In the face of the revolutionary activity of this network of secret societies led by Jewry, which endangered Holy Church, the Christian states and the whole existing order of that time was threatened and set about building up an effective defence. Several Popes were effective one after the other in this task, and especially the great Innocent III, Domingo de Guzman, Francis of Assisi, the 3rd and 4th Ecumenical Lateran Councils and other provincial synods distinguished themselves.

The most astounding thing about the matter is that, in the organisation of this effective defence, a free-thinker, an unbeliever and bitter enemy of Pope Innocent III participated, since he realised that Europe was close to falling into the bloody claws of the Jews and their heresies. We are speaking of the German Emperor Frederick II, who on the one side fought against the Papacy, but on the other side was so spiritually with his time and far-sighted and correctly evaluated the great deadly danger which hung over the European nations. Frederick II was perhaps more concerned to save his people than the Church, but fortunately he was conscious of this deadly threat and did not disturb the work of defence, but supported it energetically and successfully. May all German patriots, who today fight against the beast, follow his example, and even if there are also unbelievers among them, may they not nevertheless strike out on the false disgraceful path of the Nazis and turn against the Christians. The edicts of Emperor Frederick formed to a great extent the foundations for the Inquisition court and were later recognised by the Popes. The decisive intervention of this unbelieving enemy of the Papacy proves to us that not only was the Church threatened but Europe itself, and that the Inquisition court was indispensable for preserving Europe from falling under the rule of Jewish Imperialism. Our present situation is just as serious as in the 12th century, even more dangerous if one reflects that today neither the hierarchy of the Church nor the civil rulers pay heed to the danger and arm for defence, as if they wore a bandage before their eyes, or as if a similar crisis like that occasioned by the Jewish Cardinal Pierleoni was played out in the high hierarchy, which apparently is much undermined by the “Fifth Column”, which resolutely with all means scatters sand in the eyes of those who could save the Church and Christianity.

Before we investigate the defensive measures adopted against Jewry and its heresies in the Bulls of various Popes and in the 3rd and 4th Ecumenical Lateran Councils, we will in this chapter briefly summarise these measures.

Since the Jews sought with all means to destroy Europe and did not allow the smallest opportunity to escape them in order to conquer and subjugate the Christian peoples, measures were naturally seized upon to prevent these aliens and traitors from causing further harm.

The most important thing was to prevent their close connection with the Christians, for only thus could they deceive them and infect them with decomposing doctrines. For this purpose the laws of the Holy Church Councils were to be strictly followed, which had already arranged this division over centuries. These laws were in fact in force, but in several regions had fallen into oblivion, and it sufficed to summon the civil and religious authorities to observe them. Later new laws were passed by the Ecumenical Councils, which declared universally authorised and obligatory the prescription that the Jews should wear a sign on their clothing, so that the Christians could recognise them and protect themselves from deception and deceit. If a Jew who wore the sign attempted to preach a heresy or the overthrow of the social order, no one listened to him, for they knew that they were dealing with a deceitful Jew, about whose falsity the faithful were constantly warned from the pulpit. The clergy were reminded through the ritual and the liturgy, where there were repeated references to Jewish falsehood. Among this fell the entire revolutionary heretical activity, the infiltration into the clergy of the Church and completely generally the wickednesses which distinguished the actions of the Hebrews in Christian society. Accordingly for defence the obligatory Ghetto was erected and the Jews compelled to dwell in a fixed part of the city. They were forbidden to live with the Christians and to pervert them with their destructive doctrines and intrigues. For the same reason they were excluded from the craftsmen’s guilds, the rising universities and fundamental institutions of Christian society, which were thus freed from their domination. As a result, the Jews were prevented from abusing to bring to a successful conclusion their frequent conspiracies against Holy Church and against the unfortunate peoples who had opened their frontiers to them and had bade them hearty welcome.

Put briefly, the Church and its shepherds set themselves to fulfil their duty and to preserve their sheep from the cunning wolf, just as Christ commanded. At the present time, the “Fifth Column” in the supreme hierarchy of the clergy wishes to attain that at the current Vatican Council II certain reforms - which it represents as apparent improvements — are approved, which are intended to deliver the sheep to the wolf. For in secret they wish to make easier the victory of Communism and prevent the peoples from defending themselves against the imperialism of the Jews and their perverse conspiracies. They attempt to achieve that vague theses about uniting of the peoples or churches are set up by the Council, which later Communism, Jewry and its accomplices and agents in the Catholic clergy can misuse. While Holy Church and the Christian states undertook the former mentioned measures in order to make impossible the revolutionary activity of the public Jews or nevertheless at least to make it difficult, their attention was also especially directed at the problem of the secret Jews (Jewish heretics) and their revolutionary movements (various heresies).

Since the secret Jews appeared in public as honest Christians, lived outwardly as devout Catholics and even joined themselves to the clergy, in the course of centuries their Jewish origin had fallen into oblivion, and it was therefore very difficult to discover it. Since they were represented in all realms of religious, political and social life, they were far more dangerous than the Jews who publicly admitted to their religion. On the other side, the heretical sects also founded by them were just as secret as their Judaism, for the heretics lived outwardly like Catholics. Their organisations and gatherings were strictly secret. Like their concealed leaders, the secret Jews everywhere undermined Christian society, without the Church or the state being able to prevent it. Only when the conspiracy was ripe and strong enough in order to carry out the decisive stroke, did the sect cause one of those bloody revolutions to break out which caused mediaeval society to shudder. If it had not been completely defeated, then the catastrophe which faces the world today would already have occurred several centuries earlier. This sore must be expunged, if the peoples wish to live in peace, the Church and Christian society to save themselves, and the nations not to fall into the hands of the Jews. Everyone understood that one could only proceed against this network of secret organisations with a likewise secret organisation, which would destroy all arms of the octopus and especially the head, clandestine Jewry. Thus the institution of the Holy Office of the Inquisition was set up.

At first the Popes left the hearings to the Bishops. Since, however, the Prelates were concerned with affairs in their dioceses and little time was left to them, they could not devote sufficient time to this task. Experience taught that the Bishops’ Inquisition was ineffective, since in addition it lacked the required coordination. Secret Jewry had spread over the entire Christian world, and likewise its revolutionary heresies. The enemy represented a supranational or international — as we call it today — organisation, and it was therefore impossible to combat it with local institutions. The civil courts could on account of the reasons mentioned not attain the intended goals, for they were not in connection with the corresponding authorities in the other states. As a result it was impossible for them to carry out a general repressive action, indispensable against such a foe.

With this splitting up of Christianity into several states — some of them dumbly rivalling with one another — the Papacy was the sole connecting link, the sole super-national institution which could face such a sizable enemy. The Papal Inquisition was therefore unconditionally necessary.

At first various Bishops, instigated by the clergy of the “Fifth Column” opposed this measure. But fortunately then the “Fifth Column” was less powerful than at the time of the Pierleonis and could not prevent the setting up of the Papal Inquisition. The examining judges were delegates of the Pope and the directorship was finally taken over by a Grand Inquisitor. Thus an organisation was created which could defeat the foe. It could also have destroyed it, if upon various occasions the Jews had not utilised the natural kindness of the Popes and abused their good faith, in order to achieve general pardoning for the secret Jews and heretics. The latter later destroyed with one blow the strenuous work of the Inquisition completed over many years. The secret Jews skilfully utilised the goodness of the Popes, in order to preserve themselves from greater catastrophes and to gather strength for a new onslaught. Because it would forgive them again and again, the secret synagogue, after the Holy Papal Inquisition had preserved Europe and Christianity for three centuries from Jewish rule, was able to deliver the blow at the beginning of the 16th century which shattered Christianity and made it possible for Jewish Imperialism from then on to make greater and greater progress and finally to threaten Holy Church and all peoples of the world with atheistic, murderous, tyrannical Communism.

As a result of that, the problem was attacked from all sides, the defence by the Inquisition was so effective for three centuries long. Experience had taught the Church that many rebels were of right faith, so that it was impossible to accuse them of heresy. However, in a strange way, in spite of their orthodoxy they provided the heretics and revolutionary movements with such valuable support that they frequently caused the Church and the Christian peoples more harm than the real heretics. In one word, these individuals worked in the ranks of the true believers together with the heretics and in favour of heresy. In our 20th century language we could say that they were a “Fifth Column” of heretical sects in the ranks of Catholicism. And still more, they bragged about their orthodoxy, in order to obtain better positions in Catholic society or in the hierarchy of the Church, which they accordingly used to carry on successful espionage for the heretics or to cause the Church injury, by their providing valuable services to the sect to which they belonged.

These individuals, who were in fact not actual heretics, but supported heresy and its adherents in some kind of form, were described in the Church Laws and by the Inquisition as “Accomplices of the heretics” or “Accomplices of the heresies.” Their crime could be punished in the case of clergy with immediate deposing or imprisonment, confiscation of property or even with death, always according to the harm which they caused Christian society and the Church. Here we are not only concerned with a religious affair, for it was not a question of proving if the individual was orthodox or heterodox, but it was far more a pure political problem, for it had to be investigated whether the priest or layman had supported the heresy or the heretics in some kind of form. With this step the Church and the princes hit the sore point and began to dam up the revolutionary movements of Jewry and even to fully overthrow them, for then already the secret of Jewish successes was the activity of the “Fifth Column”, i.e. the accomplices of the heresies. The later remained unconditionally orthodox and rose in the hierarchy of the Church, in order to there stand by Jewry and its heresies and simultaneously with intrigues and condemnations to eliminate the true defenders of the Church. At the end of the 12th century, Holy Church and the Christian states suppressed the “Fifth Column” in all severity and could yet again, even if also only for another three centuries, defeat its deadly enemy.

In our time, on the other hand, these accomplices of heresies — cardinals, bishops and clergy of all ranks — while they boast with their orthodoxy, contribute in different ways to the advance of the Freemasonic and Communist revolutions and betray the Church and their fatherland, without their being deposed on account of their criminal activity. Simultaneously they attack with inexplicable rage the Catholic rulers who defend their lands against Communism, Freemasonry and Jewry, or condemn and discredit the anti-Communists who try to really fight against a Red dictatorship.

This was the principal reason for the successes of the Freemasons and Communists in the Catholic world. For since these successors of Judas Iscariot were not punished, their power becomes greater and greater, and they are already threatening to gain power over the entire Church. At the time of the Papal Inquisition, they were without doubt locked up, deposed from the priestly office, and in some cases reduced to the position of laity, in order to be executed. Only if freed from the “Fifth Column” could Christianity successfully ward off all attacks of the enemy. However, the defensive work of Holy Church and the Christian states was still not at an end here. There were individuals who were neither heretics nor accomplices of the heretics, but concealed them. These simple protectors, be they clergy or laymen, were severely punished. As a result, the defence of the Church and the Christian states was enormously strengthened. For when the priestly accomplices and protectors of the heresy were deposed and energetically punished, there were fewer cases of archbishops, bishops or clergy of all ranks who supported the revolutionary heretical movements, since they knew that they would lose their positions and be severely punished. At the present day an archbishop can support unpunished Freemasonry and Communism and betray the Church, for he knows that, although he aids a bloody freemasonic or Communist revolution to victory and is therefore responsible for the subsequent murders of priests and the persecution of the Church, he will continue to occupy his comfortable Bishop’s seat as if nothing has happened. We, who wish to save the Church, should reflect upon this.




So that the reader can form an idea of the alarm of the people in Europe on account of the heretical movements because of the reasons previously mentioned, we will reproduce here the opinion of the anti-Catholic historian Henry Charles Lea, who was an enemy of the Inquisition. He refers to an abbot from Langres, who was accused of heresy and whom the Pope handed over to the archbishop of Sens and the bishop of Nevers for examination. Two years later he excused himself in Rome with the following words: “He had fear at the appointed time to place himself before his judges, for the people was so much against the heresies and burned not only all heretics but also all suspects. He therefore begged for the protection of the Pope and for permission to repent of his guilt in Rome. Innocent sent him back again and commanded that the prelates should provide him a letter of conduct and grant him protection until his case had been appropriately decided.”302

These and similar facts allow it to be discerned that the demands of the Popes and princes to the people, to combat the heresies and reveal the heretics, even made difficult the harmful work of the clergy who aided these revolutionary movements, for in spite of their church offices they ran the danger of being burned alive by the mass of the people.

In this position naturally the clergy of the “Fifth Column” which had previously betrayed unpunished the Church and made easier the progress of the Jewish revolution, had to withhold their hand. Thus the “Fifth Column” had very much less opportunity to cause harm to the Church and the Christian states.

For the Church, a priest, who hypocritically supports the heresies and revolutionary anti-Christian movements was and is more dangerous than a layman. For the priest has, on account of his respected position, greater possibilities to harm the Catholic cause. Therefore the Church and Civil Law made it a duty of all the faithful to immediately denounce heretics as well as accomplices of heresies, including priests of every rank.

The writer and historian, H. C. Lea, who was against the Inquisition, quotes in this respect a very revealing case: “In the year 1318 Jean de Drasic, the bishop of Prague, was summoned to Avignon by Pope John XXII, in order to answer the accusation of being an accomplice of heresy brought against him by Frederick von Schonberg, Abbot (Stiftsherr) of Visegrad. The accusation ran that the heretics were very numerous and that among them were found an archbishop and seven bishops, who each had three hundred pupils. As far as their belief is concerned, they must have been simultaneously Waldenses and Luciferians.”303

As we see, a zealous abbot fulfilled his duty and accused at the right time that bishop of Prague, not because he was a heretic but an accomplice of heresy, i.e. because he gave himself out to be orthodox but supported the revolutionary movements. Therefore Pope John XXII, who fought against the Jews and heretics of all kinds, had the traitorous bishop arrested and sent him to Avignon, where he faced the accusation. The confirmation is also interesting, that – as also emanates from the complaint handed in by the devout abbot – there were in that region an archbishop and seven bishops who were Luciferians, i.e. who worshipped Lucifer. From this we see that the problems which Christian society had then to solve were as weighty as the present, with the sole difference that then both Holy Church and the Christian states defended themselves successfully against the enemy, while today those Communist bishops and cardinals or clergy who aid Communism and freemasonry could severely damage the Church and the peoples who believe in her and trust in her. One must recognise that Pope John XXII is worthy of all respect and all praise, for in this case, as also in others, he proceeded rapidly and energetically without discrimination against the clergy who practised treachery against Holy Church. He understood that a Luciferian bishop or accomplice of the Luciferians could cause greater harm than a simple layman. Just as today also a prelate who supports Communism can cause greater harm than a civic leader.

