The People's Resistance Movement,
The Christian Alternative!

In the name of the Father, and of the Son, and of the Holy Ghost. Amen.

The satanic enemies of GOD and the people. Represented by marxist state capitalism, liberal capitalism and zionism in collaboration with the international masonic order, have infiltrated the Church with the purpose of destroying our Christian Civilisation and replacing it with the materialistic life philosophy and mammonism. It is our intention that we true believers and followers of our Master Jesus Christ declare Holy War against the enemies of GOD in our Universal Christian Church and in society, with the purpose of preventing secularisation and in this way make the people truly free. Join us today, the time is now. Become a crusader and defend your FAITH: Jesus, Mary, and the Teaching of the Church.

Why The People's Resistance Movement, The Christian Alternative! Has been created, its fundamental principle, its plan of action.

The Western worlds is essentially Christian, founded and organised under the auspices of Christianity. Our Traditions and civilisation, the sum total of the traditions and cultures common to the principal races that composes our people - are Christian. Undoubtedly Our Is A Christian Civilisation. Its is precisely because they are based on the principles of Christianity that the Western nations have progressed economically, socially and morally, rapidly and efficiently, and only as long as they remain based on those principles will their greatness endure. However, political moves and social changes are now taking place which, tending to throw the - Western world off its traditional course, are rapidly weakening our institutions and threaten to end in chaos and anarchy. The very Christian foundation, its economic structure, its philosophy and its moral today are being attacked by foes WITHIN- WORKING for masters WITHOUT. These are alien-minded organized minorities, all bound to the racist-Zionistic masonic order of the Bīnai Bīrith-which they indifferently propound as Marxist state capitalism, liberal capitalism, New Age, etc. - and whoes sole intent is to replace, for their own benefit and that of some international scheme, our western society based on Christian solidarity, cooperation and justice, with a classless community founded on a pattern of ATHEISTIC- MATERIALISTIC-MAMMONISTIC Collectivism. They are remarkably well organized and highly financed; tons of printed materials supplemented by a vast network of spoken subversive propaganda are at their disposal. They have created hundreds of subversive organisations with thousands of branches throughout the Western World, all wolves in sheep's clothing, all camouflaged in altruistic terms, and through them they have succeeded in installing their agents in a majority of our vital intuitions. In their nefarious endeavour to zionize the Western World they have enlisted,whereever they could, the services of Christians, who for the lure of the limelight, have broken with Christian Traditions. Those willing servants- politicians and citizens in high stations of Goverment, public life, education, the press and the pulpit- are parading under the false mask of LIBERALISM. Through their advertising and financial control they influence the editorial policies of the press, TV and radio; using deliberate misrepresentation they picture world events not as they are in reality but as they want the public to see them. By this means they mould public opinion to suit their purposed, through control of the motion pictures they further mislead the people, undermine their morale, distort and befog public opinion as they see fit, for a few clever films can undo in a short time all the good learned over years in the home the Church and the school. Thus, by these means and numerous others, the alien-minded, anti -Christian minorities intent in destroying our most valued institutions have already brought discord and confusion into our personal and public life. There is hardly a man or a woman in the Western world who does not sense that something fundamental has gone awry in their country. And it ought to be clear today to every christian-minded citizen that if we as a people are to remain happy, prosperous and contented it will be necessary for us forever to put and end to racist-Zionistic experiments and to reestablish our original Christian form of life. The fight is between the champions of Christian Order and the racist-Zionistic satanic order. It is in order to enlist all Christians united in purposes that are truly Christian in that necessary crusade (HOLY WAR) against the anti-Christian forces of racist-Zionistic Satanism that our association, the People's Resistance Movement, The Christian Alternative! has been founded.


The People's Resistance Movement, The Christian Alternative! is a theocratic political movement. The theocratic movement is not on the right or left side of today's corrupt politics but is based on a christian foundation (Teaching of the Church). The movement is universal in scope as it proposes to unite in a common front all Christians worthy of the name for the defence of their cultural inheritance.


Christians who agree with the purposes of the organisation as defined below and who are willing to dedicate themselves to the preservation and furtherance of these purposed and principles are eligible for membership. The movement is a membership non-profit organisation.


The aims and objectives of the movement may be summarised as follows:

To uphold the spirit and ideas of CHRISTIANITY.
To promote patriotism and true Christianity as opposed to racist Zionism.
To safeguard the principles of Liberty as fully enjoyed under the restraining discipline of Christian Teachings.
To fight Marxist state capitalism, liberal capitalism, masonry and all other un-Christian ideas.
To prevent the infiltration of our government by alien practices.
To oppose the dissemination of racist-Zionistic propaganda in the Western world which is intended to influence citizens against Christian Tradition.
To expose and combat any anti-Christian subversive propaganda in the school, the press, the radio, the TV, the movies and any other educational media
. To expose and combat racketeering all forms as well as dishonest leadership, job trusts and minority rule in society.
. To seek the solution and strive for a peaceful solution to social problems.
. To demand that every man/woman be guaranteed the right of earning his/her living by his/her work.
. To demand - while reaffirming our belief in the right to personal property- that Labour be given a more equitable share of the Nation's income as compensation for its work.
. To oppose government by wilful minorities.
. To stigmatise politicians who seek office and power by stirring up class hatred.
. To oppose re-election of public servants who break their pledges.
. To oppose the racist-Zionistic satanic HIGH FINANCE controlled by the masonic order of the B'nai B'rith, who are working for the enslavement of every nation and race to their banks, through their loans, high interest rates and tax rates imposed on citizens to control them, and promoting and forcing the "NEW WORLD ORDER" upon the world. Because of the racist-Zionistic High Finance experiments, 60 million people are dying every year, most of them children. The alternative is clear: we Christians will forbid every high interest loans! Instead of loans, people have to learn to save money. In this way we eliminate inflation.

And in order to better accomplish these purposes

to ascertain and publish theocratic political facts and to keep citizen informed of developments (in the world) that may become dangerous for Christianity by means of pamphlets, bulleting and other publications.

Let us devote some time every week to co-ordinating the efforts of our friends and neighbours to take a stand against exploitation.

ACT NOW - to secure a future for your sons and daughters. DON'T WAIT - until you, and your country are enslaved economically by the racist-Zionistic High Finance, NEVER to be regained. Only your fighting spirit and personal effort can win this ' OUR BATTLE FOR SURVIVAL', against the racist-Zionistic and satanic "NEW WORLD ORDER TOTALITARIANISM".


Make copies of this advertisement and spread the copies among your relatives, friends, co-workers, students and ask them to have it run in their local newspapers.


To join us you must send us a mail to the following address:

Take care to tell us what it follows:

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  4. TELEPHONE NUMBER (indispensable)