about the existence of a Jewish Kindom with a Hebrew king he was so enthusiased that using every possible means he sent a letter to King Joseph of the Khazars, who replied with the desolating information that his people were originally pagans who had voluntarily converted to Judaism. This fact caused Aben Hasdai and other Israelites deep sorrow, because they had thought that the Khazars were one of Israel's lost tribes.

Although they were thrown out of their land by Sviatislav, the Russian prince of Kiev, the Khazars remained loyal to the adopted religion, and spread in Ukraine and neighboring places, but were systematically discriminated by Jews who never wanted to recognize them as true Hebrews because they did not have Israelite blood in their veins, until they were finally accepted as mere Door Proselytes.

In the 19th and 20th centuries, Door Proselitism has increased in those countries where Judaism, for special reasons, thought it necessary to encourage it as a means to facilitate the conquest of those nations. So we have seen it flourish in the United States since the last century. In a rabbinical conference held in Philadelphia in 1869, it was recognized that in the United States Judaism had a golden opportunity to win converts simply by taking away the obstacle of the circumcision, and the basis for the organization of proselytes were established, as a mean of more effective domination over the country.

On this matter of Judaic racism and proselitism it is necessary to distinguish two kinds of literature of Hebrew origin, as it is necessary to do it regarding everything in Judaism. The first is literature for the Christian or gentile public, intended only as propaganda to attract general sympathy toward Judaism. This does not present Judaism as it really is, but only as Hebrews wish Christians and gentile to think it is, through an exposition of problems that are divorced from reality, excluding anything that may reveal the political imperialism, the fierce racism and religious fanaticism that are the essence of modern Judaism. In these works, Hebrews are careful to eliminate the more dangerous matters that may provoke the natural anti-jewish reactions. The Jewish encyclopedias belong to this kind of literature. Although in certain questions they speak relatively clearly, they always try to cover the pure truth with appearances designed to misorient the Christian and other gentile readers without misorienting the Jewish reader, who is accustomed to these tricks and can read between the lines.

In this kind of literature, Hebrew, nevetheless, sometimes commit important indiscretions, revealing secrets that in other passages, even of the same book, they tried to cover.

By contrast, literature destined exclusively for Jewish readers speaks more clearly, and its contents are more truthful. Fortunately in writing this book we had accesss to some of the very valuable sources of Hebrew origin that belong to this last type of literature.

But going back to the matter of proselitism, we have to mention that one of the attacks against Judaism made constantly by so-called antisemite writers - who correctly be called "DEFENDERS OF MANKIND" - is that the Hebrews are a religious people who are so exclusive that they must be judged as racist.

The literature intended for propaganda, and even the encyclopedias, attempt to misorient the Christian and gentile readers about such a controversial matter, but even the best liar sometimes tells the truth because it escapes from him. In this way in the "Castillian Jewish Encyclopedia", after talking about proselitism extensively while trying to hid the real meaning of it, makes a very revealing confession, when it say: "In practice, the position of the proselyte was far from being the same as the native Israelite. The class of the proselytes was added to the traditional classification of the Kohanitas (priests)

Levites and Israelites (Tos.Kid.6.1) that in order of precedence they are placed in certain rabbinical enumerations even after the bastards and the netinim, slaves of the Temple (Hor. 13a)".

All of us know the tremendous situation of the adulteress, and the bastard children of Judaism, so the humiliation and discriminatory state in which proselytes were held, being considered inferior to the bastards (children of adultery) and the mentioned temple slaves, is obvious.

On the reluctance of the Jews to make real proselytes, Christ, the utmost authority for Christians, left an incontrovertible testimony, when he accused the Hebrew leaders of his time saying: "WOE TO YOU HYPOCRITE SCRIBES AND PHARISEES, BECAUSE YOU GO AROUND THE SEA AND THE EARTH TO MAKE A PROSELYTE". (St. Matthew's Chapter 23, Verse 15).

But to know about the real situation of proselytes in modern Judaism, it is necessary to resort to the Talmud, the highly authoritative secret book of the Israelites.

On this regard, the Talmud established this rule in two of its important treaties: "DO NOT TRUST A PROSELYTE, NOT EVEN IN THE TWENTY-FOURTH GENERATION" (Babylonic Talmud, Sanhedrim treaty 106 a and Niddah Treaty 61 a).

This rule must be considered as definitive, because the Talmud has for Jews the authority of "truth revealed by God" that cannot be modified by men.

So to the naive opportunists have illusory hopes when they convert to Judaism and enter into the communities and synagogues of Door Proselytes now called "spiritual Jews", organized only in places where blood Hebrews, the true ones, think that it would be useful to enlarge the circle of blind and unconditional instruments in order to guarantee their conquest of those countries, as in the United States for example.