Lea then clearly elaborates that the Waldenses and Luciferians had shaken hands in spite of their different ideologies, and the Luciferians hoped that Lucifer would rule one day.304

This strange connection of two sects with such contrasting ideologies is comparable to the present agreement between different so-called Catholic and Socialist-Marxist parties who carry on a very suspicious game. The aim is the same. Jewry has always excelled in uniting different ideologies, in order to be able to control individuals of the most opposed disposition and diverse tastes. When they proceed against the good and wish to collect forces for the victory of their revolutions, they are compelled to conclude remarkable alliances, which often become a stumbling-block for those who do not know the secrets of Jewry. The fact is that the associations of parties of different tendencies are controlled by a secret power, concealed Jewry.

Jean de Drasic, the bishop of Prague and accomplice of the heretics, appears to have been a worthy predecessor of the Archbishop Beran of Prague, the Primate of Czechoslovakia. When the Communist Gottwald carried through his coup d’êtat, in order to introduce the Bolshevist dictatorship in Czechoslovakia, he received — to the consternation of the clergy and the Catholics of the land — the Red Leader with a Te Deum in the cathedral. In this way, and by forbidding Christians to fight against the Communist regime, he effectively contributed to strengthening the victory of the Socialist dictatorship. Even if a great part of the Czech bishoprics were horrified at the treachery and later rose against the Archbishop and Primates, the confusion which all these events had called forth in the conscience of the Catholics led to the victory of Communism. Since then Czechoslovakia has been tyrannised by the Reds, who also murdered a great number of priests and Christians.

How can it be right that, through the mode of action of treacherous priests, the true clergy are murdered and taken captive and Holy Church is persecuted? But Beran paid for his treachery. After the Communists had made use of him, they threw him into prison. What has the “Fifth Column” in the clergy to expect from a Socialist regime, in which leaders of the Soviet revolution like Trotsky, Zinoviev, Kamenev and thousands of others were later murdered by their Jewish brothers Yagoda, Beria and Stalin? It is painful to recall the mode of action of an archbishop and primate of our days. But it is even more painful that, through the Communist victory which he aided, so many faithful priests were murdered and the Church in Czechoslovakia was so infamously repressed.

Here we come back once again to the virtuous Pope John XXII. His zeal to defend the faithful against the cunning of the Devil is clearly shown in reference to Juan Muscata, the Bishop of Krakow, to whom the meritorious Pope imparted a severe reprimand, not because he was heretic or accomplice of the sectarians, but simply on account of his “indulgence and neglect, which had the effect that the heretics in his Diocese had become courageous.”305

It is easy to understand that Christians and mankind would never, with such Popes, have stood before such a catastrophe as today. Also it would then have been avoided that so many souls were lost to the Church and so much blood was shed among the Christian peoples. It may appear strange that there were bishops and archbishops who were Luciferians or accomplices of the Luciferians, just as it also appears remarkable today that there are cardinals or bishops who are secret Communists or support atheistic Communism, even when they are themselves of right belief. What possibilities had then a man who entered very young into the priestly class, rose in the hierarchy up to archbishop or cardinal and passed his whole life in the service of Christ, to succumb to such confusions? What kind of interest could he have had then to support the cause of Luciferianism, and today to help the victory of the atheistic, priest-murdering Communism to victory? This problem was thrown up by the Christians of all times. The enemy could assert that the Luciferian errors were the truth and the Church was in error, and therefore many priests of the highest ranks supported the former. However, this is not only completely absurd, but we have already explained and proven through facts that the Jewish fanatics in the clergy in fact gave themselves out as Christians, but in the bosom of the clergy carried out the most perverse sabotage in favour of Jewish interests or their revolutionary activity. On the other hand, this is the normal activity of all “Fifth Columns” in the world. The most important among them is that of the secret Jews, because it exists already a thousand years and is represented everywhere in the world. When the Inquisition was able to successfully investigate cases of this kind, it transpired that these priests of high rank who spread the most terrible heresies or supported them, were secret Jews or in our modern language priests of the “Fifth Column” of Jewry. That is really the most logical explanation for many, astonishing and scandalous cases.

We are certain that, if today there existed a court with such effective methods of examination as the Inquisition then, it would be known that many of those cardinals, archbishops, abbots, prebendaries, priests and monks are Jews, who so expressly and zealously — even if also hypocritically — aid the progress and triumph of freemasonry and of Communism or so fanatically and successfully defend the Jews, as they have never done in the case of Holy Church. It is difficult to understand that men who have devoted their whole life to the sacred calling of the priest could aid in good faith such objectionable, openly criminal movements opposed to the Christian faith and every moral norm. The most logical thing is that it is a question of a couple of those Jewish plotters who favour these movements and who belong from their youth on to the clergy as members of the “Fifth Column.”

If a Jew (Pierleoni) could become cardinal and could conquer the throne of St. Peter’s, then it is not remarkable that those who rise today in the hierarchy of the clergy use their office to facilitate the victory of the Jewish revolutions and to destroy the defence of the Church, just as their predecessors in the Middle Ages have done and as was proven by the Inquisition and the civil and church authorities of that time.

In fact it was more the activity of the treacherous priests than those of the aggressive heretics which compelled the Holy See to set up the effective Papal Inquisition. The Pope perceived that the heretics represented the greatest danger for the Church and the Christian peoples and especially dangerous were those who remained apparently orthodox or supported the revolutionary movements.

Henry Charles Lea, the renowned historian of the Inquisition, who bases himself upon Chronicles, Archives and contemporary documents, asserted: “It was diversely said that the Inquisition was founded on 20th April 1233, when Gregory (IX) published the Bulls and made the persecution of heretics the principal task of the Dominicans. Really the direct cause seems to have been the punishment of priests and other clergy who were accused of supporting the heretics and teaching them how they could escape examination by concealing their faith and feigning orthodoxy...”

The other Bull is directed against the abbots and monks of the “Order of the Inquisitorial preachers.” Allusions are made to the damned sons who defend heresy, and then it is stated further: “Therefore shalt thou and every other who have power where they preach, if they do not upon admonishing leave off from this defence (of heretics), and rob the clergy of their privileges, proceed against them and the rest without mercy, in case of need request the lay order to aid and overcome all hindrances without consideration by means of Church censure.”306




The Pope had struck a sore point. A special organisation had to be created, which uncovered the traitorous activity of the seemingly orthodox clergy who in different ways and means supported the revolutionary movements, which then revealed themselves as heresies. For this he made use of a group of idealistic fighters, who were exclusively to devote themselves to the combating of the revolutions. First of all he chose the Dominican monks, to whom later the Franciscans were added.

The prelates were busy with the affairs of their Dioceses and had not enough time for this kind of activity. The same held for the secular clergy. On the other hand the idealistic monks of the Dominican and Franciscan orders, who had made a vow of poverty and zealously defended the Church and Christianity — a remarkable fact in the then clergy, which in general was apathetic and complacent as also in our time — were suited for the great struggle of the Church against the Jews and their heresies.

These monks, who had abandoned the world and riches, the Jews with their principal weapon, bribery, could not bring under control, in order to destroy the defence which the remaining peoples had built up against them over the course of centuries. The Jews were successful in buying for themselves at enormous prices favourable prescriptions from kings, nobles and respected members of the secular clergy. However, the Pope was certain that their attempts with the monks, who in addition had praised poverty, lived in communities without every luxury and were subjected to strict chastity and sacrificial discipline, would fail. The resolution of the Holy See could not have been cleverer and more appropriate. In addition, Francis of Assisi and Santo Domingo de Guzman had founded their meritorious orders in order to preserve Holy Church from the catastrophe threatening it and had for this purpose provided it with a corresponding organisation. Admittedly there existed previously a Bishops’ Inquisition and also a kind of Papal one, but Henry Charles Lea asserts correctly that the final Papal Inquisition arose through the Bulls which commissioned the beggar monks with it.

Another pressing problem related to the monks, who filled the whole day with prayers and activities which were prescribed to them by the rules of the order, and spent their whole time with these devout duties, so that they could not effectively fight against the anti-Christian forces. The Popes grasped this serious problem and allowed the Inquisitor monks to specialise in this kind of activity and to spend the necessary time on conducting the deadly struggle against the Jews and their satellites of other heresies, even if as a result the time for prayers and the rest of the duties laid down by the rules of the order became very much contracted. This skilled measure placed legions of monks directly in the service of defence of the Church. Their activity was decisive for their victory over the forces of Satan.

In addition the Pope gave the Inquisitor monks full authority, so that they could overcome the resistances, which were always enormously large, since the “Jewish Fifth Column” in the clergy did not allow itself to be overthrown without violent resistance. He also gave them the possibility of receiving support from the lay class (laity), i.e. the civil authorities, so that if necessary it could be attained with force what was not possible through persuasion. As is known, Francis of Assisi and Santo Domingo de Guzman founded their beggar orders in spite of the resistance of certain bishops and contributed effectively to perfecting this distinguished defensive-network, which preserved Holy Church and the European peoples, during the three centuries when the Popes in general maintained this condition, from being subject to Jewry.

It is, however, noteworthy that besides some suspect bishops who were against the founding of the Franciscan and Dominican orders and also later against the institution of the Holy Inquisition, the overwhelming majority of prelates — full of virtue and zeal for the defence of Christian order — furthered the origin of these institutions and welcomed them. It is only natural that the “Jewish Fifth Column” in the clergy has attempted to prevent Holy Church from building up a defence which should destroy and prevent the “Fifth Column” from causing further harm. But all lies, cunning and slander of the “Fifth Column”, all their efforts and intrigues before the Popes and the Councils to prevent such a defence and to denigrate and to destroy the true defenders of Europe and Christianity, failed completely in face of the firm conduct of the well-orientated Popes Innocent III, Gregory IX, and John XXII. Hence the embittered struggle could once again end with the victory of Holy Church and the defeat of the synagogue.

In order to discern the great importance of this victory, we need only to compare the gloomy 12th century and the first years of the 13th century, which were distinguished through anarchy, bloody internal struggles, the devastating crusade against the Albigensians, dark plots and constant crimes of the secret Jews and their tools, the heretics, with the rest of the 13th century, which after the lasting victory of Catholicism passed with justice into history as the “golden era of the Church”. This was possible due to the effective defensive measures which the European peoples carried out, under the leadership of the Holy See, in the struggle against the “Synagogue of Satan”. If these measures had not been effected, the 13th century would have taken on the disastrous features of the gloomy 20th century, when Jewry and its present day heresies, freemasonry and especially Communism, are close at hand to strangle humanity with their claws. Also the activity of the laity was very dangerous for Holy Church and Europe. They pretended, to be unconditionally orthodox and in some cases even enemies of heresy, however stood secretly in connection with it and supported the sectarians and their revolutionary enterprises in the ranks of the orthodox, to whom they caused great harm.

The accomplices of the heretics were without doubt the forerunners of those apparently strict Catholic worldly leaders who at the present day pretend to be loyally bound to Holy Church and utilise Christian-democratic or Catholic and Right parties, to whom they give the most diverse names, in order to promote the triumph of freemasonry and Communism. They even make use of the meritorious Catholic Action, in order to carry through their most Godless activity. At that time, these kinds of traitors who committed the crime of “helping heretics”, even though they passed themselves off as Catholics, were vigorously combated by Holy Church as “ partisans of heresy”, just like clergymen who adopted the same behaviour. The great, renowned 3rd Lateran Council, which began in 1179 in the Basilica of the same name, approved in its Law XXVI a series of measures for prevention of a close association of Christians and Jews.

It was emphatically affirmed that it was necessary to separate the Christians from the Jews, since one only allowed the latter to live among the Christian peoples “out of humanity”. Not only were the heretics punished, but also the pseudo-orthodox who supported or concealed them. In Law XXVII it is stated about the heretics: “That they no longer keep their wickedness secret but publicly spread their error and influence the simple and the weak. They and their defenders and protectors are banned, and we forbid anyone to take them into his house or do business with them. Whoever takes this guilt upon himself, will be excommunicated and can receive neither under the pretence of our privileges; nor through approval or from another reason receive sacrificial gifts of a Christian burial.”307

One thus sees that not only heretics were punished with excommunication but also all who supported or concealed them, laymen and clergy alike. This law imposed punishment for these criminals without regard to their standing or the circumstances.

The Catholic leaders, therefore, who fight in their lands to avoid being subjugated by freemasonry or Communism, are constantly betrayed. Again and again ostensibly Catholic leaders, clergy or laymen stab them in the back, men who pretend to serve the Church, but in reality promote in a hypocritical but effective way and manner the triumph of the freemasonic or Communist revolutions, or work for the dictatorships which these heretical sects could set up in many Christian states. If the anti-Communist, anti-Freemasonic and anti-Jewish leaders of Catholicism do not attack the internal enemy with the same energy and efficacy as the outer, they will finally be subjected to the “Fifth Column.”

Therefore it is not only necessary to unmask the false Catholics in the press or pamphlets publicly, but an organisation must also be created which collects proofs from which is revealed that they are accomplices of Freemasonry or of Communism. Action must then be brought against them by the Church courts on account of heresy or, if their orthodoxy does not allow this, because they are accomplices of heresy, i.e. accomplices of Communism or of Freemasonry. If the trials are published in the press in a seemly way and a commission sent to Rome with the mandate of establishing the truth, the destructive activity of this “Fifth Column” in the clergy would be hampered, and as a result it will be avoided that the good are consumed by two fires: the Jewish Left and the secret Jewish Right, which supports this Left. All political parties who defend their respective nations should therefore make special efforts, if they do not wish to fall victim to the traditional technique of the pincer movement which secret Jewry has already used for a long time. It may therefore not be tolerated that one people after the other comes under the rule of the Jews and the patriots and real defenders of Christianity are cut down. The parties should have technical advisors for the Church law, for there are countless laws of different Councils and Bulls of the Popes upon which they could support their accusations against the imitators of Judas.

