Ben.gif (3085 bytes)The official duty designated by St. Benedict is the Divine Office, which his religious recite daily, in seven divisions.  If the Secular Oblates cannot do this, they are urged to join in spirit seven times a day with the religious in choir.  In addition to the devotions usually practiced by the faithful, such as morning and evening prayers, those before and after meals, etc., the Oblates perform also the following:

1.  Each day they say the "Short Office of Oblates" seven times, or the Our Father, Hail Mary, and Glory Be, etc., seven times.  They make the morning offering according to St. Gertrude for the intention of the Sacred Heart. (the morning offering of the League of the Sacred Heart may be substituted.)

2.  Each week they set Tuesday apart for the special veneration of St. Benedict, and if possible, assist at Holy Mass, or at least perform some act of devotion in his honor.  They wear the Cross or Medal of St. Benedict, pray for his Order, and aid in its spread.

3.  Oblates are encouraged to spend one hour or two half hours once a month, in adoration of the Most Blessed Sacrament, and to receive Holy Communion in reparation for the insults, etc., offered this Most Holy Sacrament.  The time spent in assisting at Mass may supply for the hour of adoration when it cannot be done conveniently otherwise.   Those who live on the vicinity of an Abbey or an Oblate Chapter, are urged to attend the meetings of the Oblates.

4.  Every year, on the feast of the Presentation of the Blessed Virgin Mary, November 21st., which is the principal feast of the Oblates, they renew their Act of Oblation.  The Oblates are usually reminded of this duty by their respective Abbeys through a circular which is sent to them about two weeks preceding the feast.

5.  Oblates celebrate the feast of the Purification of the Blessed Virgin, Feb. 2nd., which was made holy by the oblation of our Savior in the Temple; also the following feasts:  St. Benedict, Mar. 21st.; Solemnity of St. Benedict, July 11th.; St. Scholastica, Feb. 10th.; St. Gertrude, Nov. 17th.; St. Henry, July 15th. and St. Frances of Rome on March 9th.  (The latter two are venerated as their special patrons.)


1. Daily - Morning Offering, Short Office, or seven Our Fathers, etc., or Rosary; night prayer and examination of conscience.

2. Weekly - Honor our holy Father Benedict on Tuesday.

3. Monthly - Frequent Holy Communion and an hour of Adoration are recommended.

4. Yearly - Nov. 21st., renewal of the Act of Oblation.

(Excerpted from Daily Companion for Secular Oblates of St. Benedict, 2nd. Edition, February 1948)