These deceived people may wait 600 or 700 years until twenty-four generations pass, and their descendants will not be allowed entry inside the real synagogue. They are the pariahs of Judaism, and their organization is an inferior to those for Jews of stained blood, and may be compared with Masonry and other bourgeois secret societies, or with the communist parties led by Moscow, destined to enlist gentile beasts to use them as instruments in the imperialist and revolutionary plans of Judaism.

The only difference is that proselytes are even more throughly fooled, believing that they are real Jews, and that they are enrolled in the true organizations of the synagogue, to manipulate them better.

One of these proselytes who wanted to learn the secrets of Judaism finally received the most tremendous disillusionment: We refer to the famous French Aimé Polliere, who admired and loved the religion of Israel so much that he renegated from Christianity and insistently asked to be admitted to the synagogue.

He proved his loyalty to the new faith with jealous and active actions in favor of Zionism and by his published writing in favor of the Jewish cause, with a fervor and loyalty worth of a better cause; but when he noticed that something was hidden behind the scene and he wanted to investigate the real organization of the synagogue, he was brutally disillusioned by his new Hebrew brothers, who made him see that "he did not have Jewish blood and Judaism was a question of blood". So great was the disillusionment of this admirer of the Hebrew religion, that he wrote a book called: "The Unknown Sanctuary".

The Israelite Simon Goldberg, pronounced a tremendous speech against the former catholic converted to Judaism in the issue of June 1st, 1928 of the "Jeunesse Juive" (Jewish Youth) telling him: "Mr. Palliere, you are not Jewish, the Jewish people has physical and psychical feature that cannot be acquired"....."None of your ancestors bequeathed you our people's blood"......

"Do not become hateful and continue your way. Simply remain, in the shade of a sanctuary unknow for you".

This is the sad situation of the Door Proselytes now called "spiritual Jews", that is to say, those who although they do not have Jewish blood in their veins want to become Hebrews. They remain in the shadow of a sanctuary unknow to them, serving only as blind instruments.





Secret Jewish circles that must be of pure blood are a kind of aristocracy of Israel, that operates hiddenly inside Judaism, so that persons of impure descent and plebeians do not feel offended and discriminated against families who carefully keep their genealogic trees belong to these circles; those trees go back to the different Hebrew kings or other Biblical personages. This division between Jews of pure blood and those of blood mixed with gentile pigs appears in some Israelite communities, but I cannot either affirm or deny that it is a general rule of Judaism, bacause of lack of proofs.

Outstanding among the aristocratic lineages are those who say they descended directly from king David. Their genealogic trees are carefully kept by the synagogue, because it is supposed that the Messiah, the conqueror of Universe, will have to come from this stock. He, according to orthodox Judaism, will definitively establish the command of Israel over all the world.

Reformist Judaism and other Israelite sectors believe that the Messiah is a mere symbol and that the Jewish people itself is the Messiah, which by its own effort, with God's help, will conquer the world.

Other outstanding aristocratic lineages are the Cohanim and Levites who descend directly from the acient sacerdotal caste. It is necessary to explain, nevertheless, that many Hebrews have tried to falsify their genealogic trees to give their names a supposed ancestry. These can maybe deceive gentiles and plebeian Jews, but not the high hidden circles leading the sinagogue - very secret circles of the initiated where no Jews of blood stained by mixtures is admitted. Mixtures of Israelites with other peoples originated in the mixed marriages that are considered as a mortal threat to Judaism by Hebrew authorities as distinguished as Rabbi David Kirshenbaum, of the "B'nai Moses Bem Jehuda Congregation", London, Ontario, Canada, who in his interesting book called "Mixed Marriage and the Jewish Future" tells Jewish parents that by practicing carefully the family religious rites and ceremonies they make their children feel a natural aversion to mixed marriages and thus preserve the integrity and strenght of the Hebrew people. This makes the parents responsible for the cancer such marriages represent, because they disregard the fulfillment of the family ritual and claim to heaven when their children marry either Christians or gentiles. It is too late, when they go to the Rabbi angrily to complain about the horrible treason their children wish to commit, and the Rabbi declares that the negligence of the parents and disregard for strictly Jewish family life is the real cause of their children's behavior. The Bible and Talmud say that in Judaism the marriage of Israelite and gentile is forbidden, unless it is authorized to allow Jews to gain control of important political, economic or social positions.

But race crossing by Hebrews, effected despite these prohibitions, with all the various peoples in the world, has made Israelites genetically similar to the aboriginal populations, and as many different local types of Hebrews have appeared through millenniums as these are peoples with whom they have mixed. That is why there are: white, blond, brunette, mongolic and black Jews, etc., according to the country they have lived for 500, 1000, 2000 0r more years. On many occasions, bachelor Hebrew traders or adventures made very long journeys, and there were no Jewesses, they had to marry the women of the country where they settled. In other cases, the constant failures and defeats that the Israelites suffered repeatedly during thousands of years of wars, revolts, and conspiracies resulted in the Jewish fugitives fleeing from the gentile victors became dispersed to far away countries, where as there were no Jewesses, they similarly had to marry gentiles of the place in which they settled.