At the conclusion of this Canon XXVII there is in addition a terrible punishment decreed, not only against the clergy who support the heretics, but also against those who simply “do not energetically oppose them.” This punishment consists in immediate dismissal from their offices, including episcopal sees when it is a matter of Prelates. In the sacred canon it is stated concerning the heretics mentioned: “But the bishops and priests who do not energetically show resistance to them shall be deposed from their offices, until the Holy See has mercy on them.”308 That is the conclusion of the 3rd Lateran Council, one of the most renowned Ecumenical Councils approved by the Church. If already at this Council the Bishops and Clergy who did not energetically oppose the heresies were dismissed from their offices, what punishment do those cardinals, bishops and clergy then deserve who not only show the Freemasonic or Communist heresies no resistance, but even support them in the most diverse way and manner, as well as those chiefly responsible for the successes of Jewish freemasonry and of Jewish Communism in the last centuries and are the secret immediately effective weapon of those sects, who make possible their successes? Today Christianity, if it wishes to save itself, must seize upon the same defensive measures which freed it then. If it does not do this, we are facing a certain catastrophe. It must also be stressed that the monastic orders could again play the same role in the salvation of Holy Church and of Christianity. These legions of men, who have sacrificed everything in order to serve God, can be today as in the Middle Ages the deciding factor in the victory of the forces of good. The difficulty, however, is again the same: the strict rules of the Order and prayers take up the greatest part of their time or, better said, almost all their time, and they have therefore no opportunity to participate in the struggle against the “Synagogue of Satan” and its new heresies, Freemasonry and Communism. We recognise the values of these rules and prayers. But not only the Holy Church but the whole world is on the brink of the abyss, and we are of opinion that today, as at the time of the Lateran Councils, the moment has come to make a heroic resolution. It is today urgently necessary that the rules of the order be altered as then, so that the monks can devote a part, and, if possible, the greatest part of their time to the active struggle against Communism, Freemasonry and the “Synagogue of Satan”, just as the Franciscans and Dominican-Inquisitor monks did in the Middle Ages, and later the Jesuits.

At a time when the world is on the point of perishing, when Holy Church is threatened by destruction and the monastic orders see themselves facing the danger of extinction, it is impossible that those numerous legions of most important men, who are ready to give all for God, are crippled, without participating actively in a struggle whose outcome is vitally important for themselves. Their direct participation in this new crusade could be decisive, especially if one bears in mind that that religious order is already in itself an international organisation, and that the enemies of Christ, His Church and of mankind are also organised on an international basis, and only such organisations could effectively combat them. May God our Creator provide the superiors and all other Fathers of this Order with the courage to make a decision which does justice to the circumstances, and adjust the rules of the orders to the requirements prevailing today. Naturally they will encounter cunning energetic resistance from the Jewish “Fifth Column” in the clergy and especially from the crypto-Jews infiltrated into these Orders, whose characteristic activities are perceived to a much greater extent in those which the Synagogue fears, as for example the Society of Jesus, and to a lesser extent in others. Today, as in the 12th and 13th century, the good must make zealous efforts to overcome all hindrances, and doubtless God will stand by the faithful who courageously and resolutely tackle this noble task, even if they, like Santo Domingo de Guzman and Saint Francis of Assisi, are defeated. In the sequel of this work we will — as always — on the basis of documents and sources of penetrating proof, investigate details about the infiltration of secret Jews into the monastic orders and reveal the harm which they have caused to the defence of the Church, and especially to the Jesuits.




Pope Innocent III, who is recognised with justice as one of the greatest Popes of Holy Church, undoubtedly played a decisive role in the struggle to save it from the devilish Jewish revolution in the 12th century; and at the same time he made possible the flowering of Christianity in the 13th century which is rightly called the golden age of the Church. But in order to achieve all this, it was first necessary to really fight and conquer the principal enemy of Christianity and of all mankind, the “Synagogue of Satan”, and in this realm the renowned Pope distinguished himself as with all his holy actions. It is therefore not remarkable that the Jews in their spite heap the meritorious Pope with poisonous disdain.

The Jewish leader Moses Hess, forerunner of Zionism, collaborator of Karl Marx, from whom he later separated, and who like the latter exerted a decisive influence in the Jewish world of the past century and in the development of Socialistic Jewry, writes concerning Innocent III in his work “Rome and Jerusalem” as follows: “Since Innocent III conceived his devilish plan to destroy the Jews, who at that time made Christianity accessible to Spanish culture, and compelled them to sew a disgraceful mark on their clothing, which under the rule of Cardinal Antonelli led to robbery of a Jewish boy, Rome became an unconquerable well-spring of poison against the Jews.”309

It is, however, important to remark that the same thing happened with Pope Innocent III as with many devout men who do not know the extent of Jewish wickedness. Through the intrigue of the Jews who speak of injustice and cruelty and assert that the Jews were not so bad as made out to be, they finally believe that it is not justified to fight them, which in reality was only a natural defence of the peoples attacked by them. Thus Innocent III ascended the throne full of sympathy for the Jews and in 1199 passed a succession of statutes for protection of the development of the Jewish cult and of the legal foundations of their life, their person and their property. With this policy the idea definitely played a role, which first St. Bernard and later the renowned Spanish minister Alvaro de Luna had, that one should not make the life of the Jews impossible by compelling them to convert to Christianity. Afterwards Jewry became more fearful and dangerous. It was to be preferred that they were publicly Jews and not false Christians who destroyed the Church from within. This idea ruled the policy of several Popes who practised tolerance towards the open Jews and provided them with a certain protection, while on the other side they combated with fire and sword the Jewish Christians who were secretly linked to their old religion, undermined Christianity and threatened to destroy it. But as in the case of Pius IX and other Popes, the traitorous schemes of the Jews and the proof that they were the instigators of the heresies forced Innocent III to alter his first well-meaning policy.

Like many things painful experience must have taught this great Pope, in order to bring him within a few years to replace his original policy of protection of the Jews with this “devilish plan to destroy the Jews” which respected and authorised Israelite Moses Hess attributes to his Holiness. At all events Innocent proved at the 4th Lateran Council that he was ready to combat them with the necessary energy, in order to save the Church.

In order to attain these goals, to organise the defence of Holy Church against the deadly enemies through a corresponding reform in a balanced way and to solve the problem of the Holy Land and other important questions, he summoned a new Ecumenical Council, the 4th Lateran, which up to the present day illuminates the conscience of Catholics. Besides the prelates, abbots and priors, who participated in this, the Emperor of Constantinople, the kings of France, England, Aragon, Hungary, Sicily, Jerusalem, Cyprus, as well as respected princes and ambassadors of other states were present. This general Synod was opened on 11th November 1215.

How widely those innovations and reform of the Lateran differ from those which the representatives of the interests of Jewry and of Communism wish to set through at the forthcoming Vatican Council! While the former tended to strengthen the Church in her struggle against the synagogue and its heresies, those who now hatch Jewry and Communism plan, by means of their agents in the higher clergy, to destroy the fundamental traditions of Holy Church, to make impossible to Catholics every defence against Jewish Imperialism, and to open the gates to Communism. All this naturally under the deceptive cloak of outwardly clever but deceitful demands, which have the purpose of concealing secret aims which pursue the aforementioned purpose. Under the pretence of fighting for the unity of peoples and of Christians – sublime demands which we all call good – the “Fifth Column” in Holy Church wishes to provide false bases which shall in the future make possible the victory of its age-old foes. They are not so concerned with modernising the Church, adapting it to the modem time and abolishing obsolete traditions which no longer have any justification for their existence, but they wish particularly to destroy the traditions which are the strongest support of the Church and which protect her best against the spite of her enemies. We do not oppose the reforms which make easier the fulfilment of the task of the Church and strengthen her against her worst enemies, atheistic Communism and Jewry. But we view these apparent reforms as a deadly danger, since they are directed at the opposite, i.e. the defeat of the Church in the face of these enemies who are also enemies of free mankind.

The 4th Lateran Council gave universal force to the measures approved by the provincial Synods, to the effect that Jews must be marked so that they might be distinguished from Christians. Thus it is ordered in Canon LXVIII: “So that they cannot escape or misuse this harmful mixing through a similar error, we determine that all of both sexes, in every Christian province and at all times, must distinguish themselves publicly from the other peoples through their clothing, as Moses also commanded them.”310 This Lateran Council has always most of all called forth protests and furious outbreaks by the Jews against Holy Church. Thereby they do not pay heed to the Law of Moses, which they pretend to follow so zealously, in which it is commanded them to make themselves distinguishable by their clothing, as the Holy Synod asserts. The Jews follow the Law of Moses only insofar as it appears convenient to them and do not follow what does not please them. If they are so very enraged about Holy Church on account of this Law, they must logically also be dissatisfied with Moses, who commanded it to them. But this commandment of divine providence must have its good reasons. Whoever belongs to a really honest good organisation can be proud of wearing a uniform which honours him before all the world as a member of this institution. If on the contrary he belongs to a godless association, the uniform is naturally a sign of disgrace before all people. One thus sees that the command which God laid in the mouth of Moses was based on His eternal foresight and wisdom. For, if the Jewish nation followed his commandments and acted honestly, this sign on their clothing would be occasion for honour and pride. If on the contrary they acted badly and faithlessly, then it would be a sign of shame and dishonour and would warn the other peoples of the cunning of this godless sectarian people, which was admittedly chosen by God but on account of its wickedness became the “Synagogue of Satan.” Canon LXIX confirmed the preceding Church laws and determined that the Jews should be excluded from the government offices, since they had the possibility as a result of ruling the Christian nations in a secret way and means. In this holy law it is stated: “LXIX. So that the Jews do not occupy public offices. Since it is all too absurd that the slanderers of Christ have power over the Christians, the Council of Toledo has already passed corresponding Statutes. On account of the boldness of the transgressors we renew them here in this chapter and forbid that the Jews occupy public offices, for as a result harm is caused to many Christians. If anyone tolerates this, he is, if denunciation is at hand, to be judged by the provincial council (which must take place yearly) with appropriate severity. Simultaneously the society of Christians in trade and other things is refused . . . And with shame he must leave the office which he irreverently assumed.”311

One thus sees that in this law the strict prescriptions for the division between Jews and Christians are confirmed, since coexistence, on account of the dishonesty and the godless intentions of the Jews, was always so fatal to Christians.

Canon LXVII wished to suppress the Jewish tendency — as we have already elaborated – to rob the Christians of their goods, which they usually attained in the Middle Ages through unscrupulous usurers. In this respect it is stated in this law: “LXVII. Concerning the usury of the Jews. The more the Christian religion is harmed through the extortion of the usurers, all the more increases the infamy of the Jews, and in a short time they destroy the goods of the Christians.

“So that they are not all too gravely burdened by the Jews, we dispose through a Synodic decree that: if the Jews under any kind of pretence carry on extensive excessive usury with the Christians, the Christians affected by this shall take as much from them until the excessive burden is completely repaid. Also the Christians, if an appeal is proposed by the Church censure, shall carry on no trade with them.

“And for the princes we add that the Christians for this reason may not be harmed, but they far more should attempt to prevent the Jews from such crimes.”312

As we see, this undisputed document from the records of the Lateran which alludes to the falsehood of the Jews who in a short time destroy the property of Christians, confirms yet again the Jewish tendency of snatching away their goods from Christians and pagans, which goes back to the Sacred Books, the “Talmud” and the “Cabbala”. The synagogue has been for nearly two thousand years less a temple for worship of God, but rather more the headquarters of the most dangerous, most powerful criminal band of all times. There exists no doubt that the remaining people have a natural right to defence, as they are also justified in protecting their wealth from every other robber band. No one can take this right from the peoples, not even the clergy of the “Fifth Column”, who serve God less than the interests of Jewry. How different is this Holy Lateran Council from other apparent Councils which contradicted the doctrine and the traditional norms of the Church and have been in reality heretical councils, as for example those which were admittedly called by a Pope, but were subjected to the Arian heretics, as that summoned by Witiza which we investigated in the preceding chapters. At the Lateran Council the divine dedication was clearly to be traced, for the vitally important traditions were heeded and some innovations introduced, but which only had as goal to defend the sheep against the cunning of the wolf and to combat the latter, who had principally taken shape in Jewry and its heretical movements.

Canon LXX is directed against Christians who were Jews in secret, and it is stated in this that, even if they allowed themselves to be voluntarily baptised, they did not lay aside the old man (i.e. the earlier personality) in order to become a new one. “Retaining the remains of the earlier rite, they mix the Christian religion with it. Cursed be the man who enters on two ways, who shall wear no clothes of linen and wool. (Deut. 22.) We decree that these shall be suppressed by the Prelates of the Church if they practise their old rites in any kind of form, so that those who confess to the Christian religion out of free will thereby maintain a worthy compulsion.”313

It is interesting how this Sacred Canon concords with the assertion of an authorised Jewish scripture quoted by us, that the swindlers or secret Jews had two personalities, the visible, public, Christian one, and the concealed Jewish. This diagnosis is thus visibly correct, since it is recognised by respected personalities of both disputing parties. On the other side one clearly sees that at this time the job of repressing these delinquents belonged to the bishops, i.e. the so-called Bishops’ Inquisition, which confirms the opinion of Henry Charles Lea that the Papal Inquisition arose only several years later. In addition it is dear that the revelations of many Jewish writers are inaccurate, who assert that the Jewish mock-conversions to Christianity were compelled, as here it is clearly a matter of voluntary conversions and this point is emphasised, which proves that even at that time the false conversions of the Jews were not compelled but were resolved upon because they were favourable to the interests of Jewry. This is also easily explainable, for these apparent conversions gave them great possibilities to introduce themselves into Christian society and into the clergy, to undermine its foundations and to make easier its destruction. Among other things the renowned Pope Innocent III and the authorised Lateran Council defined the doctrine of the Church and the norms to be followed. Many patriots who defend their nations or the Church against Jewish Imperialism and its Freemasonic or Communist revolutions are accused of race hatred and anti-semitism. If this renowned Pope had lived in our time and the no less renowned Council of the Lateran had taken place today, they would undoubtedly have been accused as Nazis and condemned on account of race hate and anti-semitism by those cardinals and prelates who, like those who then supported the worshippers of Lucifer and other Jewish heresies, stand today in the service of the enemies of Christ and His Holy Church. Therefore the aims planned in secret assemblies of the synagogue and of Communism are so dangerous, which wish to have the next Vatican Council condemn race hatred and anti-semitism. For if the Jewish solution is entered into, Holy Church could seem to contradict itself and assert that what it had previously held to be good is now bad. This carries the serious danger that the confidence of the faithful in it is shattered. But that is a matter of indifference to the agents of Jewry in the higher clergy, since they particularly wish that the religious faith of Catholics is shattered and the churches gradually stand empty. We are certain that the Fathers of the Council, as far as this is concerned, will proceed with greatest foresight and will study exhaustively the Papal Bulls, the Ecumenical Councils, the doctrine of the Fathers and Saints, who held the struggle against the Jews for good and necessary, in order not to envelop themselves in contradictions which fatally damage Holy Church. They will doubtless have to overcome the violent resistance of the “Jewish Fifth Column” in the clergy which has stretched out its powerful feelers after the bishops’ offices and the cardinals’ collegium. But we believe that in this, as on similar occasions, the good will triumph over the evil with the help of God.