Children from such marriages were initiated by their fathers into Judaism and received into Abraham's covenant, but in order to avoid marrying among brothers, and as an exception of major force, hybrids were authorized to marry natives, so that the grand-children, when they were initiated into Judaism, had more of the native blood and racial features than of their Hebrew ancestors. By law, among the Israelite people, the transmission of Judaism can only be made through the mother, but the instances mentioned above by Jewish historians prove that since centuries ago there were exceptions to the general rule, as there are in our days.

In this way the Israelite communities in the farest places of Asia, Africa, Oceania, and Spanish and Portuguese America were formed, where the "marrano" of Spanish or Portuguese origin, who were publicly catholic and practiced Judaism in secret, once they were discovered by the Inquisition had to flee to the mountains if they wanted to escape from fire.

In such far away places, where there were no other "marranos", the fugitives has to marry Indians, as also did their children so from California to Patagonia. So in the Latin American countries, we find secret communities which Hebrews call "Jewish Indians", whose members openly practicing Catholicism, but who had a decisive in fluence in the masonic revolutions of the 19th and 20th centuries. They have been the cause, in most cases, of the virtually chronic state of civil war which has persisted in Latin America since her independence.

It must be emphasized, nevertheless, that many of the "marranos" communities of underground Jews presently existing in Spanish America and Brazil, descend from crypto-Jews that escaped from the Inquisitorial persecutions, and remained without mixtures with the aboriginal population. Those have the classic Jewish type ranging from the white and and blond to the brunette of the present Spanish and Portuguese "marranos".

The "Castillian Jewish Encyclopedia" say that in the formation of the very different types of Hebrew existing everywhere in the world, in addition to the mixture of races, other important causes had influence. "The final product, nevertheless, does not depend only on the genetic factors. The physical or anthropological features also depend on the climate and many other factors".

This can explain why even in families that boast because they are of pure blood, through millenniums there has been forming different types similar to those races that gave hospitality to them, although some of the distinctive aspects of what Israelites call the Judaic racial type are kept more loyally; this type frequently appears among those Jews of stained blood.

There are contradictory opinions of the different Hebrew writers as to whether there is a Jewish race or not, according to their opinion is more political than scientific and vice versa. Those who analyze the problem form a purely scientific point of view doubt the existence of a Hebrew race or even deny it. They talk about the different racial groups that compose the Jewish people spread throughout the world, but we wish to clarify that among the books of Israelite authors we could consult, the political opinion prevails, as frequently occurs among the leaders of Judaism who disregard the scientific reality and try to impress on the Hebrew communities the love and loyalty to the race, the Hebrew superiority over the rest of races, creating a theologically-based imperialist racism.

The high initiates in the Jewish Cabala translate the theological racism into a pantheistic racism, and deify the Jewish race. They take their paranoic delusions of grandeur to incredible levels, and have fanatized all the Hebrew people and its leading classes, giving them a surprising energy and perseverance in their millenary struggle for domination over the world.

To complete the proofs already given regarding the previous chapters, we insert in full what one of the Cohanim says in this regard. Because he is a Cohanim he is accepted in the most secret circles of high initiated of pure blood of Judaism. He is the highly prestigious and authoritative - in the Hebrew world - writer Cadmi-Cohen, who in his famous work "Nomades" says: "In the future of the race as in the semitic character there is such a surprising firmness and immortality. Is that firmness explained because of the absence of mixed marriages? But, where can we find the cause of this reluctance for the man or women who are not of the race? Why that permanent negative?....As the consonants of their language the Semites appear since the first appearance of the race with their character clearly specified, with dry and poor forms that cannot either increase or diminish and hard as diamond that scratches all things and is not scratched by anyone. 'I am who I am', said the Eternal. The Eternal, the race is eternal. Its essence is one, not differentiated. One in time, stable, eternal....That is why the blood running in their veins has maintained its primitive force and the passing of the centuries will do nothing bu reform the value of the race, that is definitely the predominance of the "jus sanguinis" on the "jus solis".

Here the bare, rude, imperialistic racism of the Jewish people is shown. That racism that in the peripheric spheres maintains the form of an imperialistic monotheism based on the false interpretation of the Bible and Talmud, but which in the high circles of the cabalist Hebrew takes form of an imperialistic pantheism that practically deifies the Hebrew people and the Jewish race. The world has never before seen such an implacable and totalitarian imperialism as that the Israelite sect-people.

In their fight against other racisms, Jews act hypocritically, because their only intention is that the other racisms should disappear so that theirs might prevail.


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