James Finn, the English historian of the past [19th] century, writes in his work “Sephardim or the History of the Jews in Spain and Portugal” about the Jews living in both lands as false Christians: “They took on heraldic surnames, gained the Knights Cross, became bishops and even judges of the Inquisition, although they remained Jews at the same time. Orobius declared that he had come to know Jews in Amsterdam who did penance in the synagogues for their brothers, who in Spain pretended to be Franciscans, Dominicans and Jesuits.”314

This work was published by the Yard Printers in the Anglican St. Paul’s Cathedral and confirms to us the assertions of Jewish authors, who assert that the secret Jews attached themselves to the Dominican orders in order to later introduce themselves into the Holy Office of the Inquisition and to spy upon the secret organisation, which was to destroy and cripple them or at least to render their activity ineffective from within. This is another of the traditional tactics of the synagogue: they introduce themselves into the secret organisations which they should fight, in order to allow no possibility to arise of effectively struggling against Jewry. Thus they behaved with the Czarist Okrana and – so it is asserted – also with the Gestapo.

The secret Jewish infiltration into the offices of the judges of the Inquisition, as is stated in the English work mentioned, gave Jewry the opportunity of causing the struggle of the Holy Office against secret Jewry to remain without effect. In his famous “History of the Marranos’’ the authorised Jewish writer Cecil Roth reports to us the remarkable history of a secret Jew who entered the clergy as brother of the Order and also practised the cult which the synagogue dedicated to the brother Diego de la Asuncion, a secret Portuguese Jew. This cult was particularly strongly spread in the city of Coimbra. Concerning this Roth writes: “There were a considerable group of new Christians there (Marranos) who belonged to the famous university, and all or almost all remained true to the belief of the fathers. Their leader was Antonio Homen, one of the most talented men of the educated society of his time . . . Great grandson of Moises Boino (the good), merchant and Jewish physician in Oporto . . . He was brought up by his mother Isabel Nunez de Almeida, who belonged to an old Christian family. Jesuits educated him, and he studied at the university of his home city, where in 1584 he matriculated in Church law. In 1592 he obtained a position in the faculty. During the great plague in the year 1599, he provided valuable services, which brought him spiritual livings. In order to enjoy these, he entered into the Holy Order . . . In 1614 he became professor of Church law at the university. As such, he had an incomparable reputation. Various of his treatises are preserved as manuscripts. On the occasion of the proposed canonisation of Queen Isabella of Portugal, he was requested to give his attitude in 1612. Simultaneously he attained great regard as preacher and father confessor. . . When he had reached the high point of his fame as theologian, Antonio Homen nevertheless became spiritual leader of the Jewish group in Coimbra, to which various very respected personages of the university belonged. Among these were: Andres d’Avelar, lecturer in mathematics, author of various scientific works, and monks like Homen. . .”315

Then the Jewish historian whom we quote enumerates the respected professors of the university who belonged to the circle of false Catholics and reports further that a member of the Jewish circle “Francisco de Gouves, who was born in Lisbon, was promoted after brilliant studies as Lecturer in Church Law at the university of Coimbra and was also appointed as archdeacon of Vilanova de Cerveira. In addition he occupied still other lesser offices. He had already written an important book and would in a short time publish further ones. The Inquisitor General valued him greatly and particularly recommended him to the Pope.”316

With an anti-Semitic Inquisition like the Catholic one then in Portugal, the events reported to us by the Jew Cecil Roth reveal how the leader of the secret Jews of Coimbra concealed his secret Jewish activity and joined himself to the clergy of Holy Church, i.e. obtained an influential position in the enemy organisation and in this manner even became Professor for Church Law and made himself a name as preacher and father confessor. Imagine to yourselves a secret Jewish blasphemer who, in his capacity as monk, utilises the confessor’s chair for espionage! This is monstrous, but countless documents, both Jewish as well as Christian, report to us an abundance of similar cases. This was one of the reasons why many religious orders were compelled to approve the so-called Statutes for purification of the blood, in which entry into these Orders was forbidden to Catholics descended from Jews, for one had many proofs that almost all remained secret Jews. Naturally the Order of the preacher monks applied the Statute for purification of the blood in the strictest way. For since they were experienced in the struggle against Jewry, they recognised this necessity clearer than the others. As we have already seen, and authorised Jewish writers confess, however, the Jews succeeded in entering into these Orders and becoming judges of the Inquisition.

This was without doubt to be traced back to the fact that, even if in the Spanish and Portuguese Empire everyone had to provide a family tree of several generations, a great number of secret Jews were not established and this for the simple reason, because many false conversions, as we have already seen, had taken place already at least a thousand years before the working out of these family trees, and it was practically impossible to go back to such distant times.

When therefore in Portugal, Spain and their dominions, Jews were not identified in spite of the family trees going back six or more generations, one can easily conceive what may have occurred in Nazi Germany, where it was restricted to investigating only three generations. It is conceivable that countless secret Jews belonged to the Nazi government as Aryans.

The facts have proved that, in the wide overseas regions of the Spanish and Portuguese Empire, Jews were discovered by the Inquisition both in the higher clergy as also in government officials and in other realms of social life, who appeared like old Christians, i.e. as pure Catholics of Jewish origin who had everywhere admittance and also the right to occupy every kind of leading positions. We come back again to the reporting by the Jewish historian Cecil Roth concerning the organisation of the secret Jews in Coimbra (Portugal), where it is expressly stated: “Other persons also, who were connected with the university, belonged to the secret group, among whose members were found a half dozen clergy, several prominent physicians and countless priests.

“They held their religious services (the synagogue) regularly in a house of Largo das Olarias in Coimbra, and two dozen people, among them various students of the university, participated in these. They were conducted by a certain Diego Lopez da Rosa, and Antonio Homen seems to have acted as Rabbi.

“The secret was finally betrayed. On the 24th November 1619, the Inquisition took Homen captive and sent him to Lisbon, where he was to be put on trial. After four and a half years in prison, he was condemned to death as a ‘stiff-necked, unbelieving heretic.’ On 5th May 1624, he was executed by the garrotte at a public ceremony. He had not wished to confess his guilt at any price, and his body was burned, while eight lesser members of the circle (of whom one died in prison) were handed over to the worldly authority for lesser punishment. To the group belonged two priests. . .”317

In the following the Jewish historian quoted gives interesting details, and about Antonio D’Avelar, another Jew of the group, he writes: “His two sons and four daughters (three of them were nuns) were put on trial, because they adhered to Judaism. . . The scandal had a wide echo. On 30th April 1629, the Portuguese courts turned to Philip III and instructed him that, at recent burnings of heretics carried out by them, besides three monks and various Jesuits, three abbots from Coimbra had also been involved. A further six – all of whom had been appointed by the Pope – were in prison. The King was therefore requested in future to approve no livings to new Christians (i.e. Catholics of Jewish descent) or to allow them to enter the Holy Order. . .”318

The report of this renowned Jewish historian makes clear to us how a seemingly zealous monk, Professor of Church Law, famous preacher and father confessor, was not only leader of the secret Jews of Coimbra, but, as it appears, even a Rabbi of the secret synagogue in a private house. It is also revealed to us that to the secret group belonged monks, nuns, Jesuits and even abbots of the respected Church chapter.

For six centuries the Inquisition, with its effective methods of locating and uncovering such secret Jewish organisations and their infiltrations into the clergy of Holy Church, destroyed them and put them out of operation. But when the Papal and then also the Portuguese and Spanish Inquisition were abolished, the Church and Christian society saw themselves robbed of the institutions which had defended them against the disastrous infiltrations and activities of the “Jewish Fifth Column.” Thus it was possible that, from this moment on, enormous progress was made by the secret Jewish revolutions, since they now, in order to triumph, could reckon with a veritable swarm of clergy as accomplices. These made easier at first the victories of freemasonry and today those of atheistic Communism. Christianity and the whole world have need of new institutions which are adapted to modern times, but which must be equally as effective or even more effective than the Inquisition, in order to protect mankind from the strivings for conquest of Jewish Imperialism.

In the publication mentioned of the Jewish publishers in Buenos Aires, this secret Jewish infiltration into religious convents is openly admitted. In this connection it is stated: “One could set up a long list of nuns and monks who suffered under the Inquisition or have ended their lives as Jews”, and in the first footnote to the same page it is stated: “The family of Manuel Pereira Continho must be mentioned, whose five daughters were nuns of the cloister de la Esperanza in Lisbon, while his sons lived in Hamburg as Jews under the name Abendana. Among other remarkable Church personages of the 17th century in Spain must be mentioned the famous dramatist and novelist Juan Perez de Montalvan, the friend of Lope de Vegas, priest and notary of the Holy Office.”319

Some of the priests of the “Fifth Column” burned by the Inquisition are regarded by international Jewry as martyrs, as for example the famous monk Diego de la Asuncion, about whom the Jewish historian Cecil Roth writes the following: “One of the most outstanding martyrs of the Portuguese Inquisition was Diego de la Asuncion, a young Franciscan monk, who was born in Viana in 1579. He had in his veins only a small percentage of Jewish blood. . . It was impossible for him to keep his intentions to himself. Since his situation was dangerous, he attempted to flee to England or France, but was taken captive on the way. Before the Inquisition Court he voluntarily confessed everything which he was accused of, and at first pretended to repent, but later altered his conduct and proudly confessed himself to be an adherent of the law of Moses. . . On 3rd August 1603, he was burned alive as a twenty-five year old in Lisbon. . . A number of Jews in Lisbon founded an association in his memory which, in order to remove all suspicion, was called the “Brotherhood of Saint Diego,” and which maintained a perpetual light in front of the Ark of the Law of a synagogue, in a place of greater religious freedom. Thus the blood of a sacrifice fructified and strengthened the faith of the secret Jews.”320

At the time of the Inquisition, the technical organisation of the Holy Office frequently discovered the members of the “Fifth Column”, who in the Church today conduct themselves as they wish, without anyone preventing it. The defence of Christianity is destroyed or crippled, the internal enemy causes all possible harm and rapidly brings us towards Communist slavery. On the other side, one sees that a small percentage of Jewish blood suffices for a Christian man to be a secret fanatical Jew who gives his life for this dark cause.

The Jewish historian mentioned speaks once again about the Catholic but secretly Jewish nuns and writes: “To the 231 persons who were condemned, in Portugal, in the eight years from 1619 to 1627, to public burning as heretics, belonged fifteen doctors of the university, two of whom were professors, eleven additionally academicians, twenty lawyers and the same number of physicians and notaries, and in particular 44 nuns and fifteen priests, of whom seven were abbots.”321

In other cases, the career of the priest serves the secret Jews for the purpose of not having to confess to the real priests. This device is especially of importance for the confession of children who, on account of their age, are unable to conceal a secret and therefore, during the first years, are true Christians and do not know that their parents secretly belong to Judaism. If then the children at the age of thirteen or later are prepared for the secret introduction into Judaism, it may happen that for many of them the Christian faith is already rooted, and that they naturally wish to ask their father confessor for advice. It would thus be very dangerous if the father confessor of youth were a real priest, who obtained knowledge of the great secret of clandestine Jewry and sounded the alarm, watched strictly over the confessing child, made it attentive to the Jewish error and could strengthen it in the Catholic belief. If, on the other hand, the father confessor is also a Jew, he can be decisive for the final resolution of the vacillating child. At the time of the Inquisition this was a vitally important problem for the new Christian families, for every child was obligated, under threat of excommunication, to denounce to the Holy Office every attempt of the parents to introduce it into Judaism. And every indiscretion of the boy towards the father confessor could have the consequence that the latter convinced him that he must reveal this to the Inquisition, which represented a serious danger for the entire family. In this sense the Jewish writer quoted, Cecil Roth, writes in the American edition of his work mentioned, which was published by the “Jewish Publication Society of America,” that an English Jew “who died in 1890 in the U.S.A.”, had said about the secret Portuguese Jews: “Many families were, including those of merit, Jews, and in different districts the Jewish families were very numerous. Often then a monk, so that he could take confession from the families in the neighbourhood.”322 In another place we will report more elaborately how other Jewish writers describe the procedure of how to introduce the young generation of secret Jewish families into Judaism, who were baptised and during their childhood had lived as Christians. At a suitable moment they are introduced in an imposing, gloomy ceremony into the dark sect of Judaism.

Concerning the strict control that the Inquisition exerted over the Christians of Jewish descent and over the population in general in order to unmask secret Jews, reports to us the respected Jewish historian Frederick David Mocatta, who in the previous century was President of the “Jewish Historical Society of England,” in his work written in 1877, “The Jews in Spain and Portugal and the Inquisition”: “The unfortunate Jews, outwardly the most devout of the entire Catholic population, followed in all secrecy the laws of their old faith in spite of the great danger linked with it. The traitors had on grounds of their denunciation such great advantages and the suspicion was so easily believed, that no one escaped with whole skin if the servants of his house, secret enemies or incautious brothers had slandered them. In spite of the greatest caution the new Christians were not secure from showing an inclination to Judaism. Their clothing, suits and especially their food were carefully watched over.”

The Jewish historian mentioned further reports, that it was observed how they practised the Catholic rite, how they behaved on the Sabbath and Jewish festivals, that their expressions and gestures were zealously observed and often an unconscious action was denounced. Then an official of the Holy Office, called by the relatives, appeared at the door in order to fetch his victim, whom he kept in prison for months, years or perhaps forever. “So one generation of secret Jews followed upon the other. They mixed with all social strata and occupied all State posts and especially Church offices.”323

This strict superintendence was carried through, although the secret Jewish clergy, in order to arouse no suspicion in general, pretended to be anti-Jewish. For any defence of the Jews would have sufficed for the Inquisition to regard them as suspect, to accuse them of practising the Jewish religion in secret, and to put them on trial in order to discover the truth. In our time the secret Jewish clergy defend the Jews unpunished, for there is no Inquisition or a corresponding modern institution that has investigated and revealed the dark practices of Jewry.

In another passage of his work the president of the Jewish society for historic studies in England asserts: “In fact the converts adapted themselves outwardly to the Catholic confession of faith, took on new names, filled their houses with crucifixes, holy images and other Christian symbols and went regularly into the Church...” Then he closes by remarking that, despite everything, many were discovered by the Inquisition.324

One can easily imagine how difficult it was under these circumstances for the secret Jews to effectively develop their revolutionary movements. In addition, the Inquisition had to be abolished or made harmless before the first revolutionary attempt could have positive and lasting results.

One of the most renowned anti-Jewish works of the 17th century was the famed “Sentry on the tower of the Church of God.” The author was the virtuous Franciscan monk Francisco de Torrejoncillo, the Prior of various Franciscan monasteries including, among others, that of St. Bartholoma of Valencia de Alcantara, our Holy Virgin of Rocamador and our Holy Virgin of Montecelli del Hoyo; he had also been clerk with three different provincial fathers. In his quoted work he writes expressly about the secret Jewish priests: “In the monastery of St. Hieronymus, says Velazquez, they once cheated one of the monks and chose him as Prior and Prelate. Secretly he carried out his rites and ceremonies, until he was discovered by the Inquisition, taken prisoner and publicly burned. From then on great Laws and Statutes were introduced in this monastery and in the entire Order, that none of this race should be admitted. . . In the kingdom of Murcia a superior or prefect of a religious order preached all day zealously the Law of Christ and at night he went out with another Jew, who was door-keeper in his foundation, in order to teach the Law of Moses to the Jews of a house. Many of them were burned with their teacher and others died in prison.”325 Here we have another scholar of the scripture, i.e., secret rabbi, who, in order to conceal his true character, became at first monk and then superior of the Order, which made it possible for him to secretly practise his activity as rabbi. But the Inquisition knew very well, that the greatest danger lay in the higher clergy, watched over them all, and finally discovered that the devout superior of the religious Order was a secret Jewish leader, and also discovered his parish children, who were burned or met death in prison.

And Father Torrejoncillo further reports: “If a man wished to become Prelate, then he told others that he did not wish to, and since the others saw that he apparently rejected it, they gave him the office. Accordingly, he confessed, that he was a Jew.”326

These revelations of the famous protector of the Franciscan Order compel us to explain a fact which other writers confirm and is also corroborated through documents from the time of the Inquisition. The rules of the monastic order, to refuse the offices to those who strove after them, were set up to the greatest part in order to prevent the secret Jewish infiltration. However, they were skilfully evaded by the Jews, which even today is still the case. The best God-fearing men do not strive in reality after such dignities, while the secret Jewish monks act as if they are not interested, but provide skilled teamwork in order to obtain these positions and even gain control of the leading positions in these religious Orders, in whose control they are most interested. The same occurs with the Bishops’ offices, for the best, most virtuous and most devout priests are not concerned with gaining Bishops’ seats and often refuse to accept them when they are proposed for them, in contrast to the Jews, who mutually support one another and through the influence of their own in Rome easily rise in the hierarchy of the Church.

When the Inquisition still existed, it suppressed this infiltration as far as possible and even put famous archbishops and bishops on trial, who had been seduced to practising Judaism in secret. But when this defence of Christianity was destroyed, nothing any longer held up the infiltration of the “Fifth Column” into the supreme hierarchy of the Church. For this reason there are so many cardinals, archbishops, bishops, abbots, presidents of an Order for the province, abbots, etc., who in inexplicable manner support the enemies of the Church, for it is a matter of Jews, of freemasonry or of Communism. If we wish to prevent this situation degenerating into a catastrophe, the competent authorities must build up at the right time a new defence against these infiltrations and against the otherwise traitorous activity of the “Fifth Column.”

The educated member of the Franciscan Order reports further in his quoted work: “A treasurer of Holy Church (Cathedral) of Cordoba, pretended to fall into ecstasy in a solemn procession. A short time later he was burned, and his figure and insignia are today exhibited in this Holy Church. Since that time extreme caution was exercised that no new Christian should occupy an office. . . Another was vicar of the Bishop of Cordoba and set the entire Holy Church into confusion with prosecutions and dispute among the old Christians. With matters in dispute, which he had to decide as judge, he always gave judgement in favour of the new Christians. For it is ordered in their law that one shall support the other against the Christians. However this may be, everything undertaken against the Christians is just, even if it is a matter of killing us.”

Concerning this Pharisee, Father Torrejoncillo reports in addition the following: “With the midday or evening meal the Jews wish to have the best place, and in the Church they also wish to have the best seating places. . . In Valladolid there was another new Christian in a monastery, who there instigated great dispute among fifteen noble pupils. Therefore some have thought that the old custom had begun in the monastery of the Holy Cross, in memory of them (the Jews), as is described in the fifth Chapter of this book.”327

The most serious danger of the new Christians, who overthrew everything and brought their children up from infancy as Jews, is made clear through the following report of Father Torrejoncillo: “During confession a priest asked a child, in connection with the fast obligation, for his name. The child answered: ‘Are you asking me for the name which I have at home or outside?’ ‘I ask about the name you have at home.’ And the child said: ‘My home name is Abraham and the other Francisquito’.”328 It is thus understandable that the false Christian families, who do homage to Judaism, undertake the introduction of their baptised children, who have been educated as Christians, into the Synagogue only at an age when they are no longer incautious and they always attempt to give them a secret Jewish father confessor. In addition they subject themselves before their acceptance into Jewry to a succession of examinations, which prove that they are capable of preserving the most closely guarded secrets. Through experience all these methods were perfected in the course of centuries, which the Jews use all over the world, and since there exists no Inquisition or like organisation that defends the people and watches over this devilish sect, the danger today for the Jews is very small.

The uncertainty of the peoples about this problem has this consequence: that the natural lack of caution, which occur again and again, is not noticed. Here in Spain we have, for example, experienced something remarkable: A member of the Catholic Action, which was very much against Franco and for Gil Robles, once said to us: “I am a zealous, apostolic, Jewish Catholic.” When we asked him what he meant by Jewish, he became excited and said: “I have made a mistake, a slip of the tongue, I wished to say Roman. Well, you see, one often says one thing in place of the other.” (Jewish in Spanish = marrano, Roman = romano, very similar words). The Jews are naturally men like us all and no gods, and they constantly commit indiscretions. But since the people know nothing of all this and on the other side there exists no organisation that can discover and destroy this godless sect, these indiscretions are overlooked.

In Spain and Hispanic America, the secret Jews of the 20th century jokingly say to one another, “Catolicos Apostolicos Marranos” (Catholic apostolic Jews) instead of (as is correct) “Catolicos Apostolicos Romanos” (Apostolic Roman Catholics), and naturally the power of custom allows them to commit such indiscretions, but today, due to the reasons mentioned, they have no importance.

In the monumental work of modern Jewry, the Jewish-Spanish Encyclopaedia quoted, it is stated: “The monasteries are full of Jews. Many of the abbots, Inquisitors and bishops also are descended from Jews. Many of them are in the bottom of their heart convinced Jews, even if they also, in order not to have to abandon worldly goods, pretend to believe in Christianity.”329

As one sees, this quotation from an official work of Jewry concords with other no less credible sources. We will deal in the sequel of this work, on the basis of undisputed documents and sources, with the tragedy of Jewish infiltration into the Protestant clergy, but here we will make some allusion in advance, which particularly draws our attention to it and proves that the problem of the “Jewish Fifth Column” in the clergy is a general phenomenon that concerns all confessions. In this connection it is stated expressly in the monumental Jewish work, quoted by us, under the word “Holanda” (Holland): “Many new Christians turned, from 1566, to Calvinism and other reformed doctrines. It is, for example, known that a certain Marco Perez, of Jewish descent, was president of the Calvinist Church Council of Antwerp.”330

This proves that it is not a question of a tendency but of a clear striving for domination, for this Church Council was the highest Calvinist Church Council in Antwerp, and in fact a Jew was president, i.e., the highest authority.

These Jewish infiltrations into Christianity had at times dangerous consequences for the Christian rulers. In the Jewish Encyclopaedia quoted by us, another interesting revelation is made. Under the name “Gaden Stephan”, alias Daniel or Daniela Yevlevich, it is stated: “Physician at the court of the Czar, in the 17th century . . . altered several times his religion and finally entered into the Catholic men’s association of the Greek Orthodox Church . . . he was cruelly murdered on account of his friendship with the Bojars, who planned the overthrow of the Czar.”331

In addition, this official work of Jewry provides us with the following other details: “Alexei Protopop, Russian priest and one of the leaders of the Jewish sect in Kiev, Novgorod, Pakow and Moscow (1425-1448). Was apparently pupil of caraita Zejarya . . . Ivan III, Grand Duke of Moscow, appointed him as director of the Cathedral of the Ascension in Moscow, where he succeeded in converting countless personages of the court and of the Church.”332

Concerning the Jew Bar Hebraeus, whose Christian name was Gregor Abul Faradesh, it is stated in the Encyclopaedia: “Historian and dignitary of the Syrian Church, of Jewish origin, see Bar Hebraeus.”333 Under the name “Bar Hebraeus” it is then stated: “Bar Hebraeus (Gregor Abul Rafadch or Abu-al-Faradch), Superior of the Church of Jacob in Syria, historian, philosopher, theologian and physician, was born in 1226 in Melitene and died in 1286 in Maraga, Persia. He was the son of Aaron, a converted Jewish physician and became Bishop of Guba (1246) and Aleppo (1253) and in the year 1264 director of the Jacobus Church in Persia. He wrote countless books in Arabic and Syrian about history, philosophy, medicine, grammar, biblical commentaries and a book with histories and chronicles, which contains anecdotes and simple proverbs, of which a part refers to the wise Jews. In 1889 E.A.W. Budge translated this book into English.”334

In another passage, it is stated in this monumental work of Jewry: “Abraham Rabbi, prior of the barefoot monks, new convert, burned in 1270.”335

Alexander Michael Solomon, converted Jew, first Anglican Bishop in Jerusalem . . . religiously educated in Germany, studied the rabbinical sciences and in 1820, when he went to England, was confirmed in the Synagogue of Plymouth as cantor. In 1825 he was baptised . . . appointed superintendent of the English clergy and of its men’s associations in Syria, Mesopotamia, Egypt and Abyssinia.336

We will not tire the reader with numerous data that we have at our disposal concerning this material. After what has been said already, he can nevertheless form an opinion concerning the universal spreading of the “Jewish Fifth Column” in the clergy and also concerning the deadly danger that it represents not only for the Catholic Church but also for the whole of Christianity. In conclusion to this chapter we will mention a regrettable fact. In some lands, where the Protestant and Orthodox patriots heroically fight against the Communist infiltration into their churches, the former commit the fault, when they have noticed that certain dignitaries of the Catholic Church aid Communism to victory, of accusing Catholicism in general of what only the members of the “Fifth Column” in the clergy do. This conduct is unjust and the same would be the case if we Catholics conversely were to accuse the Protestants and Orthodox, who are to the greatest part anti-Communists, of betrayal, which the members of the “Fifth Column” in the clergy and the leadership of the orthodox and Protestant Churches daily commit on their chosen fatherland and the free world. We real Christians, who are also necessarily anti-Communists, must therefore recognise, that the Catholic Church, as also the Protestant and Orthodox Churches to the same extent, fall victim to the destructive activity of the same enemies. The “Synagogue of Satan”, which through its infiltrations into the clergy of the different churches furthers the triumphs of the Communist, atheistic revolution, which in secret is directed by the synagogue itself. The fact that we are threatened by the same danger and the same enemy, should allow ns to see the necessity to apply our powers in common against the enemy. As long as we remain divided through religious, racial or national hatred, the Jews will conquer us one after the other until they have enslaved us all, as they have done with the unfortunate peoples under Communist rule. For self-preservation we must therefore unite our forces and as an organisation represented in the whole world fight against the foe. Only thus can we counter with prospect of success an enemy, who at present solely and alone hinders the true Christians and pagans on account of the disunity among us, and rules not only the world but the entire planet. If we unite, we will become much stronger than they, easily defeat them and be able to secure the salvation of Christianity, of independence and of well-being of our peoples. Victory or defeat can thus depend on our unity or disunity. Our alliance in the political realm is relatively easy to bring about; for, if we are not blind and wish to save ourselves, we must regard it as urgently necessary.

As far as the unity of all Christians in the theological domain is concerned, then it seems — even if it is an apostolic ideal, which encourages us all — very difficult for the one and attainable for the others. In every case it is clear that if we Christians, Catholics, Protestants and Orthodox form an alliance in the political sphere against Jewish Imperialism, its Communist revolution and its “Fifth Column” in our Churches, then this struggle against the materialist atheism of Communism is the best preparation for a greater approach in the theological sphere, through a friendly discussion, which allows us all to discern the truth. How different is this Christian striving for unity from that of the agents of Jewry and of Communism in the Vatican clergy, which they wish to spread at the next, Second Vatican Council!

Under the pretence of uniting Christians, they attempt to destroy the traditional foundations of Holy Church, the foundation of its most important defence against the Jewish-Communist revolution, so that atheistic materialist Marxism can easily rule the Catholic world. The same goals are followed by analogous so-called Christian unity movements, which are led by secret Jewish members of the “Jewish Fifth Column”, who are also secret Communists and control many Protestant Churches. In these cases simply the sublime ideal of Christian unity is utilised for the dark purposes of somehow furthering the victory of the Jewish-Communist revolution. In other cases they wish to control the Churches, which they do not rule, through those national or world church councils, in order upon diverse ways and means to favour the triumphs of Communism and to attack, by denigration, the patriots who defend their peoples against the beast.

Also among Protestants and Orthodox there are efforts for uniting of Christians against Communism. Fortunately, there are many Protestant pastors and dignitaries who desperately fight with Christian zeal to free their Churches from the “Communist Fifth Column”.

The same is the case with the Orthodox Churches. In order to be able to form an idea of the violent dispute in this domain, we will reproduce what the renowned orthodox Bishop Alejo Pelipenko says concerning this in his work “Communist Infiltration into the Christian Churches of America” (Buenos Aires Edition, 1961, Page 232): “And if the Patriarch of Moscow works together with all kinds of sectarians, who in reality fight the priests of Christ, supports the spiritualists who are not even Christians for they do not recognise Christ as God and do not believe in the Resurrection, why should we Orthodox not work together with our Catholic Brothers and fight together with them against the forces of Hell? We must keep before our eyes that if, under the constant attacks of the Kremlin and of the Patriarch of Moscow, unity is lost and the power of the Catholic Church diminished, none of the Orthodox Churches will remain free, but would be enslaved by Moscow.”

Thereupon he writes concerning the “ICAB” (Iglesia Catolica Apostolica Brasilena) (= Apostolic Catholic Church of Brazil), which is ruled by the Orthodox Church of the Kremlin: “I have reflected upon all this with the publication of this book. I have trustworthy information about the harmful work of the ICAB not only for the Catholic Church but also for the entire Brazilian people, and I have not only the right to write and speak openly, but for me this is a sacred duty. May many others follow my example and join themselves together in an anti-Communist Front. Why does power always lie only in unity?”


As we will investigate extensively in another volume of this work, the League of Nations and the Organisations of the United Nations are, in spite of their noble ideals, controlled in fundamental points by Jews and Freemasons who occupy the bureaucratic key positions and also sit in many national representations of States, whereby the most diverse ideologies and Communist, anti-Communist or neutralist tendencies are followed. In all three camps the Jews and Freemasons take up important positions, for they introduce themselves secretly everywhere they can and utilise all these key positions, in order to further the triumph of Jewish Imperialism and its Communist revolution or to attack the important patriotic governments that Jewry does not control. Thus the League of Nations and the UNO, which could have done much good to preserve world peace and to promote the progress of mankind, have failed, for frequently they are used by Jewry, Freemasonry or Communism for purposes which do not justify their existence.

However, the ideal of Jewish Imperialism has always been to found a world state, which would make it possible for it to control the states which could not be conquered. One of the measures which seems indispensable to Jewry for the preparation of such an ambitious plan, is the setting up of a world police under the control of UNO, which has power in every state and — so they say — should serve for securing world peace and unity among the peoples. These apparent goals are only intended to conceal the real ones. These are: (i) to have a new “Fifth Column” of Jewry in the Christian and pagan states, which is fully supported by the UNO, for it must be an effective organ within this organisation; (ii) to use the world police for espionage against the states which Jewish Imperialism does not control. For this police will be controlled by Jewish, Freemasonic or Communist agents, like almost all bureaucratic organs of the UNO, even if these agents also seemingly represent the most diverse political tendencies, from the Right to the very Extreme Left, and thus pursue the centuries-old tactics of the Synagogue.

As one sees, the possession of this world police, which in the hands of UNO is a satellite of the Synagogue, would be one of the most important measures that the Jews could take in order to destroy the remaining independence and freedom of the peoples. We will discuss this matter further in the sequel of this work.

Jewry wished to make the League of Nations, as also later the UNO, into that Super-State which had sufficient full powers to make an end to the independence of the peoples. But the resistance of many nations, who zealously defend their sovereignty, compelled Jewish Imperialism into recognition of this sovereignty, in order in these state alliances to join together most or all states. For many of them would not have participated in these organisations if their independence might have suffered. Therefore Jewry saw itself compelled to equip these two super-state organisations with limited executive powers. All this was provisionally accepted, in order to gradually give greater authoritative powers and finally to fully abolish the sovereignty of the states. One of the preparatory steps to this goal is the planned world police, which shall have the right to exercise its power in the most different states of the world. They wish to use — so they assert — their powerful influence in the Vatican in order to attain that this proposal is drawn into a document, and thus becomes the doctrine of the Church. In the same way they wish to bring it about that the Holy See is transformed into a kind of satellite of the “Synagogue of Satan” and even serve them as a mouthpiece, if it appears purposive, so that in the name of Holy Church proposals or definitions of doctrine are made that directly or indirectly favour the political plans of international Jewry. For to this shall also belong naturally the plans that are connected with the condemnation of patriots who fight against Jewish Imperialism, or with measures which somehow make easier the victory of Marxist Socialism and the policy of the Kremlin. These Jewish projects seem to us not only satanic, but also monstrous and prove once again that, in the same way as the Scribes and Pharisees constantly led our Lord Jesus into temptation and wished to entice into a trap so as later to have arguments in order to kill him, the descendants of these Scribes and Pharisees have taken over the methods of their forefathers and attempt to constantly place traps in the way of the highest Church dignitaries so that they, if they fall into these traps, can bring forward arguments against them which they need in order to degrade Holy Church and prepare its disintegration. Under the present Pontificate, the “Synagogue of Satan” behaves as at the time of the secret Jewish anti-Pope or satellites of Jewry, for it believes it has almost everything in its hand. But it does not reckon with the support that Our Lord Jesus has always granted His Holy Church and which has always condemned the hellish conspiracies of the Synagogue to failure. At the time of Pius IX, for example, the Jewish-freemasonic forces had already struck up a cry of triumph. They even boasted that this Pope was a freemason. But Our Lord God illuminated at the right time the Vicar of Christ, who finally opened his eyes and recognised the infamous intrigues of Jewry.

One of the measures which clearly allow the change in his policy to be discerned, was the frequent enclosing of the Jews in the ghetto. Upon other occasions the Pontificate had always been represented by secret Jewish cardinals. But in these cases the support was always revealed which God showed His Holy Church, in that He illuminated other Church dignitaries and gave them strength so that they could organise the Holy Councils and convince the Fathers of the necessity of not recognising the descendants of Judas Iscariot as Pope, and to declare them to be anti-Popes and – as in the case of the Pierleonis – to declare null and void their actions, declarations relating to doctrine and investiture of priests, although they had sat for many years or a whole life on the throne of St. Peter in Rome and had been elected by a two-third majority of the cardinals. The case of another well-known Pope, who at first on 1st April 1412 summoned the Holy Council of Rome and later in 1413 the Ecumenical Council of Constance, is also revealing. At the seventh session on 2nd May 1413 he was declared by the general Holy Council to be a rebellious, incorrigible rebel and Simonist, and at the 12th sitting of 29th May it was added to these earlier accusations that he was a notorious Simonist squanderer of goods and rights of many Churches, repellent on account of his revolting unnatural morals, stiff-necked and guilty of many other crimes. The Holy Council finally deposed him as Pope and took from him every power. All this was attained, as in the case of the Pierleonis, with military aid, which various powerful Christian heads of state provided the Holy Council. The latter understood that it was a duty to save the Sacred Council and their lands from the danger hovering over them. The history of Holy Church shows that the divine assistance has revealed itself in a very varied manner but was finally always revealed against the infamous spite of the enemy. Not in vain did Our Lord Jesus promise men that “the powers of hell should not rule over them.”




In the “Jewish Spanish Encyclopaedia”, Limborch is quoted as follows: “In Amsterdam and elsewhere there are Augustinians, Franciscans, Jesuits and Dominicans, who are Jews.”337

As we have been able to discern, the secret Jews usually strive for all positions of the secular clergy and the monastic orders. In reference to the latter we must, however, still mention their preference to attach themselves to and control those orders which are most dangerous of all for their infamous plans, since they could make them ineffective through their control. When, in the 13th century, the Templar Order signified a great danger for them, they entered it and finally in all quietness conquered the highest positions, brought it away from its goals and used it against the Church and the Christian monarchies. This was a real catastrophe, and the Papacy and the Christian monarchy rapidly intervened, dissolved the Order and had the Grand- Master executed, in order to preserve Christianity from a catastrophe. In the Middle Ages they preferred the infiltration into the Orders, who worked out the plans for the Papal Inquisition, in order to make the latter’s struggle harmless. Since, however, the Franciscans and Dominicans exactly knew the Jewish problem and were masters in the struggle against Jewry, they were nevertheless able, as we have seen, to assert themselves.

In modern times the meritorious Society of Jesus has fought most of all against the Jewish revolutionary enterprises, freemasonry, spiritualism, theosophy, Communism, etc. This is to be attributed to the fact that many of their members are not subjected to such strict rules and prayers and have the necessary time to devote themselves to political-social struggles.

Naturally the Jews, since the founding of the holy work of St. Ignatius, have attempted to introduce themselves there in masses.

It is known that the Jesuit Order at first played a decisive role with the counter-Reforms, which made it possible that Poland and other states were won back for Catholicism. Although very soon the new Christians flooded over this land and gained control of the key positions, the true Jesuits still fought heroically against the Jewish threat and attained that a Statute was approved, which, as also with another Order, refused admittance into the Society of Jesus to descendants of Jews. Even today, there is a statute which forbids admittance into the Order to Jews up to the third generation. However, it is no longer heeded, for if today one investigates the family tree of the false secret Jewish Catholics of our days, it can be to the greatest part proved that they are descended since ten or more generations from Christians, which is to be traced back to the false conversions of their forefathers before this point in time.

Until now we have seen by means of recognised Jewish or Catholic sources that the presence of traitorous Jesuits, who secretly practised the Jewish religion, was at various times a frequent occurrence. In the following we will now, even if only summarised on account of the expediency of this work, investigate this regrettable occurrence.

Among other things, the Jewish Jesuits have attempted with intrigues to bring away from its goal the meritorious Society which was founded for the defence of the Church, and to occasion it to exactly the opposite, i.e., instead of combating the enemies of the Church to fight against its best defenders. Naturally the secret Jews, who pretended to be Jesuits, first of all set the Society against the sole bulwark of the Church, the Inquisition. This we will prove by means of Jewish sources, who enjoy the greatest regard in the modern synagogue.

In the “Jewish-Spanish Encyclopaedia”, it is stated under the word “Bahia” concerning the false Jewish Christians in Brazil: “It is highly probable that in Bahia, since its foundation, there were secret Jews, for the Portuguese needed settlers for their possessions in the Western Hemisphere and made use of the suspect new Christians. Many other Jews emigrated to Brazil in order to escape the Inquisition . . . Also in the trade with African slaves they played an important role, since it became necessary to introduce workers more capable of resisting the climate for the heavy plantation labour than the natives. Besides Jewish planters, manufacturers and merchants there were also some physicians. During the first centuries of the Portuguese settlement, the Jews lived relatively free in Bahia in spite of the activity of the agents of the Holy Office in Lisbon. The authorities represented economic and fiscal interests for the capital and were tolerant in living together with the Jesuits, who were then against the Inquisition. The Jews secretly held religious services and maintained rabbis.”338

In this case the organisation of St. Ignatius, founded for the defence of the Church against her enemies, was led astray and occasioned to be exactly the opposite, to oppose the Inquisition, which represented the principal defence of the Church and to tolerate its enemies. Here also we see once again the participation of the Jews in the hated slave trade, which in the preceding centuries was one of their most productive occupations.

The present day false Jewish Christians in Brazil, whose forefathers captured the unfortunate negroes, who really deserved a better fate, like wild animals or sold them like cattle, proceed in a really shameless way when today they lead the Socialist and Communist movements in Brazil and give themselves out to be liberators of the negroes or Mulattos of the population, when they brought their forefathers in chains and made them into slaves. The Brazilian negroes and mulattos must open their eyes and recognise that the same evil powers who condemned their forefathers to hated servitude, now lead them towards the worst slavery of all, Communism, and deceive them with enticing means of liberating them and creating a paradise for them. They did the same with their forefathers who were cheated by the secret Jewish slave dealers and believed their lying promises in the hope of being led to a better life and one fine day awoke with the chains of slaver when it was too late to free themselves.

Let us select one of the many cases in Brazil, for to this land we have hitherto devoted little space in this work. This terrible struggle took place a hundred years later than that which we have just investigated. The details we take from another authorised source of Jewry. The most renowned historian of the present, Cecil Roth, writes in his “History of the Marranos” concerning the suppression of the secret Jews in Brazil by the Holy Office and continues as follows: “In this time a ray of hope fell through the clouds. An Interregnum in the office of the Grand Inquisitor from 1653 to 1673 admittedly did not influence the activity of the Court, but diminished certainly its regard. Meanwhile Antonio Vieira, the great Jesuit, who had earned the surname Apostle of Brazil, had taken over the defence of the new Christians in Brazil. He pressed Juan IV to abolish the disappropriations and to erase the still existing differences between old and new Christians. Through his free expression of opinion he engaged upon a feud with the Holy Office. After three years of imprisonment (1665-67), his writings and he himself were formally condemned. Through his experience with the terror of the Holy Office his sympathy increased with the oppressed. He went to Rome where, in the citadel of Christianity, he attacked the Portuguese Inquisition as a godless court not influenced by devoutness, which condemned the innocent just as often as the guilty and was the enemy of the best Christian interests. The Society of Jesus – afflicted on account of the treatment of one of its most regarded members – supported his cause. Encouraged through the change of events, the new Christians turned to the throne on account of definite reforms, including the free pardon of those prosecuted and the replacement of the Inquisitorial procedure through a more humane form customary in Rome. For such modest concessions they offered to pay 20,000 Cruceiros yearly, to send 4000 soldiers to India and each year 1200 as reinforcement and a further 300 in event of war. The Inquisition protested energetically, but the application was supported by many great men of the kingdom and even by the faculty of the University of Coimbra (which, as we have seen, was flooded with secret Jews) and personally supported by the Archbishop of Lisbon. It was thus approved and sent on to Rome for final decision. There Francisco de Azevedo, the representative of the new Christians, together with Vieira, prepared a sharp denunciation, and allowed it to be seen that the Portuguese Inquisition was only a means of repression, enriched itself through extortion and was out for the last blood of every new Christian. The latter – so they asserted — were all zealous Catholics, who, because they denied, i.e., denied Judaism, were condemned or were pardoned on grounds of a false confession. After a long struggle, the new Christians won. On 3rd October 1674, Pope Clement X took over control of the activity of the Portuguese courts and ordered that the most important cases should be transferred to Rome. Since the Inquisitors refused to cooperate on the following investigation, under the pretence that thereby the secrets of the trial could come to light, an interdict was uttered against them and on 27th May 1679 they were finally deposed from their offices. The easing was not of long duration, for on 22nd August 1681 the deposing was already annulled, after a couple of reforms of no further importance had been resolved. The resumption of activity in Portugal was celebrated with triumphant processions and carnival lights. In January of the following year, the first burnings of heretics took place again in Coimbra. Upon this followed a few months later the burning of four persons in Lisbon on, 10th May, three of them alive, because they did not repent. To the latter belonged a lawyer of Aviz, Miguel Henriquez (alias Isaak) da Fonseca, who had himself called Misael Hisneque de Fungoca, Antonio de Aguiar (alias Aaron Cohen Faya) from Lamunilla in the neighbourhood of Madrid, and Gaspar (alias Abraham) Lopez Pereira, who were all lamented by the literates in Amsterdam as martyrs.”

The renowned Jewish historian reports further concerning the burnings of several secret Jews as heretics, and the Jewish researcher describes the high point of this terrible struggle as follows: “This resumption was given expression in September 1683 through a command that all persons who had been pardoned on account of membership to Jewry, must leave the kingdom in the impossibly short period of two months. They should in addition leave behind their children who were younger than seven years until they proved that they lived in their new home as true Christians. The rapid increase of the communities on grounds of the dispersion in that time was partly to be traced back to this measure, which first became invalid when the war with France broke out in 1704.”339

Later this and other renowned Jewish historians assert that, despite everything, secret Jewry in Portugal and Brazil survived, i.e., the repression through the Inquisition was able to be avoided. The case particularly investigated by us is an important example of how the Synagogue, against the intentions of St. Ignatius of Loyola and the other meritorious founders of this order, has utilised the Society of Jesus in order to destroy the defence of Holy Church. It also makes the serious fact clear to us that a bad Jesuit or a group of wicked Jesuits let themselves into an unjust struggle against the real defenders of the Church and later drew in the entire Order by that they utilised the noble spirit of solidarity of the meritorious society towards non-members. With all respect and high regard for the Jesuit Order, we allow ourselves to give warning of such manoeuvres which frequently occur in this disastrous time.

In addition the special interest of the “Synagogue of Satan” to introduce itself into the Society of Jesus and to control it, is proved in an official work of freemasonry, which we have just received from one of those groups of devout Latin American clergy, who, out of the noble striving to save Holy Church, provided us with the extensive South American Bibliography, which is so inestimably valuable and useful for the rapid preparation of this work and to spare us expensive travels and the search for Bibliography, which would have considerably delayed the publication of this work. We speak of the “Abbreviated Encyclopaedic Dictionary of Freemasonry”, which was written by the freemason of the 33rd degree (grade), who under the name Pascalis or Pascualis writes expressly:

“Pascalis or Pascualis (Martinez) Jewish theosopher and renowned enlightener, leader of the sects of the Martinists . . . founded a school of the Cabbalists, made in 1754 talk about himself for the first time as founder of a philosophic-spiritual, Jesuitical rite, which he described as a rite of the chosen Coons . . . It is revealed from his writings that the doctrine of Martinez Pascalis goes back to the Cabbalist tradition of the Jews.”340

In connection with this rite, it is stated in the freemasonic dictionary under the term “Elegidos Coons”, word for word: “Chosen Coons. Description for a philosophic-spiritual, ultra-Jesuitical rite, which was founded in 1754 by a Portuguese Jew named Martinez Pascalis. Coons means priest in Jewish.”341

Concerning the repeated attempts of Jewish freemasonry to introduce itself into the Society and to control it, another source gives us information about this freemasonic rite created for this gloomy purpose. It is stated in the official encyclopaedic dictionary of freemasonry under the term “estricta observancia” (strict observance): “Estricta observancia. Description for a rite which had split up into many others and represents the most perfect expression of the Templar system in freemasonry. This rite was the third freemasonic innovation of the Jesuits, who stirred up the hope among their supporters to come into the possession of the riches of the old Templars. The chronological history of the Grandmasters corresponds to that of the generals of the Society of Jesus. The rite of strict observance was finally set up in Germany, between 1760 and 1763, by the brother Karl Gathels, the Baron of Hund, who to the six grades of the Order at first determined added yet another. The rite was organised in the following seven degrees: pupil, companion, master, Scottish master, novice, Templar in three classes: Eques, Socius and Armiger, and Eques professus.”342

The fact that, since his grounding in this Rite which was intended to control the Jesuits, a new Grandmaster was also chosen if a new general of the Order was appointed, shows the tenacity of Jewry and its satellites, freemasonry, to introduce themselves in the Holy Work of St. Ignatius and to control it.

On the other side is the special wish to make this freemasonic rite in connection with the Templar Order very significant. We must not forget that the Templar Order was founded in order to defend Holy Church against its enemies. The “Synagogue of Satan”, however, gained entry into it until the secret Jews occupied the leading positions, then brought it away from its original aims and made it become a serious danger for the Church and the Christian peoples. One must also bear in mind that, in the prosecutions against the Templars, the effort was revealed to skilfully conceal themselves, for, although the Christian Order was watched over by the enemy, it remained in its official outward realms bound to Holy Church, even if also in secret circles the easier controlled Catholic Templars were seduced and their religious faith gradually taken from them, until they had finally become secret satellites of Jewry. The infiltrations of the Synagogue and of Freemasonry into the Society of Jesus followed visibly the same aims, for this freemasonic-Templar rite of the Jesuits wishes apparently to make the Society of Jesus into a new Templar Order with retention of its outer official structure is then finally secretly ruled by the enemies of the Church and then used in order to destroy its defenders and with the purpose of making easier the victory of Jewry and its satellites, freemasonry and Communism. From the valuable Freemasonic document, which we study, it is revealed that even other schismatic rites of Freemasonry, which were for this reason called mixed rites or also controlled by the Jewish Cabbalists, were organised in order to influence the meritorious work of St. Ignatius of Loyola and to control it. Accordingly it is stated under the expression “Clerigos de la estricta observancia”: “Clergy of the strict rule of the Order. Title for a Jesuitical mixed rite, which was formed by Cabbalists, Alchemists, Black Magicians and members of the Society of Jesus.”343

This is apparently a Freemasonic rite, which emanated from a schism of the “Rite of the strict rule of the Order”, which, as is stated in the dictionary of Freemasonry mentioned, was subjected to schisms. Both rites are of Jewish origin and we must allude to the fact that in Judaism frequently inner dissensions occur, which are reflected in the schisms which every Jewish party calls forth in the Freemasonic organisation, which at first is ruled by the Jewish cell, but then later passes through its own split. It is not further remarkable that to this Freemasonic rite, which is intended to control the Jesuits, Black Magicians belonged, for we have indeed already proved that the Jews were the most principal spreaders of the Lucifer cult and of Black Magic. On the other side, it was revealed, through many prosecutions of Templars, that in secret circles of the Order the devil was worshipped, even if the open outward structure of the Templar order appeared additionally so Catholic and orthodox as in good old times.

The hair-raising facts, which we describe and have taken from official works of Judaism and of Freemasonry, allow us to clearly recognise the devilish stiff-neckedness of the “Synagogue of Satan” in infiltrating itself into and controlling the Society of Jesus, which in modern times was for it the most combative, most dangerous Catholic Order, in order then to use it against Holy Church, just as it did circa seven centuries ago with the Templar Order.

But what interests the Catholic world certainly most of all is how far Jewry could realise its intentions to make the Society of Jesus into a satellite. Since today, however, there are no Holy Inquisitional Courts or a like institution which could discover this with effective methods, no balanced investigation in this sense is also possible to us. However, certain facts allow it to be concluded that a traceable process of Judaisation is in progress in some domains of the Order of St Ignatius. There are Jesuits who, to the harm of Christianity, defend the Jews and the “Synagogue of Satan.” Others favour with any disposable means the enemies of the Church instead of combating them, while on the other side they attack cruelly and in an anti-Christian way the defenders of the Church, especially those who successfully and tenaciously fight against Jewry, Freemasonry and Communism. Others again further the victory of the Freemasonic and Communist revolution, perform tenacious disruptive work against the few Catholic governments which there are in the world. In addition – and that is the most remarkable thing in the affair – the good fighting Jesuits who fortunately still exist in great number, when they defend the Church against her enemies, especially against Jewry, Freemasonry or Communism, are in an inexplicable way and manner opposed hostilely in the Order by other Jesuits themselves, who stir up rancour against them for so long until they make them harmless or can attain that the superiors forbid them to fight further against the enemies of the Church. In other cases we see well-regarded very intelligent Jesuits, who on grounds of their great capacities could do much good for the Society and Christianity, set back and practically eliminated. As a result, the Order and Holy Church loses the opportunity of using these so valuable capable men. All this gives the impression as if the enemy already sat deeply in the meritorious work of St Ignatius.

But we are convinced of the fact that the Jesuit Order can still save itself from the cunning of its enemies, for the majority of members are honest upright Catholics who entered the Order in order to serve God. If the members, who secretly belong to the “Jewish Fifth Column” and their Freemasonic accomplices were able at times to make progress with their attempts to conquer this fortress, it was only because they proceeded highly secretly and always with the most skilled deceit. We believe honestly, through warnings and the unmasking of the enemy, that the honest Jesuits will, with our modest aid, prosper, so that they can save the Society from a possible catastrophe. As the reader will have remarked, we quote in these last chapters details from official sources of Jewry and of Freemasonry, who cannot be accused of any Antisemitism or fanatical clericalism. Whoever wishes to carry out further research in this sphere as to what methods the secret Jewish monks and nuns have applied at various times, in order to exert their practices in the strict life of the cloisters, can deepen their knowledge in the archives of the Holy Inquisition, which we mention in another part of this work.

In the Archive of Torre do Tombo in Portugal and that of Simancas in Spain, in that previously mentioned in Italy, France and other lands of the world, we find the handwritten original records of countess trials of the Holy Office against Jesuits, Dominicans, Franciscans and monks and nuns of various other religious Orders — among them even abbots and dignitaries of the Order — who were led over and confessed to have secretly paid homage to Judaism in the peaceful life of the most strict cloisters. All this would appear unbelievable to us if, in addition to those admissions from the Jewish and Freemasonic side, the existence of thousands of Inquisitional prosecutions were not able to be quoted which with many details confirm this terrible fact. From these trials are revealed the revolutionary activity and the terrible secret blasphemies of those monks and nuns, who apparently lived with holy dedication according to the rules of their religious Order, against Our Lord Jesus and the Virgin Mary.

In conclusion to this chapter it seems to us necessary to draw the attention of the organisers of patriotic organisations and political parties to the danger that the Jews and Freemasons join themselves to these organisations, finally control or ruin them. Many simpletons believe that the infiltration by such enemies is not important. Others, no less naive, are of the opinion that it would be easy to hold up this invasion. Those who with regrettable naiveté believe the one or other, must reflect that the Catholic clergy and the religious Orders are from diverse reasons far more rigid institutions, into which it is more difficult to penetrate than into simple political parties or associations. If it was successful for Jewry, even at the time of the Inquisition, which particularly wished to prevent this by all means, to infiltrate into the Church institutions, the Synagogue will be able to influence political or social associations even more easily, since they demand neither vows of chastity, poverty and obedience, nor strict monastic life, absolute discipline and all the rest, which in the religious orders have nevertheless held up the deadly infiltration of the enemies of mankind, even if it could not prevent it entirely.

The leaders of political movements should thus prevent by all attainable means that the Jews, Freemasons or Communists enter into their ranks, for, if they are not successful in this, the enemy can bring these movements to ruin. We can make the assurance that the possibility of the triumph of a political Christian or pagan association is to the greatest part dependent upon whether it triumphs before the Jewish, Freemasonic or Communist infiltration can prevent this. The necessity to eliminate the Christians of Jewish origin rests upon the fact, proven in the course of centuries, that by far the majority of mock-Christians, are Jews in secret, as we have proved by means of indisputably credible documents and sources in this work.

We have here to do with a sad political truth, which has been proved to sufficiency, and not with racial prejudices, which we as Christians in no way foster, and as followers of Jesus Christ all men are for us equal before God and the law. It is one thing, however, to have no racial prejudices, but quite another to allow oneself to be surprised knowingly by the Fifth Column of an enemy who wishes to enslave and destroy us. If we wish to defend ourselves against such an invasion, we are simply making use of our natural right to justified self-defence.




The Jews have made the falsification of history into one of the great — perhaps the most important of all — secrets of their successes. Without this, Jewish Imperialism would not have been able to control almost the whole world, but would perhaps have been defeated by the threatened institutions and peoples, as it also repeatedly occurred in the Middle Ages, when Holy Church and the Christian nations recognised the enemy who laid in wait and could defend itself against him. Particularly the Church and worldly chronicles and historic studies provided this knowledge and described the true origin of the earlier attempts of Jewry to control the Christians, to rob them, to gain control of their governments, to destroy Holy Church, to call forth schisms, to organise degrading heresies or to conspire against the Christian peoples.

Since they recognised the historic truth, the Christian and pagan generations could always identify their principal enemies, take heed before them and bring about the failure of their renewed revolutionary plans for rule. On grounds of the knowledge of historic truth, the priests and dignitaries of Holy Church could exactly recognise that the most bitter enemy of Christ and of Christianity was satanic Jewry, and were thus in the position to defend the Church against all its cunning. For in order to destroy an enemy, one must first recognise him. There is nothing more dangerous than an enemy who can conceal his hostility or his identity, for in these cases he can destroy his victims with decisive surprise attacks. If the victim does not know the aggressive plans of his enemy, he is incapable of preparing a defence or even of recognising the necessity for this. Not to mention the fact that the presence of the enemy may not even be known.

Jewish Imperialism grasped this at the right time and therefore it applied enormous powers in a succession of heretical-revolutionary movements and in intentions of political conquest, even if these were also bloodily defeated with great losses for the ‘Synagogue of Satan”. These unfortunate events have taught them to apply a part of their energy really attentively to a long-lasting work of organisation, in order to falsify the worldly and religious history of the Christians and to cleanse them all from that is connected with conspiracies, attacks or revolutionary movements of the Jews and finally to attain that in the historical texts every allusion to the participation of the Jews in these enterprises will be left out, which they carry out for centuries, and prepare with a tenacity and energy which would be worthy of a better cause.

For examination of these assertions one can for the sake of studies compare the version of the mediaeval chronicles and historical books and those edited at the present concerning the same factual content. In the comparison one will be able to establish without difficulties, that in the present version every single reference of the mediaeval chronicles to the participation of the Jews in plots, rebellions, crimes, treachery against the King and of the land in question, etc., have been left out although nevertheless the modern historical texts should give again the truth, as this is revealed from the sources upon which they support themselves.

The same is the case with the historical texts of Holy Catholic Church. The clergy who are interested in this kind of investigation should make a thorough comparison between the histories and chronicles of the Church, the writings of the Fathers, the Bulls and the records of the Councils, which were written between the 1st and 15th centuries A.D. concerning events of the time and the edited historical reports in our time We can predict to them in advance that they will be astounded at the mysterious omissions in the modern Church histories of all allusions to the intrusion of the Jews in the heresies and against the Church and the movements directed by the Popes or their cooperation with crimes and conspiracies against the Christian peoples, which are present in the old chronicles and documents, which serve as basis. Naturally, in the history books of different lands errors occur about one or other fact. But it is highly strange and revealing that in all or almost all modern texts — a remarkable coincidence — that particularly all reports existing in mediaeval history books, chronicles and documents concerning the revolutionary, harmful interference of the Jews into the historical events of the time were left out. It would be ridiculous to hold that such a universal and persistent circumstance must be due to chance or to some kind of magic which from the historical texts caused only one line to vanish concerning social activities. In fact, the knowledge of this should have made the succeeding generations watchful, so that they defended themselves against Jewry. One thus sees that in the course of centuries an organised work was performed, in order to leave out from the new historical sources everything which could damage the plans for world conquest of the Jews.

Every serious researcher can affirm that this mutilation of the Chronicles and history books becomes more frequent and general, the more the Jews and principally the false converts to Christianity joined themselves to Christian society and gained in influence in it. As far as Church history is concerned, then, the conspiracies increased when the current of secret Jewish new Christians became greater, who introduced themselves into the clergy of Holy Church in order to gain control of her from within or to disintegrate her through schisms and heresies. Thus, for example, we can observe that up until the 11th century A.D. in the Chronicles and Documents the harmful, destructive participation of the Jews in social events and also all other interesting historical events are mentioned. From the 15th century onwards there are historical texts written by Christians and even by Catholic clergy, whose authors were in general converted Jews or descendants of converts, in which carefully the allusions to the wickedness of the Jews were left out. In these texts every revelation concerning the participation of the Jews in various events was left out and it was even attempted to falsify certain factual contents.

The more the secret Jewish historians and chroniclers descended from false converts to Christianity mutilated the historical texts and chronicles of their time — and that is what is serious about the matter — the real Christian historians, who went the most simple way, supported themselves on these already mutilated sources, without consulting the older more credible documents, which represented the events without evil-willed omissions. Thus one can establish that even in the 19th century, scarcely a Church or lay historian, even when it was a matter of well-believing persons, gives details about the harmful activity of the Jews in the past centuries. We are in the sad situation of having to reach back to the Jewish history books destined for internal use by the Synagogue, in order for the greatest part to reconstruct the true history of Holy Church.

In the face of the indisputable fact that both Church history, which is studied in the seminaries, and secular history, which is studied in the schools and universities, are incomplete and distorted and in them all that is missing which can give an idea of the most tenacious and very worst enemies of the Church and of mankind. It is urgently necessary that those particularly make efforts who are in the financial position to do so, in order to finance the work of researchers who are free of all suspicion of being accomplices of Jewry, so that they reconstruct the real history of Holy Church and also the true history of Europe. In this way, future generations, both civil and ecclesiastical, will throw off the blindfold obscuring their eyes and be in constant alert, ready to defend against the new attacks and conspiracies hatched by the enemy.

In the Liturgy and the rites of Holy Church there are constant references to the danger of the Jews, to their falsity and their infamous hatred for Christ and His Church. This warning greatly disturbs the Jews, for it signifies a constant drawing of attention to something which the Jews wish to efface in the memory of Christians: their infamy and danger, from which everyone must take great heed. For this reason they now wish to undertake an unbelievably bold step and to use the next Ecumenical Council in order, with the help of their “Fifth Column” in the bosom of Holy Church, to carry out a total reform of the Church, to alter the liturgy and the rites and to leave out all allusions to the infamy and danger of the Jews.

With this the Jews and their accomplices in the clergy wish to throw even more sand in the eyes of Christians and Church dignitaries, who then, when they no longer know the principal foe of the Church, have no opportunity to defend themselves. Thus can Jewry easily continue its unexpected advances for enslavement and destruction of the Holy Church of Christ and of mankind.

One must bear in mind that all zealous clergy who have carefully worked out the Liturgy and the rites, and Holy Church, which in the course of centuries has made these part of itself, had good reason for certain, very clear allusions to the Jews. When Holy Church accepted them, it has in no wise erred, as those assert, who support Jewry, but as divine institution has performed the correct decision. In addition, there exists the plan to abolish tradition as source of revelation, as we already investigated in other chapters and alluded to the fact that the chief aim of this infamous manoeuvre is to abolish the highly anti-Jewish determinations in Bulls and Council Laws, and to abolish the doctrine of the fathers as doctrine of the Church, even if other reasons are given for this.




When Russia was conquered by Communism, millions of Christians were murdered by the Soviet Jews, and in Hungary and Bavaria, towards the end of the 1st world war, Marxist coups d’Etats took place. Europe was justly disturbed. It saw itself directly threatened by subjection and enslavement through the seemingly irresistible Red avalanche, especially on account of the complicity of the secret Jewish government in London and the victory of the separatist tendencies in the U.S.A.

The visible predominating participation of the Jews, not only in the Communist revolution in Russia, but also in the revolutions in Hungary and Germany, opened the eyes of many European patriots and allowed them to recognise that the Red conspiracy was a tool of Jewish Imperialism. Russian monarchist writers had already warned the world, and subsequently Frenchmen, Rumanians, Spaniards, North Americans, Germans and others from various parts of the world and of different race and religion have drawn attention to the same danger. When it appeared as if Europe had been conquered by Jewish Imperialism and its Communist revolution, various patriotic organisations arose on the old continent and attempted to save their lands from the danger threatening them. They would perhaps have been successful in this, if the most important group, the National Socialist Workers Party of Germany, had not arrived upon false paths, which caused this European revival to fail sorrowfully.

All peoples have the right to justified defence against the attacks of Jewish Imperialism. If the Nazis had limited themselves to saving their people and Europe in the face of the deadly threat, no one could reproach them and perhaps they would have had success with such a praiseworthy enterprise. Unfortunately, into the National-Socialist movement imperialistic, aggressive tendencies against other peoples and races crept in. Even the Jewish racial hatred would not have been dangerous if it had remained limited to seizing upon internal measures for the betterment of its race or racial union. Even mixed marriages with the Jewish people could be forbidden, without that we protested against it. What causes Jewish race hatred to be unacceptable and dangerous, is its aggressive imperialist tendency to conquer and to enslave other peoples and is made authoritative to the harm of the legitimate rights of other races.

The same holds for the Nazi race hatred. No one can deny the great capacities of the Nordic race and refuse the German people the right to improve the good qualities of its race, or better expressed, of the complex of races. No one can also dispute its right to defend itself against Jewish Imperialism, and less still Holy Church which for nineteen centuries long has fought tenaciously and heroically against the cunning of the “Synagogue of Satan”. But it is not permissible that a nationalism or a so-called race hygiene strikes out upon imperialist paths and injures the legitimate rights of other peoples or sets itself up above them. The unjust invasion of Poland, the repellent Pact with Russia to divide the Polish territory, the violent conquest of Bohemia and Moravia, the attacks against neutral peoples, the over-estimation of German superiority and the under-estimation of the quality of other peoples, which the Nazis so greatly promoted, and which damaged so much their relations with their allies, were only a logical consequence of the Imperialist racial hatred which the National Socialist movement subjected itself to, and in a certain aspect is very similar to the Imperialist race hatred of the Jews.

Another serious consequence of the preceding were the events in the Ukraine, where the Germans were received as saviours, and which could have been one of their most loyal, most valuable allies against the Kremlin, but soon became an enemy on grounds of the policy of conquest and subjection which the Nazis pursued in this land, for instead of as liberators they came as cruel conquerors.

With the race hatred of the Nazis one must certainly very well distinguish between the purely defensive and the aggressive or Imperialist aspect. They first wished to drive the Jews from government posts and in general from valuable positions, which they occupied in German society. The Nazis only did what Holy Catholic Church has ordered upon various occasions during the last fourteen centuries as a measure to preserve Christianity from the conquest and revolutionary activity of Jewish infiltration.

The writings of the Church Fathers as well as various Papal Bulls and Council Laws give us evidence of the struggle of Holy Church, in order to depose the Jews from public offices and leading positions in the Christian states, since they have always utilised these in order to destroy Christianity and to subjugate the Christian peoples.

We have already investigated how the Church applied all possible means and even attempted to keep the Jews remote from the social and family life of Christians. For this reason we could also not criticise this aspect of the Nazi race policy, for we would as a result blame Holy Church, and as Catholics we could not do this. On the other hand, the aggressive Imperialist aspect of Nazi race hatred is absolutely to be condemned and rejected. For if the so-called Nordic race with its great scientific, artistic, and political talent is to preserve, cultivate and apply its outstanding talents to the well-being and service of other races, as the Nazis wished.

With such a mode of thought it is incomprehensible that this alliance between Nazi Germany and the Japanese Empire could have been honest and effective, for the Japanese Nationalists also founded their movement for freedom upon a racial Imperialism, which was just as extreme and dangerous as the Nazistic, and wishes to aid the yellow race to world domination under the leadership of the Japanese. With this fateful ideal in mind they attacked China and fell upon other peoples. How under these circumstances could the two Imperialists work together loyally and successfully? To this lack of cooperation on the part of both allies their defeat in the last world war is to be attributed. Even if the Jew Roosevelt, as respected North American patriots have proved, did everything in order to encourage the Japanese attack upon Pearl Harbour, then nevertheless the Japanese government, if it had not had such insane Imperialist intentions, would not have fallen into the trap, which international Jewry had laid for it.

As we already said in another passage, all great peoples of the world have unfortunately inclined to Imperialism and the subjugation of other peoples in favour of their own. The Assyrians, Chaldaeans, Persians, Greeks, Carthaginians, Spaniards, Portuguese, Turks, Dutch, French, English, Russians and North Americans did the same in this respect.

In connection with Imperialism, we could repeat the divine sentence of our Lord Jesus: “He who is without sin amongst you cast first the stone.” All men, without difference of race or religion, must understand that every new Imperialist enterprise is not only unjust but is also suicidal, for in face of the deadly threat hovering over all religions and peoples of the world from Jewish Imperialism and its Communist revolution we have no other choice — as our elementary self-preservation instinct tells us — than at least to join together in the political realm. For only through the uniting of the peoples and the alliance of all religions can a coalition come into existence which is strong enough to save us and mankind from the Jewish-Communist slavery threatening us all to the same measure.

This great alliance can only be concluded, if a real feeling of brotherhood exists among the peoples and a respect of the natural right of each individual.

It would be fateful and catastrophic if the movements for freedom against Jewish Imperialism and its Communist revolution, which arise in different nations of the world, became Imperialist nationalisms. For then the defence of the peoples would be impossible, which at these moments is so necessary, in order to triumph over Jewish Imperialism. We would once again fail with this perhaps last opportunity, in order to save ourselves, for the Jews and their Freemasonic and Communist satellites would skilfully utilise every Imperialist tendency of an anti-Jewish liberation movement, in order to set the threatened peoples against it, just as was the case in the last world war.

This is a decisive moment in history, and we have only a few years to liberate ourselves from Jewish-Communist slavery. The liberation movements which in several countries fight against Jewish Imperialism, should understand that today such conduct is suicidal and should therefore zealously fight, not only to liberate their peoples from the Jews, but to also unite in a brotherly way with similar liberation movements, so that the whole of mankind can be freed, including naturally the unfortunate peoples, who are already subjected by Red totalitarianism. The Imperialist Jews would be defeated by a closely allied world. But their victory over a mankind split up on the political realm in national, racial or religious rivalries is certain.

National and racial rivalries should be laid aside by wav of peaceful negotiations. Differences of opinion in the religious domain should be decided in an honourable, peaceful, theological discussion, which in the long run gives the right to those who deserve it, but prevents that these antagonisms degenerate into religious wars or violent conflicts, which always make impossible a political uniting of the peoples, which is so neces-sary, in the first place to eliminate the threat by Jewish Imperialism and later to secure world peace, which is indis-pensable for the progress and maintenance of the human race.

We have already mentioned another tragic fault of the Nazis, who in their struggle against Jewish Imperialism made no difference between the ancient chosen people, which provided us with our Lord Jesus, the Holy Virgin Mary, the Prophets and Apostles, and the sons of the Devil, as Jesus called the sectarians of the “Synagogue of Satan” who denied Him, crucified Him and have bitterly fought His Holy Church in the course of centuries. With this erroneous thesis the theoreticians of Nazism take up an anti-Christian conduct, which was to make impossible the traditional highest Christian union of Europe against Jewish Imperialism and thus also prevented the victory.

Whoever is still so simple as to believe that Christianity can easily be destroyed without divine help, should at least see the facts as they are. For if the mighty Roman Empire was not successful in three long centuries of merciless persecution, if the criminal Jews in the Soviet Union did not achieve it in 45 years of bloody terror, then still less will any modern Imperialism be successful, which in addition must still simultaneously conflict with the secret, enormous power of international Jewry.

We stand at the edge of an abyss, and the unbelievers and even the adherents of anti-Christian tendencies must, if they are not blind to the threatening danger, understand that we must all lay aside our dislikes and our national or religious resentment and must organise a common defence against the deadly enemy threatening us all. If we continue to think in terms of national hatred, revenge for injustice done and religious rivalries, we will all perish in the ever increasing onslaught of Jewish Imperialism and its Communist revolution. We must therefore all make efforts to bring about this unity, which is so necessary in order to save ourselves. In this chapter we decline to comment upon the slaughtering of the Jews by the Nazis, for we deal with this in the 3rd and 4th chapter of the part of this book which bears the heading “The Synagogue of Satan”.

We should condemn for ever the war between the individual states, because it is first of all catastrophic for all and secondly aids the totalitarian Imperialism of Jewry most securely to the final victory. We must ally ourselves against Jewish Imperialism and also liberate our own peoples and all the others who are subjected by Jews, so that after victory over the worst form of Imperialism which has ever existed in the world — which hypocritically preaches peace but constantly furthers war — all lands of the earth can form a world organisation which, with respect for the legitimate rights of all, secures world peace, promotes the truth and the progress of mankind, and raises the living standard of all men, especially that of the economically weak strata, as high as possible and simultaneously fights to bring men nearer to God, the beginning and the end of the whole Universe.

The failure of the League of Nations and of the UNO is — as we shall investigate further in the 2nd volume of this work — to be traced back to the fact that both institutions, even if they announce the noblest most humanitarian aims, are controlled by the secret power of Jewry and Freemasonry and are used to promote the victory of the Imperialist plans of the Synagogue.

We anxiously call upon the patriots in the U.S.A. and England, that in the liberation of their nations from the Jewish yoke they may not enter upon the suicidal path of Imperialism. We make the same summons to the heroic-minded President Nasser of Egypt and the patriots of the other nations of the world who fight for the same goal.

The struggle for Arab unity is without doubt just. But if it is achieved, it must not pass over from nationalism to Imperialism. For by this it would give the Jews of the world the wonderful opportunity of suppressing Arab Nationalism, just as they did with Marxist Imperialism, which unintentionally gave the Synagogue the opportunity to destroy nationalistic Germany. The National Socialists hampered for a time Jewish Imperialism and had raised the living standards of the working classes in astonishing degree.

Thus the revival of Germany achieved in a few years was once again destroyed through the Imperialist ambitions of the very same creators of the revival. The great peoples and leaders easily become egocentric through repeated success in their important enterprises and often devote themselves to suicidal Imperialist intentions. Let us think, for example, of Napoleon, who snatched rule over the French revolution from the dark forces of Jewry, made it into a really national undertaking and completed the miracle of making a destroyed anarchistic France into the most important military power of the world. If Napoleon had not allowed himself to be led by his unlimited Imperialist ambition, then his work would have been of longer duration. The successes give the leaders and peoples a feeling of superiority, which drives the one or others to a kind of delusion of grandeur and causes them to forge Imperialist plans which finally leads them to collapse, especially in times when Jewish Imperialism utilises all these situations in order to stir up all the other peoples to struggle and war against those powers and leaders who disturb or endanger the plans for domination of the “Synagogue of Satan”.





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